OPTM-Chapter 110 Ability Part 1

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Rowen is still alive, which is natural. It can be even said that that he was not only alive but also alive and kicking.

After eating the Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit, his body has become immune to lightning. 

Unless he deliberately abandons his Elementalization, like when he trains in the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, otherwise, even a strong current will not be able to harm him. 

At most, it would be similar to what happened on Hell Island when he faced the White Snake with high voltage attack power. The electric current made him immobile for some time and the effect was similar to that of a stream being wrapped in river water.

When the dark clouds cleared in the sky, Rowen inserted the Thunder Cloud Sword back into its specially insulated scabbard and stepped out along the edge of the Crater. 

He was a little surprised by what he saw, but considering Enel’s Raigo-Thunder Greeting attack, Rowen was not taken back by the destruction.

Raigo-Thunder Greeting is a terrifying attack, but the area it covers can only cover half of Angel Island at most. 

Everyone has to die and the goods have to be thrown away. In addition to the more power, Rowen’s tricks of Qilin and Raigo-Thunder Greeting are still quite powerful and the gap between his attack and Enel’s attack is obvious.

But even so, there are no more people living in a radius of tens of kilometers…

Zī Zī Zī Zī…Huh!

Rowen took a cigar out of his pocket and lit it, and he put one hand in the pocket of his trousers, silently spitting out a smoke ring.

“Looks like… I went a little overboard?”

After seeing the damage he caused, Rowen’s first thought was, what if Crocodile is scared? 

Now he is not the Pirate who dared to fight Whitebeard before and got the moniker of “Sand Crocodile”. He is now the Nation Hero of the Alabasta Citizens and he is also one of the “Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea)”.

After thinking for a while, Rowen took out the trembling Den Den Mushi and called out. Although this little guy had been actively protected by the Thunder Gem and Rowen before, a weak current spilled out and it made him suffer from injury. 

There is no way to prevent that and it is also too weak. Fortunately, the lifeforce of a Den Den Mushi is very vigorous. As long as the Den Den Mushi is not dead, it will be fine after taking some rest for a few days.

“Hey, Dante. Pay attention to your side over there, I’m afraid those people are scared by me and they wouldn’t dare to come and fight me but they may turn around to deal with you guys.”

“Oh, some soldiers from the Kingdom Army also died from my attack! Tell them I killed them and they can come to me if they have any complaints, remember to find a good cemetery first… Well, look, I…”

Suddenly, Rowen’s voice stopped and he looked up into the distance. Then he slowly said: “I have a few guests here, hang up first!”

“Hello? Hello! Rowen?! Damn it!!”

In front of the Palace Gate, Dante kicked the Lion Statue symbolizing the Throne. Under the watch full eyes of the guards, he shouted with a ferocious look on his face: “Bring those two trashes here and inform King Lapnis that I will interrogate them myself!”

“Yes Sir!!”

The smoke and dust have not yet dispersed, and the sky is bursting and burning. After the magma gradually cooled down, it leaves behind mottled and ugly marks, like a blood shell after a wound has been scarred. 

Although the changed terrain is only tens of kilometers in area, in the future, this dead piece of land will affect the ecological environment of the entire Island.

Maybe Gourmet City will shift the city farther away, who can say?

At least Rowen doesn’t care about this issue.

In the past, Sengoku would have loved to berate him for this excessive damage but now there are Jino and Sand Crocodile who are jointly going to assassinate him.

No matter how much damage Rowen does to the Island, Lapnis would not dare to complain. This world, after all, speaks with strength.

Except for Noble and corrupt officials who are too addicted to their power, even a three-year-old understands this truth.

And so……

“Should I say, nice to meet you for the first time… or should I say… long time no see?”

Exhaling a smoke ring, Rowen looked at the tall figure that gradually coalesced into a Humanoid shape in the distance and the corners of his mouth hung with a hint of playfulness: “Crocodile!”

The visitor has a big back and a long scar on his face, an earring on his right ear, a scorpion venom hook on his left hand, a black fur coat on his back, and an orange plaid long-sleeved shirt under the coat, he looked the very definition of Italian Mafia and he had the demeanor of the boss.

“Oh? You know me?”

Crocodile stands on the edge of the distant crater with one hand in his pocket and with a cigar biting in his mouth: “Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral, Rowen… right?”

Crocodile scanned the open plain and asked carelessly, “What did you do to my men? There are a lot of my men in the pirate coalition ……”


Pirate United Army?

Rowen sneered and said: “Don’t ask such poor questions, Mr. Crocodile, every breath of air we breathe now may contain a part of their body within them.”

“But I must admit that you are very good. You still dared to take the initiative to show up here after seeing my destructive power, are you not afraid… that I will kill you here and now?!”

When the voice fell, Rowen Killing Intent flooded the area and a thick-arm-sized thunder shot out from his body, piercing Crocodile’s chest.


Behind Crocodile, the thunder landed and exploded with a mushroom cloud.

However, even under such an attack, the expression on Crocodile’s face did not change at all. 

One could see through the large hole in his body without any trace of blood. The crystallized sand fell to the ground, but soon there was yellow sand surging towards Crocodile’s body and the wound was sutured.

Afterward, Crocodile spoke with an ugly expression on his face: “As a Marine, you take the initiative to act on Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea). Do you know what kind of crime this is?! Rear Admiral Rowen!”

He did not expect Rowen to take the initiative to attack him, if it weren’t for Sand Sand Fruit’s Elementalization, that thunder strike just now was enough to kill him!

No one would doubt the destructive power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, especially after seeing that Qilin take off and kill 10,000 people in one move!

Suddenly, Crocodile had a bad thought in his mind.

Sure enough!

Rowen answered his doubts for him in the next second.

“Guilty? Hahahaha!!!”

“If I kill you, I might even be promoted! Don’t you think so ……Baroque Work’s President, Mr. Crocodile!”

Rowen’s hand entwine up thunder and lightning as he slowly stepped towards Crocodile.

“If you want to be unknown then you should have been more carefull with your identity… Now, in the name of Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral, I accuse you of violating Shichibukai’s legal looting rights, forming a Baroque Works Agency, disturbing the order of the Sea, bribing government officials, assassinating a Marine officer and many other crimes!”

“Please come with me, I will arrange a good position for you while you stay in Impel Down, Crocodile!”

Damn it!

He really knew it!

How can it be?!!

The expression on Crocodile’s face changed from calm to shock and he spoke with a low voice filled with Killing Intent, “Really?”

“It looks like I have to kill you to keep it a secret then!”

“That would depend upon your ability!”

The words were not speculative, and after speaking, the two of them shot towards each other at the same time.


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