OPTM-Chapter 105 Arrival

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Gourmet City, Pucci. 

It used to be the most famous food gathering place of the Grand Line, and the air was filled with a strong aroma of food. When there is a tailwind, ships more than ten kilometers away will be attracted by this fragrance. 

People would even say that you would be able to find Pucci by smelling it and without a Log Pose.

But that’s a thing of the past. Today, the streets of Pucci are showing a scene of decay and depression, with countless restaurants closed and a few pedestrians on the road. 

Feral cats and dogs roam the streets looking for food, knocking over garbage cans. A breeze blew by and rolled up a newspaper stuck to the glass with two big red letters printed on the front, “Pirate Invasion”!

Northeast corner of Pucci, Deep Sea Tuna Station.

Once, this used to be the busiest place in Gourmet City, with vendors pushing food carts all over the station, and a million visitors a year, making it the second most important area in Pucci after the food court. 

However, there is no longer the hustle and bustle that used to be seen here, with most people fleeing the area, and the visitors are even more disconnected from the city.

Outside the empty station, behind a dilapidated food truck, the elderly boss was getting drowsy from sitting here for a long time. 

He is the last vendor here as the others have left Pucci long ago, but even without peers competing for his business, no one comes to his stall and he doesn’t earn any money.

Jingle Bell!

“Give me thirty skewers of grilled squid and ten boxes of octopus balls.”

The bell rang and the Elderly Boss opened his eyes and he was a little confused for some time.


“Aren’t you selling snacks here?”

Rowen leaned back and looked at the banner on the side of the food cart to make sure that it was “Secret grilled Squid and octopus balls! Hundred years of heritage, honest business!” 

Then he said to the boss, “Don’t tell me there’s no more! I am quite hungry right now!”

The boss was surprised for some time but he hurriedly replied and said: “Yes! I naturally have a lot! Little brother, please wait a moment!”

This was the first business he has in three days, and the boss did everything he could and quickly brought in what Rowen had ordered. 

Watching Rowen pick up the skewer and eat it, the boss was in a good mood. But he soon looked sad and asked, “Little brother, are you a pirate?”

Rowen was only wearing a white shirt at this time as he had taken off his Marine Clock and suit and threw it on a stool. Pucci is a summer island and the weather here is very hot.

Rowen slightly frowned as he heard this question and replied in response: “No, is there any problem?”

“I can see that little brother is not telling the truth but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter anymore…”

The Elderly Boss sighed and said: “Pucci is not at peace right now, so you should quickly leave after eating your order. The Seatrain has stopped coming here but I can introduce you to a Captain of a ship who runs transportation. Although he is a little greedy, he will guarantee the safety of his passengers.”

“You mean this city is not peaceful because of the Pirate United Army invasion?”

Rowen was eating and chatting, and then he asked in a casual tone: “Why aren’t you worried that I’m one of them? We haven’t met before have we?”

“Young people these days have so many questions ……”

In front of Rowen’s speechless eyes, the boss rolled his eyes and took a few steps back before he sat down against the wall, and silently lit a cigarette.


“Those guys aren’t as polite as you, and all of them have United Pirate Army tattoos printed on the back of their hands. It’s easy to see if you are one of them or not.”

Rowen raised his hand and glanced at it, “So you are sure I am not a member of the Pirate United Army? Is it really that simple?”

“No, a great character from Marine Headquarters is coming over today, the Kingdom Army started purging the station at midnight last night, killing several scouts, and the Pirate United Army wouldn’t dare run out in broad daylight and sneak around here at this time.”

So… this shit has something to do with the tattoos!

Rowen’s mouth twitched and he suddenly turned back.

In the distance, a large group of soldiers wearing Pucci Kingdom uniforms are marching along the street. The leader is distinguished, and there are two bodyguards who are different from ordinary people. Behind him, a slightly obese young man kept wiping sweat with his handkerchief, and I don’t know why.

In the distance, a large group of soldiers wearing Pucci Kingdom uniforms were advancing down the street. 

The leader looked like a dignified man and he was followed by two bodyguards of unusual size. Behind him, a slightly obese young man kept wiping his sweat with a handkerchief, not knowing what it was for.

“That’s David Count, he is one of the relatives of the King. I guess he came here to meet that Character from the Marine Headquarters.”

The Boss also turned his head and a trace of hatred flashed in his eyes as his eyes fell on the fat man before he explained the man’s identity to Rowen.

“Little brother, you should leave first, your face is new here so Count David will arrest you as a suspicious person…Uh…what the hell?”

The Elderly Boss turned towards Rowen but he saw no one in front of the Dining Cart. If it wasn’t for the plate with the sauce and the fact that it was still warm, the Elderly Boss would have thought that he was having hallucinations.


“I didn’t see a ghost, right?!”

The boss swallowed his saliva before he put away the tableware with a suspicious look on his face and then he left with the Food Cart.

“So, the Pirate United Army pressured the King to surrender the throne after knowing Marine’s actions…? Why is this picture looks so familiar?!”

Rowen grabbed the squid skewers and bit it as he stood atop a tower at the top of the station while he glanced at the shoddy newspaper in his other hand. 

This is not a newspaper published by a local newspaper, but a self-made brochure distributed in the City by the Pirate United Army.

Apparently, after learning of Marine’s move, the Pirate United Army, fearing that things might change for them for worse, stepped up their offensive against Pucci. 

The situation was so frightening that even most of the residents in the core area of the city chose to flee.

They intensified their offensive to tell the King that they are capable of destroying this island and they are willing to do just that if their demands are not met.

“Gourmet City” Pucci is different from Water Seven. Water Seven is an independent Island with a limited area. The entire Water Seven Island is a City and Mayor Iceberg is equivalent to a King. 

The full name of Pucci is Lavet Island Pucci City, which is the most famous and prosperous city in the island. Although Mayor Minai is quite famous and has a Noble status, the island is still under the orders of King Lapnis.

Now the Pirate United Army had threatened the King with Pucci’s safety. As long as the King gives way, the invaders would naturally become law-abiding citizens. 

Except for some guys who have Bounty on their heads, everyone would be able to get rid of the identity of being an intruder, and the Marines would naturally have no reason to do anything against these ‘Law-Abiding Citizen’.

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