OPTM-Chapter 106 Trail Part 1

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This visual sense, it is a proper version of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) when he had reached there!!

However, King Lapnis does not have the kind of consciousness and means that Queen Rosa had but he is in a similar situation to “Queen” Rosa although his situation is a little violent. 

King Lapnis is also not as smart as Queen Rosa, he is a standard Old Trash King who uses the banner of loving the people but uses no standard. 

Compared to Rosa, he had the appearance of a Harem Man with beautiful wives and beautiful daughters.

Because of the actions of the Pirate United Army, the Domestic Ministers were divided into two factions. 

One faction advocated agreeing to the requirements of the Pirate United Army but the King got angry with them and accused them of conspiracy to kill the Royal Family and insulting the country and he almost charged them with treason.

In fact, one doesn’t need to overestimate the Noble’s Moral Integrity with this decision. They can clearly see the current situation of their kingdom and where they stand in it. 

Even if the Royal Family is gone and the pirates are in charge of the country, they would still need their help to maintain the stability of this Island and their status and wealth can be guaranteed under the Pirates’ rule.

The other faction is the standard Defend the King Faction and they are firmly standing on the King’s side, disagreeing with the request of the Pirates and they are also waiting for the Marine reinforcements to come and fight for a chance.

It is worth mentioning that Count David is a member of the ‘Peace-Seeking Faction’ who doesn’t want any fights and he also wants to give in to the Pirates demands, and the young man behind him is the mayor of Pucci, Minai. 

Similarly… this young man is also a ‘Peace-Seeker.

“Gee, you’ve sure got your hands full!”

Rowen laughed and mourned for Dante for a total of three seconds. The trip to Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) left Rowen with lingering fears, and now it is finally Dante’s turn to taste that fear.

After laughing for a moment, Rowen stood up and looked into the distance with his advantage of height.

“Next, let’s see what you would come up with!”


Lightning flashed in the surrounding as Rowen’s figure turned into a long lightning Dragon and he disappeared from where he was standing in the blink of an eye.

The Lavet Island is a very large Island and it can be regarded as a Large Island. However, except for the “Gourmet City” Pucci, most areas of the island are the countryside areas which are used for farming, fishing, and hunting. 

After all, if you want to support a “Gourmet City”, the continuous supply of ingredients is the most important thing. 

Unlike the Water Seven Shipbuilding Industry that relies entirely on imported wood, Pucci’s advantage is that most of the ingredients here are self-produced and sold, which is the development trend unique to this Island. 

And with the Pucci’s trade outside and the citizens of the nation inside doing the said trading by themselves and not involving anyone else, the Lavet Island is a rare peaceful country in the Age of Pirates.

Rowen did not arrive with the large group of Marines he was with and he flew one step earlier than others. 

Although his current strength would not allow him to cross the Sea like Aokiji and deal with all kinds of dangerous climates, Pucci, who was only half a day travel away would not enter his eyes.

Soon after leaving Pucci, a large tent came into view in the distance.

The Pirate United Army was surrounding them but not attacking as they were trying to force the King to give way and disguise their attack. 

But as time went on, it became clear that they too knew that the Kingdom Army would not back down and had begun to prepare for the final showdown. 

At the moment, the camp is full of pirates running around, some are checking their weapons, some are kneeling down to pray to whatever they believe in and shouts and curses were heard from time to time. 

Some characters similar to the Military Supervisors were beating the slaves with a whip who were not working and the whole camp was in chaos.

There is no need to expect a group of civilians who can’t eat enough to have much discipline and fighting will. 

In fact, in the entire camp, except for a few original members of the pirate group, almost everyone on the battlefield was here against their wishes and they were fighting because they got a little food and they feared getting a bullet.

And a few miles to the east from here is where the Kingdom Army is stationed.

The tall military barracks fence prevented the enemy from sneaking in, but it also looked like a prison, shutting them in.

The funny thing is that they are clearly the Regular Army who are getting paid with monthly wages. Their number is not as small as the Pirate United Army, but they are being beaten back by a group of civilians who had taken up arms. 

From the coastline to the outside of Pucci City, everything was in ruin. Fortunately, because of the existence of the Sea Train, the Pirate United Army could not sneak attack from behind.

It was an army with such a ridiculous record that they attacked the Pirates on a certain night and they were only able to kill dozens of enemies and they reported it as a great victory, and King Lapnis was very happy when he heard that!

Oh my God!

Are they even worthy of being soldiers?

If it wasn’t for the circumstances, Rowen would have attacked the Kingdom Army first with his Thunderstrome and he would have buried them into the ground.

But Rowen was not here to find trouble with them and he was here to find the enemy. His Observation Haki is strong enough to cover the entire Pucci City. 

He has walked around in the City before now and has determined that there are no characters suspected of being Crocodile and Jino. Therefore, the camp where the Pirate United Army is located has become a key suspect, in addition to the King Palace.

“Let me see what kind of people are in it…”

Hiding his body behind the tree, Rowen closed his eyes, and the Electromagnetic Waves that were invisible to the naked eye wildly spread out and rushed towards the Pirate United Army. 

His Observation Haki has become integrated with the Electromagnetic Waves, forming an instinct similar to Enel’s Mantra. 

But Rowen is not very familiar with this feeling, so on weekdays he only locks the Electromagnetic Waves within the range of one kilometer to reduce the information he received to reduce the burden on his brain.

Now that he wants to investigate the situation in the camp of the Pirate United Army, he had finally lifted this restriction.

For a moment, many indescribable noises flooded Rowen’s ears and it was as if there were thousands of Dantes talking at the same time. Rowen felt a pain in the back of his head and had to sit and hold his breath, trying to digest the information he had just received.

Soon, Rowen put away the Electromagnetic Waves and stood up while silently rubbing his brows.

“Tsk tsk, so they were really involved in this!”

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