OPTM-Chapter 104 Assassination King Part 2

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The end of the game is self-evident. Even though Shanks lost an arm in East Blue a few years ago. He was still a Yonkō (Four Emperors), and his strength was still shocking!

However, after being crushed by Shanks, Jino managed to escape back alive to everyone’s surprise!

This also shocked Rowen.

Shank is also the only Yonko who didn’t display any Devil Fruit powers and only showed his extraordinary Haki! 

Although Shanks appears to be a decent figure in the original book but the people who dare to provoke a King never end well, let alone provoking someone like Yonko! 

But Jino managed o escape with his life and his actions deserve everyone’s attention.

After surviving a defeat against Yonkō (Four Emperors), Jino’s reputation continued to increase.

But Jino was not reconciled to this. After his injuries healed, that lunatic did one more thing…

He ran to assassinate the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral, Sengoku the Golden Buddha.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Upon hearing this, Rowen applauded admiringly for Jino’s courage.

Perhaps in the eyes of someone like Jino, the Marine Fleet Admiral would not be as powerful as Yonkō (Four Emperors). The assassination of Yonkō (Four Emperors) failed then he would succeed in assassinating the Marine Fleet Admiral, right?

Then …… Jino was unceremoniously beaten into the ground by Sengoku, without even using anyone’s help, just Sengoku alone was enough to beat him half to death.

What Jino doesn’t know is that in terms of assassination difficulty, Sengoku is second only to Kaido in the world!

The fruit of the Big Buddha provides Sengoku with not only attack power and defense power, but also terrible resilience, restorative powers, and solid blessing at the soul level. 

The words “Immovable as a Mountain” can be easily given to Sengoku without a problem. 

This is a monster who can stand in front of the power of Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) and he was able to use his body to fight against the Strongest Man In The World, Whitebeard. 

Nothing would even happen to Sengoku even if he lets Jino attack him while standing still as long as he uses his Golden Buddha Giant Form that has a terrifying defense power.

The beaten-down dogs have no power to fight back.

However, here comes the main point.

Jino still escaped.

For the second time, he escaped from the hands of the current Top Level Powerhouse!!

The Sea was in an uproar, and Jino’s title of “Assassination King” was heard all over the world, and his ability to escape was no longer a mockery or a joke, but a real horror to everyone!

But since then Jino has disappeared, and no one could find him. His rise and fall have been meteoric, from obscurity to Sea fame to disappearance, all of this happened within five years.

Rowen could guess why that happened. As that had probably happened to the previous Supernovas such as Sand Crocodile and Moria, and the future Kid, Apoo, and other people who went to the New World. 

After seeing how powerful the Monsters that really stand at the top were, Jino was lost and he probably lost his spirit. Relying on his ability to escape may not be a good thing for him. ‘The Bereaved Dog’ is the adjective that fits him the best.

“Unexpectedly, that Lunatic is after me…”

Closing the map, Rowen stood up and stared out into the calm, dim sea.

He doesn’t know how big the gap between him and Jino is, whether he can win, whether his opponent, who was best at assassination, would give himself the chance to deal with him head-on, these were all life-threatening dilemmas. 

At the same time, if he was the helper Crocodile had brought in, then adding a Sand Crocodile who had developed his Sand Sand Fruit to a half-step Awakening, a bitter battle was inevitable.

Bang Bang Bang!

There was a knock on the door, and Rowen calmly spoke.

“Come in!”

Dante pushed the door and entered, the Sword in his hand was dripping with blood, showing what he was doing outside. After the salute, Dante reported.

“Rear Admiral Rowen, all the Soldiers have boarded the Train and we can set off at any time!”

“Well, let’s go then. Arrange the Soldiers to step up Patrols tonight. This time… it will be very troublesome.”

Dante was startled at first, he looked at Rowen’s back and lowered his voice before asking, “Did you hear something Rowen?”

He is currently one of the only people who know the peculiarities of Rowen’s Observation Haki, and the other is Zephyr. Rowen can be considered as a Humanoid Self-Propelled Monitoring Den Den Mushi and it is not a joke!

After thinking for a while, Dante hesitated to persuade: “Rowen, if the opponent is really difficult to deal with then let’s ask the Headquarters for help! And you are using yourself as bait, isn’t it too dangerous?”

As a Lieutenant and contemporaries, it was normal for Dante to say this. What Army  Officers would think that it is natural to let the top Senior Officials be the bait? This is not only dangerous but also affects the pride of all soldiers!


“Don’t come and spoil my fun, Dante!”

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zi!!

The air suddenly became dried and a dangerous aura enveloped Dante. Rowen turned around while being wrapped in a palpitating high-voltage current, and the corners of his cracked mouth exuded a terrifying killing intent. 

Dante’s clothes were instantly wet with cold sweat as he shivered in front of Rowen’s violent thunderous power.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve fought seriously, this kind of life makes me very annoying!!”

“Do you understand? Dante…”

Dante silently lowered his head and then whispered after a moment: “You will die in this way!”

“Hahahahaha! A fight that won’t kill me, I’m not interested in getting involved in it!!! This is my luck, it is the greatest gift from heaven to me!!!”

The more dangerous the situation is, the more excited he becomes.

Rowen’s madness has been incorporated into the marrow of his bones, and the crisis-ridden battle that followed has completely ignited the instinct called the beast within Rowen!

Dante knew what Rowen meant when he said this to him alone, after all, he was the one who had the right to bypass Rowen and report to Sengoku alone. If Sengoku knew of the seriousness of the situation then the fight Rowen craved would cease to exist.

Other than that, Zephyr would not be the first to agree.

The “Assassination King” Jino disappeared for so long and now he is re-emerging, he will definitely be prepared to deal with Rowen!

Dante knew he couldn’t dissuade Rowen. Hearing this, he tightened his grip around his sword and said seriously: If you die, I will report you to Fleet Admiral for dereliction of duty, including everything you did in Water Seven. You will not be mourned as Hero, but as a disgrace to Marine!”

“Even so, are you going to go?”

Rowen’s expression slowly calmed down and he looked at Dante seriously, as if he had met him for the first time. But when Dante thought Rowen changed his mind, the latter suddenly opened his mouth wide and wildly laughed: “Hahahahahaha! You won’t have that chance, my stupid Lieutenant!!”

“In my eyes, My victory is as it should be!”

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