OPTM-Chapter 104 Assassination King Part 1

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The light of the Blade flashed, and a head fell to the ground. Then the Soldiers continued their patrol. Someone called to inform the ruler of the City of the Spring Queen to come and clean the street tomorrow.

At the same time, Stussy, who was hiding in the dark, frowned silently and sighed: “Level 2 War Preparations, there is no chance now…”

She was from CP0 so she naturally knows how disciplined Headquarters Marines are in this state and they would kill anyone they found to spy on them, let alone a group of sneaky spies who Jino left to inquire about the news. 

They can be civilians, Kingdom Nobles, Government Officials, but the Marines would kill them all regardless of their status as young and old. As Dante said, they will be killed without pardon.

“Buster Call without Artillery Fire” is not just a joke.

The Marine Soldiers under this order are killing weapons!

Stussy wanted to take advantage of the chaos in the Marine Carriage to sneak in and see if she could find the connection between Rowen and Sand Crocodile in Rowen’s room. 

But with the order of Level 2 War Preparations, if she sneaks in and is found at this time then Rowen wouldn’t even need to anything. 

And even if she didn’t die then Rowen could just inform Sengoku and put the matter in front of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), and she could only wait for her fate to be Court Martialed.

The Marine Army is not like a free and loose Pirate, the discipline is their blood and bones, and the privilege of CP0 can’t be used to interfere with Marine’s steel-like discipline. 

Unless a Tenryubito is willing to stand up for their loyal dog then Stussy would have nothing she would be able to do once she is caught. But once Tenryubito is involved then Stussy is sure that her fate will not be much better than a Court Martial!

After thinking about it, Stussy took out a Den Den Mushi and called: “Hey, Boss, the other party has activated Level 2 War Preparations, I must retreat.”

“Level 2 War Preparations!!”

On the opposite side, the CP0 man wearing an Owl Mask was taken aback.

“Are you sure?!”

“Yes! The spies left by Jino were not even interrogated after they were discovered. They were shot and killed. The spies from other forces were scared to death and ran away.”

“Alright, I got it……”

The CP0 member silently rubbed his brows. 

Although the Headquarters Officers who went out to perform the Mission had the right to start Level 2 War Preparations, but to start a Level 2 War Preparation as soon as they got off the train is a little fishy, it was not normal.

Could it be… did Rowen discover something?

Who told him?

Could it be that he and Sand Crocodile are accomplices and their purpose is to get rid of Jino?

It seems that I must go to Pucci…

In order to clarify his doubt, the CP0 made a decision in his heart and said.

“Sweep the trail and retreat immediately. You don’t need to intervene in the rest of the matter. Seal the records and Log for today’s actions!”


After hanging up, Stussy took a deep look at the carriage where Rowen was in, and then quickly disappeared into the night.

At the moment she left, Rowen was looking at Pucci’s map in silence in the room, and suddenly raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth raised with a bit of playfulness: “Jino? Who is that?”

As Rowen said before, his Observation Haki talent combined with Thunder-Lighting Human’s innate sensitivity to Electromagnetic waves, once mastered, becomes very terrifying! 

Even if he has just been acquainted with this power, he can cover the City of the Spring Queen, and the range is so big that even the controller Rowen can’t figure out the specific value.

At the same time, Rowen can easily monitor anyone as long as they are within his Observation Haki Cover Range. 

The content of his training in the past two days was to analyze and filter a huge amount of information in the newly constructed sensory map in his mind, thereby reducing the burden on his brain. 

After all, the whispers of everyone within his Haki’s range were even more terrifying. 

It felt as if countless people were blatantly chattering in your ears and they were as irritable as a hundred irritated Dante, and Rowen doesn’t know how Enel adapted to it in the original works.

As a Humanoid Self-Propelled Monitoring Den Den Mushi, Rowen found Stussy hiding on the roof near the station when the Seatrain had not yet entered the station and was still on the track. 

He thought that no good thing would come out after CP0’s intervention, so he directly started the Level 2 War Preparations. 

However, he was originally monitoring CP0 to prevent them in taking any actions against him and to also find out more about Sand Crocodile’s Sneak attack, but he unexpectedly found another character.

“Jino… I remember hearing this name when I was chatting with Vice-Admiral Dalmatian.”

Rowen closed his eyes and started clicked his fingers on the table, and a moment later, he showed a slight smile on his face.

“So it’s that Lunatic!”

Nine out of ten people in this Sea are unaware of the name “Jino” alone. But as long as the word “Assassination King” is mentioned, the general public would have also heard of it even if they have not known it.

The Assassination King represents a legend, a fearsome Monster in Underground World!

Jino’s birth, experience, and real name are unknown. After he killed a certain King in New World and officially made his name in Underground World, he always referred to himself as an “Assassination King”.

Most people were not convinced about this…

Every day, people become Hitmen to make a living in Underground World, so why are you entitled to call yourself “Assassination King”?

Did you kill a King in the New World?

Many people can do this kind of thing!

Taking a life is for the sake of profit is what allows them to survive in the Underground World.

As a result, a large number of unconvinced Hitmen and even the forces behind the Hitmen business began to mobilize their subordinates and ambush the unseen Jino. 

Although they succeeded in inflicting heavy losses to Jino, he still escaped. At the same time, Jino blew up the black market before escaping and buried a large number of people alive. 

Afterward, Jino launched a frenzied retaliation, uprooting each Hitmen who attacked him, including the forces to which they belonged, leaving no survivors wherever he went, no matter how much power was involved.

Because of this, Jino has multiple titles of “Lunatic” outside of “Assassination King”. After he killed all the Hitmen who attacked him, the situation in the Underground World temporarily calmed down.

As time went by, Jino slowly secured the throne of “Assassination King” with his perfect mission completion rate, and his plot development was worthy of someone straight out of a fantasy novel.

Then after two years of calm, this lunatic did something frantic…

He went to attack “Akagami (Red Hair)” Shanks, one of Yonkō (Four Emperors).

Mastering the two-color Haki and being proficient in Assassination and even having some special Devil Fruit Ability, he became more and more rampant, thinking that only the strong at the level of Yonkō (Four Emperors) is worthy of his continued action.

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