OPTM-Chapter 101 Indication Part 2

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Scante squeezed the Den Den Mushi to death and then pointed the tip of the sword towards Crocodile and sneered: “You should know what would happen if you deceive me, right? Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea), Crocodile…”

“Don’t worry, that is indeed all the image data in my hands, you have destroyed it and no one will be able to find out what you have committed before.”

In response, Crocodile bit his cigar, flipped his hand, and took out another Den Den Mushi.

“However, I have something better now… Miss All Sunday, show him.”

“Yes, Mr. 0.”

A slightly magnetic female voice came from the other end of the Den Den Mushi, followed by a switch being pressed and a scream and shriek sounded.

“Ah!!! Be careful!”

“Rear Admiral Scante, are you going to betray the Marines?!”

“You Asshole! Do you really think that this secret prison is only known to us? You are dead Scante!!”

“No… please, don’t kill me! Ah!!!”

As the voices grew noisier and noisier, Scante’s face grew darker and more frightening. He held the hilt of his sword in a death grip and gritted his teeth and said: “You …… are good!!!”

“Tsk, all of us are in Underground World to make a living, don’t be that disappointed, Scante.”

Crocodile spoke with a trace of scorn on his face and he casually said: “You have lost yourself in the false rights brought to you by the Marines, I am only reminding you of the laws of survival in the Underground World. Some things once dipped, can never be washed clean.”

City of the Spring Queen, Pleasure District.

This wide street runs through almost the entire city and it has only one manager, and the king behind the entire City, Stussy.

She also has a nice nickname, Queen of the Pleasure District.

At this moment, in a magnificent room, Stussy sank herself into a soft sofa and casually fiddled with the Den Den Mushi in her hand and said: “Yes, Scante released the Assassination King Jino, it seems that Sand Crocodile has some control over him.”

“Then Sand Crocodile must be looking for Jino for some purpose, has it been found out?”

The Den Den Mushi tried to imitate the mask on the opposite side of his companion and finally squeezed himself out.

“Although it hasn’t been found out, Jino’s subordinates are staring at the Sea Train timetable. If nothing wrong happens then they should be planning to deal with that Rear Admiral Rowen. After all… he is the only note-worthy character coming here using the Sea Train over the past two days. The Headquarters Rear Admiral, who made a lot of noise some time ago.”

“Rowen and Crocodile?! How did they get into a feud?”

Faraway, in the Underground area of Mary Geoise, a CP0 member wearing a familiar Fukuro mask frowns and said: “Find out the connection between Crocodile and Rowen now, and do it fast!”

“Hai, Hai, I know… but he is going to Pucci to perform the Mission and won’t stay here long. I don’t have enough time.”

Jino will not blatantly attack the Sea Train. This railway has been in operation for several years and has become the most important part of the economic lifeline of several major powers along the way. 

If he dared to destroy the Sea Train then the Marines will chase after him like sharks after blood under the pressure of various countries, that would to too terrifying and Jino knows that so he won’t do something that foolish!

After finally being released, Jino will not be so stupid as to give up his life and a good future for money.

So the place where Jino would attack Rowen is definitely Pucci and after they leave the City of the Spring Queen, Stussy’s intelligence would not be so reliable.

“Take the time and immediately report after you find out Crocodile’s motives.”

“Should we not inform that Rear Admiral Rowen in advance to be ready?”

Pleasure District Queen Stussy, who is also a member of CP0, smiled and said lightly: “Assassination King Jinno and Sand Crocodile Crocodile, if they join forces then even a Headquarters Vice-Admiral will find it difficult to deal with them, right?”

On the opposite end of the Den Den Mushi, the CP0 member pondered for a moment and then a unique smile appeared on his face as he said: “No need, these two pieces of broken spine are not worthy of being his opponent.”

Kā Chā!

Stussy squeezed the broken glass in her hand and the expression on her face condensed as she nodded back: “Understood!”

Hanging up, Stussy had a solemn expression on her face.

How many years had it been since this Senior Official had spoken words of appreciation and admiration?

Ten years?

Or maybe twenty years?

She couldn’t remember.

But the person who made him say it once was the man who later became known as the “Pirate King”, Gol D. Roger!

Stussy tightened her tight-fitting mink coat as she looked at the night sky outside the window, and muttered to herself: “Is this era going to change again?”

Bang Rumble!

A thunderclap and a downpour of rain fell to the ground. At night, drunken alcoholics, gamblers who dumped their money, and p-goers with flushed faces were incessant, bringing life to this City. 

The next moment, raindrops slid across the window, and the picture was torn and shattered, and could not be pieced together again.

“I hope it’s just a misconception…”

Stussy curled up on the sofa and fell asleep in silence.

A Rainstorm against himself is about to come, and Rowen is casually dealing with Dante’s attack on the roof of the Sea Train. 

Suddenly, with dark clouds and silver snakes dancing around them, Rowen frowned before he turned around and kicked Dante away, while shouting, “It’s going to rain, quickly swim back!”

Dante: “…”

So why did you kick me so far if we were going back?!!

Isn’t it intentional?!!

Looking at the Sea Train moving farther and farther, Dante secretly cursed and used all his strength to start freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly swimming to catch it.


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