OPTM-Chapter 102 Premonition

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One Piece World is filled with Monsters, including humans!

The theory of one hundred days of trauma is a joke here.

Especially after breaking through the limits of the human body, with a Doriki value exceeding 500, after the life potential is fully activated, the recovery ability of the body will be greatly enhanced.

Dante had seven broken ribs, his internal organs shifted, and he had a liver hemorrhage but even with such injuries, he was able to freely move around after two days! 

At the same time, it seems that Rowen’s growing stronger had made him feel the pressure of being left behind, even if the doctor advised him to recuperate for a month, he still climbed the roof of the train and trained against the wind and waves.

Rowen positioned Dante as a management talent, and there was no doubt about his talent in this area. Many of his veterans said that they didn’t even need to think with Dante, and everything was arranged in perfect order.

But as a Senior Officials, the strength of his subordinates was also a matter of prestige for Rowen. So taking advantage of this trip, Rowen also became Dante’s sparring partner.

He wouldn’t take the initiative to attack as that would be too boring, so he only relied on his Observation Haki to dodge Dante’s attack. Dante put Armament Haki Cover on his blade and attacked Rowen.

So far, Dante’s best score is 3.18 seconds.

After fighting for 3 Minutes and 18 Seconds, Rowen completely opened the distance between them…

Although it’s useless to bully people with speed, it’s also quite an achievement worthy of boasting! A Swordsman’s advantage in close combat is terrible for any other system powerhouse!

Especially after mastering Armament Haki, even Dante can make Rowen take him seriously.

However, given the hard power gap between them, Dante could not avoid being kicked off the train by Rowen’s sudden acceleration.

In the Seatrain carriage, Rowen leaned securely on the back of the chair as the current around his body crackled and flickered, and his muscles trembled with slight fluctuations. 

This unbearable pain that would have made any ordinary person crazy was not enough for Rowen.

The negative examples of Sand Crocodile and many other Logia Fruit Ability users exist in Rowen’s head so he clearly realizes that in this world, physical strength is the root of everything, so he has never put down training. 

Since the development of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, this simple and efficient method of practice that can be used anytime and anywhere has completely replaced Rowen’s normal exercise routine and is now thoroughly integrated into his instincts. 

Now he just needs to eat some food and the current will automatically appear on his body and it would begin to strengthen the body.

Dante sat opposite him. The silver tableware on the table was trembling due to the magnetic field automatically generated by the electric current, and they almost couldn’t hold themselves on the table. 

Dante rolled his eyes and said, “Rear Admiral Rowen, can you go back to the room and train there?”

With Rowen sitting here, no one should even think about eating properly!

Rowen: “Oh…”

Rowen said and then he continues to lie still in the same place.

Dante: “…”

Forget it, I can’t beat him.

So I will endure it!

Watching Dante vent his grievances to the food, Rowen shook his head and said slowly: “When we get to Pucci, you take someone to deal with the King, I have to go out for a while.”

“Huh? Why?”

Dante slightly frowned when he heard Rowen’s words and asked with a solemn look on his face.

He knew that Rowen was annoying, but he was a reliable Marine. Although what he did in Water Seven was excessive but the scale of the event was just right. 

As long as they don’t take the initiative to report then Sengoku wouldn’t be able to do anything against Rowen.

And considering how much the Soldiers admired Rowen, there is no need to even think about reporting such things.

That being the case, why would he go out at a critical moment in this Mission?

“I have a feeling of restlessness for some time now, I feel like someone is waiting for me, someone strong… If it really comes to a fight then you and the other Soldiers will be a burden on me.”

Dante: “…”

Will you die if you act more tactfully?!

But he also knows Rowen’s combat effectiveness and his fighting powers. To be honest, if there was no vacancy for the seat the Rowen’s power would have been enough for him to become a Vice-Admiral.

The reason why the killing of Hell Island Crab’s credit has been weakened by Sengoku is that in addition to the necessary concealment, Rowen lacks personal connections, working experience, background, and the proficiency of the two-colored Haki.

The Marine Headquarters Vice-Admirals have always been a sideshow in the Orignal work before the time skip of two years, but even on the eve of the big event named War Of The Best, the Straw Hat Luffy has never had the experience of confronting the Vice-Admirals head-on. 

This was because the creator of the series ‘Oda’ deliberately avoided writing it because the Marine Headquarters will be too powerful for Straw Hats at the time!

Rokushiki, Sword Technique, Physique, Haki, Devil Fruit Ability, the Marine Headquarters Vice-Admirals will be proficient in everything. 

It can be called invincible there was no way the Straw Hat Pirates would have been able to stand against this giant!

Even two years after the big event, it was only at the beginning of the New World Giant clan chef’s plot that Zoro and Momonga had a brief encounter, and the two sides were almost equal to each other in that brief encounter but that not a serious fight.

This is where Rowen is now. Excluding the proficiency of the two-color Haki, he is confident that he will not be defeated by any Vice-Admiral! 

If it’s a fight to the death, then except for Momousagi and Tokikake, the two Admiral alternates, and Garp, Rowen will not die by any other Vice-Admiral’s hand.

How big is the gap between Dante and a Vice-Admiral, and that’s how high is the gap between Dante and Rowen, so there is no problem at all with this phrase “Burden”?


“Could it be that you are just thinking too much?”

Dante hesitated before he seriously asked: “We just came out of the Recruit Camp and we have no strong enemies in Sea. Who will target you?”

What kind of enemy would that be to make Rowen this nervous?

The people in the sea are more superstitious and they would rather believe this kind of stuff more often so Dante hesitated before he spoke.

“I hope I am just thinking too much……”

Rowen shook his head and didn’t tell him about the Baroque work agency. It was a secret mission and not many people knew about it even now. 

In the future… even if the Baroque Work agency is completely destroyed, the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) will not allow this information to be publicized.

After all, this is a dishonorable incident in which the Marines interfered in the internal affairs of Allied Kingdom Member at their initiative.

“The main members of the Pirate United Army are farmers and civilians who have been kidnapped. The strength gap between them and us is obvious. You would be enough to cope with it as long as you cooperate with the Kingdom Army. 

Just be careful that the main force of the other party would not sneak into the City to create chaos. I will leave first when I get to the place. Don’t say anything to anyone, you understand?”

Dante nodded: “Understood!”

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