OPTM-Chapter 101 Indication Part 1

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The City of the Spring Queen, Some dark alley.

Some people have rivers and lakes, and there disputes in those rivers and lakes. Where there are disputes… there are defamation, assassinations, trafficking, fornication, fraud, slaves, arms, and most importantly… Belly!

This beautiful island with spring for all four seasons is no exception, and this dark alley street is the place to accommodate all these things.

The City of the Spring Queen is the destination of the First and Second routes of the Grand Line, with two magnetic lines extending all the way to the Sabaody Archipelago group island at the end of the First Half of the Grand Line. 

At the same time, it is also connected to the three famous Grand Line cities: Gourmet City, Carnival City, and Water Seven with the help of the “Trail Creation” Sea Train. 

It is the Island with the most convenient transportation in the Grand Line with a convenient geographical location.

Occupying such an advantage, the City of the Spring Queen is naturally quite prosperous.

Similarly, there is a lot of filth behind the scenes, even beyond the imagination of ordinary people!

Kingdom Treason, Slave Trade, Human Trafficking, Arms Trade, every illegal and filthy thing you can imagine can be found here. Marine’s role here is no longer that of a protector, but that of a Vested Interest and Oppressor.

It is said that only soil full of rottenness can breed beautiful flowers.

The World Government is naturally aware of the things that go on in the City of the Spring Queen, but due to the balance of Sea and some of their own problems, they have not been able to destroy it. 

Therefore, in order to control this core point in disguise, the World Government spent a lot of money to do skin and meat trading and made CP0 member Stussy the Queen of the Underworld in the City of the Spring Queen, and she collects intelligence for them.

“Chī Chī Chī Chī Chī, I never thought that the famous Sand Crocodile would seek my help, it looks like that Rear Admiral Rowen is putting a lot of pressure on you!”

This is a dark Underground room, it is hot and humid with no light, even rats and scorpions would not want to live here. 

But the owner of this place obviously enjoys it, chewing on his steak, he occasionally looked up to inhale the murky air and an intoxicated expression appeared on his face.

“Don’t tell me you are not interested, Jino.”

Crocodile put his feet on the tattered wooden table as he leaned against the back of the chair, and bit his cigar before saying: “300 Million Belly plus Rear Admiral Scante’s acquiesced to your island management rights, it is enough for you to recruit people to make a comeback.”

(Acquiesced- To accept, agree, or give consent by keeping silent or by not making any objections)

“Chī Chī Chī, I didn’t expect that you even bought that Scante. I think you can forget about being a Hero in Alabasta if this becomes known!”


Jino shoved the last piece of steak into his mouth and he swallowed it after chewing it a few times, he then picked up his plate and continued to nibble on it. The ceramic plate was also eaten into his mouth with a few crunching sounds.”

Jino grinned as he grabbed a napkin and wiped the corner of his mouth clean.

“It’s not enough!!”

Crocodile slightly squinted his eyes and the expression on his face became cold, and the scar on his face added a bit of fury on it: “Don’t be too greedy for Jino… You who haven’t made a move in three years are only worth this price now.”

“Although it is tempting to take you out to prove it but that’s not what I’m talking about right now……”

Jino stood up and only then could someone see that he was a head taller than Crocodile, he has muscular arms and a thick waist and he looked like an upright beast.

“Oh? Then what is not enough then?”

“There are not enough people!”

Jino reached into his crotch with a hand soaked in sauce and he took out a piece of paper and threw it on the table: “Although your Rear Admiral Rowen had not mastered Haki, his Rumble-Rumble Fruit has given him a strong fighting power, and at the same time, this guy’s physical strength is also quite amazing!”

“Like you said, Sand Crocodile …… I haven’t made a move in three years! If the Mission is not completed this time then my worth will be lost.”

Crocodile was not interested in picking up the piece of paper and he just glanced at it from a distance. Suddenly, his pupils shrank, and he sucked in a cold breath.

“This is!!”

It was a picture, a picture of Rowen raising the Pirate Ship with one hand and using it as a war hammer to smash into the pirate captives.

Crocodile knows what this means. In addition to the Devil Fruit ability, Rowen’s Physical Doriki value is not inferior to any Headquarters Vice-Admiral. If a Devil Fruit Ability User has such strong physical support then their strength is not as simple as one plus one.

Coupled with the Rumble-Rumble Fruit’s speed and attack range advantage, he and Jino alone are indeed not enough.

Moments later, Crocodile, wearing a cloak, emerged from the Underground room. In the passage, there were a lot of corpses with dried bodies, it was as if someone had sucked them dry. 

Withered wood-like faces were filled with fear and panic. With the dim light of torches, this scene looked like it came straight out of Hell.

Walking out of the passage, a Marine Rear Admiral dressed in a suit and a Justice cape leaned against the wall with two exposed women, surrounded by Marine soldiers who had been hacked to death. 

From the blood-dripping sword at his waist and the unmistakable horror in the women’s eyes, it was clear who the killer was.

“Hey, Crocodile!”

Rear Admiral Scante has blond hair, a tall and handsome figure, if he walked into the street then his face and body would be enough to fascinate some girls. 

But the hostility and fierceness in his eyes destroyed his overall temperament, making this handsome beauty look extremely strange on him. 

Seeing Crocodile stepping out of the passage, Scante said impatiently: “I have done as you asked, now it’s time to give me the stuff, right?”



An Image Den Den Mushi flew over and was caught in Scante’s hand.

In the next moment……



With fear and doubt, the two women clutched their bleeding throats and fell softly to the ground. 

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