IMUC-Chapter 92: Fracture

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After finishing their lunch at the restaurant, Kyle and Lucy headed back home.

Passing by the yard where Dog was previously located, Kyle noticed that the large black dog seemed frightened and was trembling in its doghouse. Lucy, who was holding his hand, still appeared preoccupied and had no interest in paying attention to Dog.

The Seamist Street was empty along their way, with no sign of any pedestrians.

It wasn’t as if they had entered the Mirror Dimension; rather, it seemed that some forces had intervened and isolated this area under their control.

As they walked into the ten-meter area near their home, Kyle squinted his eyes, tapped Lucy’s hands, and stepped forward to stand in front of her before he spoke in a cold voice, “Come out!”

As soon as he said that, dozens of armed soldiers emerged from the concealments at various street intersections. They quickly lined up in a disciplined manner, their fingers pressed against their temples as they saluted Kyle respectfully. “Greetings, General Kyle!”

“Greetings, General’s wife!”

The latter sentence was clearly directed at Lucy, who blushed and became shy, stuttering without knowing what to say.

“General Chester sent you here to deliver instructions, but did you really need this many people? And you’ve even used military force to control and isolate the entire street,” Kyle said, feeling slightly surprised, as he looked at them.

The heavily armed soldiers remained silent. They turned in a synchronized motion, held their rifles with alertness, and stood guard, creating a pedestrian pathway in the middle of the military formation.

Not far behind this armed contingent, three camouflage armored vehicles stopped on the road. Under the protection of another group of armed soldiers, a middle-aged man wearing a 5-Star General uniform and displaying 5 Stars on his shoulder approached them with a decisive stride.

No wonder there was such a grand display. It turned out that a 5-Star General had arrived.

Kyle waved his hand casually in greeting and asked, “General Chester, why did you come personally?”

“It’s all for you,” General Chester said, glaring at Kyle. His eyes had dark circles, and his face looked haggard and pale as if he hadn’t slept all night.

“You granted me the vacation, and it’s only the first day, yet you came directly to my house,” Kyle said helplessly, spreading his hands.

General Chester’s face turned solemn as he said, “The situation has changed. You already know about this morning’s incident, right?”

“Yes, I know,” Kyle nodded. He swept his gaze around and suggested, “It’s not suitable to discuss it here. Why don’t you come to my house, sir?”

“Okay,” General Chester agreed. He then instructed the soldiers who accompanied him, “You can stay outside the house.”

“Understood, Sir!” The armed soldiers responded in unison. With General Kyle present, they believed that their protection was unnecessary.

In the living room of the villa’s ground floor.

Lucy was very understanding and went back to her own room on the second floor, leaving the spacious and comfortable environment of the hall for Kyle to talk to General Chester.

“The President’s situation had actually shown signs of decay last night. Despite a night of rescue efforts, they couldn’t save his life,” General Chester said with a hint of sadness.

Franklin Ross, who served three terms as the President of America, not only stabilized the country’s political regime and negotiated with foreign nations but also strongly recommended General Chester for the historical achievement of becoming the first Five-Star General. They were friends who understood and trusted each other.

“With the sudden death of the President during his term, it will have a significant impact on the country and even the war situation. The immediate priority should be to select a new President,” Kyle pondered.

General Chester shook his head lightly and said sternly, “Selecting a new President is undoubtedly essential, but that is the responsibility of the senators. As the military, what we need to consider now is how to end the Second World War as soon as possible!”

“You came to find me in such a hurry. Are you planning to send me to the Asian theater?” Kyle asked bluntly.

With Germany signing the surrender agreement ahead of schedule, the European theater had already been completely pacified. The only tough nut to crack was the main belligerent nation in the Asian theater—

Imperial Japan.

“That’s right. You should know about the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor that caused heavy casualties to our military. Regardless of moral reasons or giving the nation an explanation, Imperial Japan is our primary enemy. Therefore, in the past year or two, we have been deploying a large number of naval forces to deploy at the Asian theater. Our goal is to gradually occupy the coastal islands of Imperial Japan and ultimately conquer the main island,” General Chester sighed softly as he spoke and Kyle naturally understood the reason behind the general’s sigh of frustration.

The American naval fleet had been trying to invade Imperial Japan’s mainland for a long time. However, even the landing operations on the coastal islands of Imperial Japan faced tremendous resistance from the Japanese forces.

Battles, big and small, had been ongoing on the coastal islands of Imperial Japan for a long time. However, it was difficult for the large-scale naval forces to make any progress, let alone penetrate the mainland.

“Imperial Japan’s military adheres to the ‘Bushido’ and the spirit of militarism. Every soldier fights like they’ve been brainwashed, they change in recklessly and without regard for their own lives. Despite our superior equipment and numerical advantage, our soldiers suffer heavy casualties in every battle against those fanatical Japanese soldiers,” General Chester lamented.

“So, you want me to go there and lead the troops to conquer Imperial Japan’s mainland?” Kyle asked straightforwardly. To him, concepts like Bushido meant nothing. In his eyes, there was only a vast difference between ordinary humans and superheroes.

But General Chester shook his head, and Kyle asked, “Don’t you trust me?”

This time, General Chester smiled and looked directly at Kyle, saying, “Your strength has been certified by Germany. You are the embodiment of national power so of course I trust you.”

Then, he changed his tone and expressed his concerns, “However, even with your strength, our soldiers might not be able to withstand it. I believe that with you leading the way, we could conquer Imperial Japan in a few months and force them to surrender. But our military will also suffer unprecedented heavy losses after this campaign.”

Kyle pondered for a moment and said, “In that case, the Soviet Union might take advantage of the situation.”

“Now, we and the Allied powers are in a delicate balance. Neither side can afford any significant losses to their forces,” General Chester nodded.

“So, what kind of mission do you want me to undertake?” Kyle became more curious.

With a complex look in his eyes, General Chester asked in return, “What if I asked you to go alone and assassinate the Emperor of Imperial Japan in Tokyo?”


The sound of a broken cup came from Lucy’s room on the second floor. General Chester paid no attention to it, his stern gaze fixed on Kyle.

Kyle smiled lightly with a cold smile on his face and said, “So, that’s the plan…”

He paused for a moment and continued speaking in a cold tone, “I’ll go if you want me to.”

“As expected of a Super Soldier,” General Chester hesitated for a moment before saying, “I will announce in advance that you will be sent to Tokyo to carry out the assassination of the Emperor as part of the mission.”

Kyle looked at the General with a cold look and said, “I understand. Assassinating the Emperor is just a cover. You mainly want me to enter Imperial Japan’s mainland alone to create oppression and crisis, forcing them to surrender as soon as possible.”

If he failed, it would only mean the loss of a single war hero. But if he succeeded, it would preserve American military strength and bring about lasting peace in the world.

What a brilliant strategy from a 5-Star General. They are literally sending him alone into the main battlefield.

(End of chapter)


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