IMUC-Chapter 93: Shocking the World

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The ground floor of the villa was quiet, with a subtle and heavy atmosphere.

Kyle and General Chester locked eyes for a moment, each with their own thoughts and beliefs. At this moment, a slight crack appeared in something that had been united for some time.

General Chester valued military strength and believed that national interests outweighed everything else. He would agree to any decision that put Kyle, and even himself, in danger if it served the best interests of the country.

“General Kyle, please consider this seriously,” General Chester explained calmly. “This plan was not my idea. It was a joint decision reached by all the Generals and officers this morning, considered to be the best course of action.”

For them, it was indeed the best plan.

Kyle sat on the couch with a cold expression on his face, lost in thought.

General Chester reassured him, “Don’t worry. After you go to Tokyo, I will send armed soldiers to guard Seamist Street and ensure the safety of your family.”

But along with protection, there would likely be surveillance and control.

Kyle narrowed his eyes, his hands resting on the back of the couch, his tone becoming colder. “No problem, I accept this mission.”

“Kyle…” General Chester was about to say something, but Kyle interrupted, “General, Lucy and I are going to take a nap. Could you please leave?”

The words clearly showed a distancing attitude, causing General Chester’s face to stiffen slightly. He sighed and said, “Then I leave everything to you. The soldiers I brought will remain stationed here. Two days from now, a special vehicle will come to take you to the base airport.”

“Goodbye, I won’t be seeing you off,” Kyle replied coldly.

General Chester didn’t mind and slowly got up from the couch, heading towards the front door.

He paused at the doorway, looked up at the blue sky and white clouds outside, and had an impulse to turn back. But rationality quickly overcame sentimentality, and he firmly walked away.

Inside the house, Kyle remained silent on the couch. He reached into the Card Space storage area and pulled out a white Item Card representing the Rank Insignia of a Brigadier General.

Without even looking at the insignia, Kyle threw it directly into the trash bin.

In the afternoon of the same day, General Chester, the 5-Star general of the United States, mourned the departure of the president’s body in front of the White House. On behalf of the military, he issued an important military message to the media— a message that would shake the entire nation.

Representing the nation’s conquest and power, Brigadier General Kyle, the war hero, would be sent alone to Tokyo, Imperial Japan, to carry out a military mission to assassinate the highest leader of the country, the Emperor!

This message caused a nationwide sensation!

The American people were skeptical. While Kyle’s individual strength was unquestionable, openly sending him alone to an enemy country to assassinate its leader was tantamount to a suicide mission!

But when General Chester stood on the podium and made it clear that General Kyle had agreed to and accepted this significant mission, stating that Kyle had the ability and confidence to complete the mission, the protests from the people and soldiers ceased.

That evening, this message quickly spread worldwide through various channels, causing a seismic shock throughout the world!

The world was in an uproar!

After careful analysis and judgment, every country believed that this decision to send a single soldier on a mission was not just challenging, but a result of the madness of the American military and the arrogance of Brigadier General Kyle.

In the ongoing Asian theater of war, the high-ranking officials of Imperial Japan felt deeply humiliated upon learning about this message!

In their view, despite America sending a large number of warships to invade the coastal islands of Imperial Japan in recent years, they had never gained the upper hand. And now, they shamelessly sent a lone agent to threaten their revered Emperor.

One man against an entire nation? What a ridiculous joke!

In the early morning of the following day, the Emperor of Imperial Japan made a bold declaration from the Imperial Palace in Tokyo: “We warmly welcome Brigadier General Kyle of America to ‘visit’ Imperial Japan Tokyo. Our soldiers will teach him the essence of ‘Bushido’ when he arrives!”

Before Kyle even set foot outside, the two countries were already engaged in a heated exchange of words across the vast ocean.

Germany, which had already surrendered, understood Kyle better than anyone else. As bystanders witnessing this scene, they hoped that Imperial Japan would avenge them, yet they couldn’t help but feel a sense of inexplicable sympathy for them.

The Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, America’s allies, watched coldly, unsure of what new game the American military and Kyle were playing. They didn’t dare to draw conclusions hastily.

This was the most unbelievable single-soldier assassination mission in history.

With this, Kyle’s name officially spread throughout the world. Whether he was a shooting star that vanished in the night sky or the sun shining in the galaxy, he was the most dazzling hero of World War II.

In the office of the highest command at the New York Military Base:

A communications officer approached the door, looking at General Chester sitting in his office chair, and respectfully reported, “Sir, Captain Fury would like to see you.”

“Captain Fury…” General Chester pondered for a moment and nodded. “Let him in.”

The communications officer stepped back outside, and in the next moment, Captain Fury, dressed neatly in his officer’s uniform, hurriedly entered the office.

“Why are you so restless, Captain Fury, as the recipient of the ‘Best Command’ award last year? You have a unique understanding of the battlefield situation,” General Chester said in a soft voice.

“It’s precisely because I received the Best Command award that I have a unique understanding of the battlefield,” Fury took a deep breath and said with a serious expression. “General Chester, why are you sending Brigadier General Kyle alone on such a high-risk mission? If he and I led the troops, like in the previous large-scale battle, we could apply comprehensive pressure on Imperial Japan, increasing the chances of victory!”

“Captain! Are you questioning my orders?!” General Chester raised his head, staring at Fury with a stern gaze.

Unyielding, Fury gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t understand your orders! Please give me an answer, sir!”

“I know. You and Brigadier General Kyle have been comrades in arms for a long time, and he was the one who promoted you,” General Chester softened his tone and said quietly, “You need to understand that this decision was made after collective discussions among all the congressmen and senior military officers of America. It’s not something I can easily influence.”

“I think I understand a bit now,” Fury said with a smile. “So, you all are afraid of a patriotic hero…”

“Captain! Watch your words!” General Chester warned in a cold voice.

Ignoring the warning, Fury continued, “It was you who started the propaganda in the first place, step by step elevating Kyle to the status of a war hero. And now, you feel he’s too high, too threatening, so you want him to go to the enemy’s country and meet his own doom during the late stages of the war.”

“You all think you understand everything so clearly, using patriotism as an excuse for checks and suspicions. But in reality, you don’t understand Kyle at all. He is someone who is not easily approached, but once you get close to him, he is extremely loyal. Moreover, the value you place on national power means nothing to him.”

Fury reached a point where he seemed deeply disappointed in the military. He took off his officer’s hat and rank insignia from his left shoulder, placing them solemnly on the desk in the office. “I, Nick Fury, hereby request to resign from the position of Captain!”

With a shrug, Fury turned around and walked towards the office door, leaving behind the words, “Sir, one day you will realize how foolish your decisions were— you’re driving away a Super Soldier and a hero!”

General Chester stared blankly, watching Fury’s departing figure. In the end, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh, supporting his forehead with his hand.

At that moment, he seemed to have aged several years, no longer resembling the imposing and powerful 5-Star general, but rather a helpless old man.

(End of chapter)

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