IMUC-Chapter 91: War Scenario

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The waitress, with an awkward yet polite smile on her face, spoke to Lucy, “The masked gentleman is right. Our restaurant is known for its top-notch cuisine in all of New York, and the prices are very ‘affordable’.”

‘Masked gentleman?’

Kyle felt embarrassed. He realized that he still hadn’t taken off his hat and sunglasses, which was indeed quite strange for dining indoors.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Do you have private rooms here?”

“Private rooms?” The waitress paused for a moment and quickly replied, “I’m sorry, although we have a few private rooms in the restaurant, they need to be booked a week in advance, and it’s only available for VIP guests of the restaurant.”

“Such a hassle.” Kyle furrowed his brow slightly.

“It’s alright, it’s just lunch. As long as we can eat enough, it’s fine.” Lucy understood and said in a gentle voice.

The waitress beside them was speechless. Other customers came here for the ambiance and atmosphere, but these two customers treated this top-notch restaurant like an ordinary dining establishment.

She couldn’t help but wonder if the masked gentleman at this table could actually afford the final bill.

Lucy ordered a simple steak, while Kyle ordered several other Western dishes and red wine. During the process, the waitress even double-checked the names of the dishes, afraid that he might have misread the prices.

After the waitress left, Kyle shrugged and took off his large hat, revealing his brilliant and cool blond hair.

“Masked gentleman…” Lucy covered her mouth and chuckled. Her eyes curved like a crescent moon, adding to her already outstanding appearance, which attracted the attention of several gentlemen dining around them. However, they quickly withdrew their gazes at the cold snorts from their companions.

Kyle helplessly said, “You’re laughing. If you want to dine here in the future, I can get you a VIP card so you can come here often.”

“No way.” Lucy firmly refused. If it weren’t for not having pre-purchased ingredients this time, she would have preferred to keep Kyle inside the house and enjoy their cozy time alone.

If people knew that the person beside her was Kyle himself, the women dining elegantly in this restaurant would probably go crazy and even leave their partners to throw flirtatious glances here.

This was not an exaggeration on Lucy’s part. After all, in the previous year, Kyle had far surpassed the second-place candidate (Steve Rogers) and was elected as the number one dream lover of American women with three times the votes.

And this year, in less than four months, Kyle had firmly held the top spot, successfully becoming New York’s perfect man that teenage girls and married women most desired to have a one-night stand with.

Lucy had a small social circle, and her female friends would rush to purchase promotional videos and magazines about Kyle, eager to show them off. So one could imagine the immense personal charm that Kyle, this superhero, possessed in the American continent, especially in New York.

While Kyle and Lucy were waiting for their food, a middle-aged man in a suit hurriedly entered the dining hall, gesturing for the musician to stop playing the violin. He walked to the center of the restaurant, instantly attracting the attention of many diners.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for interrupting your meal,” The middle-aged man bowed apologetically and then politely spoke, “An important piece of news affecting the nation was just published in today’s New York Times. The restaurant will provide the newspapers for free, hoping that you can read and understand the latest information.”

“Henry, what’s happened? Germany just surrendered, and our troops have returned victorious.”

“I heard this morning that someone even saw General Kyle on the streets.”

“Is it true?”

The customers began to whisper and discuss the news, and Henry, the owner, shook his head heavily and said to the customers, “See for yourselves.”

After speaking, more than a dozen waiters each held a stack of newspapers and quickly distributed them to each customer.

Kyle also received a copy of the New York Times handed to him by a waiter. Under normal circumstances, a top-tier restaurant would not easily disturb its customers during their meal. This urgent message must have had an incredibly significant impact during wartime.

The front cover of the New York Times displayed a photo of German officials bowing their heads while signing the surrender agreement, indicating that Germany, as the main aggressor of World War II, would completely withdraw from the war.

In Europe, the war has been completely pacified.

This was a fact that had long been settled and it didn’t come as a surprise to Kyle, the greatest hero of this campaign. And the reason behind the restaurant owner’s heavy expression should not have been this news message.

Kyle continued flipping to the next page of the New York Times. The printing on the second page looked slightly rough and casual as if it was an impromptu publication of a message report.

On the black and white cover was a scene of an elderly person lying on a hospital bed, with their eyes permanently closed as they peacefully passed away.

Surrounding the bed were a dozen congressmen and General Chester, their faces filled with solemn mourning.

The headline of the news report read, “Franklin Ross, Suddenly Passes Away at the Age of 62, the Longest-Serving President in Terms of Reelection.”

Upon seeing this, Kyle’s heart trembled. He finally understood why the restaurant owner had such a heavy and worried expression.

During the critical end of World War II, with the sudden death of the serving president, the impact on the nation, and even the world’s war situation, was immense!

“The Second World War must come to an end as soon as possible. If it drags on, there may be unforeseen changes…” Kyle squinted his eyes and quickly grasped the key point of this message.

Even when the Soviet Union was part of the alliance, they sent Agents to cause trouble. Now, with America having to deal with the president’s death, if the war continues to escalate, the course of World War II may change once again!

Kyle suddenly remembered the hesitant demeanor of General Chester when he arrived at the New York military base last night.

“Kyle.” Lucy put down the newspaper and looked worriedly at Kyle sitting across the table.

“It’s okay.” Kyle smiled lightly and said softly, “It’s a bit of a pity. This rare leisure vacation seems to be coming to an end before it even started.”

A war hero returning to the military could boost the morale of frontline soldiers and fulfill his duty as a General.

But more importantly, he had to accelerate the end of World War II!

The prolonged global war prevented Kyle from having any free time, and he could only focus on world stability. Only when the world returned to a calm and stable state would it be beneficial for him to start building his family’s influence.

Only when the war ended could he begin preparing and expanding his plans that would determine the future.

“Miss, the steak that you ordered, please enjoy.” The waitress placed the steaming hot steak on the table. Lucy lightly bit her lip, feeling a loss of interest and appetite.

“Don’t worry. On the battlefield, there’s hardly anything that can pose a threat to my life anymore. After all, I am Kyle!” Kyle reassured with a smile. He raised his wine glass, lifted it to his lips, and drank the wine.

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