IMUC-Chapter 90: Passive Blue Skill

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On Seamist Street, Lucy clung to Kyle’s arm as they strolled together, appearing like an ordinary couple taking a leisurely walk.

Kyle had returned to his previous disguise of a trench coat, hat, and sunglasses. Before they left, Lucy had even wrapped a scarf around him, concealing his appearance and physique, making him look a bit “bulky.”

“Was it just a coincidence or did that so-called Elf’s Divine Protection have some subtle effect…” Kyle pondered as they walked, his gaze behind the sunglasses falling discreetly on Lucy beside him.

In his and Venom’s perception, Lucy’s vitality had increased significantly due to the Life Increase Card, but her body still didn’t differ much from an ordinary person’s.

“Oh!” Lucy suddenly exclaimed, slightly panicked as she hid behind Kyle. Following her gaze, Kyle saw a furry, large black dog moving around in the yard of a house along the road.

“Is that the dog?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, every time I pass by here, it climbs up the fence and barks at me.” Lucy furrowed her delicate brows, cutely sticking out her pink tongue towards the adorable dog. “But with you here, I don’t have to be afraid of it.”

A thought crossed Kyle’s mind, and he led Lucy towards the yard, saying coldly, “Come, I’ll teach it a lesson.”

“No need,” Lucy said worriedly. Beneath her pure and kind nature, she was actually concerned for the large dog.

But Kyle was determined and led her towards the yard.

As soon as they approached the outer side of the fence, the Dog inside noticed them keenly. It let out a ferocious growl, its sharp fangs intertwining as it rushed toward them.

“It’s coming!” Lucy closed her eyes in panic, tightly embracing Kyle. Just as the Dog was about to pounce on the iron fence, it abruptly stopped as if it had seen something, its menacing gaze fixated on Lucy.

The ferocious and twisted face of the Dog gradually softened with a touch of humanity. Its barking grew weaker, and in the end, it even started wagging its slightly balding tail vigorously.

“What just happened?” Kyle was puzzled. In his keen perception, the hostility of the Dog rapidly diminished until it completely disappeared, replaced by a friendly and appeasing attitude.

Lucy opened her beautiful eyes and saw the large black dog inside the fence panting and wagging its tail toward her. She was also astonished and couldn’t find the words to express it.

Pausing for a moment, she hesitantly raised her left hand and reached it through the gaps of the iron fence.

“Lucy?” Kyle was perplexed, but in the next moment, the Dog didn’t show the slightest resistance. It lowered its head obediently, allowing Lucy to stroke its fur on the top of its head.

“This is incredible,” Lucy said in amazement. “From the bottom of my heart, I can feel that it harbors goodwill towards me. It couldn’t possibly harm me. And…”

She took a deep breath and spoke to the Dog inside the fence, “Blacky, roll over.”

The big black Dog seemed to understand the command. It obediently lay down on the grass in its own yard and rolled over a few times, then got up and vigorously wagged its tail, as if inviting praise.

Kyle: “…”

When did dogs learn to assess the situation?

He focused his mind on Lucy and suddenly realized that at some point, a dim Blue Ability Card was hidden behind the girl’s head.

[Nature’s Gift]: Possesses Nature’s Gift and Blessings. Blue Ability Card.

Only lifeforms with pure and kind natures, after receiving the mysterious Elf’s Divine Protection, gain Nature’s Gift and blessings from the universe they inhabit.

The protector possesses a natural affinity, causing all lower animals to have a favorable impression of them and they would even obey their commands.

Passive trigger of “Nature’s Blessing”: The protector cannot be harmed by any natural disasters. Cooldown time is six hours.

Current Status: Card Gifted, unable to draw. The cardholder can only voluntarily damage it.

Do you want to damage it?

“So, that’s how it is,” Kyle muttered to himself, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

A Blue-Grade or higher Ability Card can only be bestowed upon a person once.

That’s why Kyle didn’t give Lucy the Blue Ability Card, “Super Agent.” After all, if he were to give it to her, even if he obtained a better Ability Card in the future, he wouldn’t be able to bestow it again on Lucy, who would have lost the qualification.

Unexpectedly, the one-time use of the “Elf’s Divine Protection” Lifeform Card was equivalent to summoning a spirit and granting it the power of protection. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

After playing with the Dog for a while, Lucy remembered that they were on their way to lunch and urged Kyle, clinging to his arm, “Let’s go for lunch quickly.”

“Alright.” Kyle nodded and continued leading Lucy toward a hotel restaurant.

Initially, he had planned to ask Howard to assign bodyguards to secretly protect Lucy. However, now that Lucy had the passive ability of Elf’s Divine Protection, there was no need to go to such lengths.

His Card Space stored many Lifeform Cards, so he could release some of them and place them in various areas and corners along Seamist Street.

Among them were the Deadly Animals like “Dog,” “Viper,” and “Wasp.”

Kyle believed that if anyone dared to plot against Lucy, they would probably die on the street the next day without even knowing how they died.

That was his power and means.

When the three types of cards in Card Space reached a certain number and grade, Kyle might truly be considered “unstoppable”!

Henry Hotel, Brooklyn, New York. The only Five-Star restaurant in the vicinity.

Kyle and Lucy sat at a table by the window. The sheer curtains blocked the dazzling sunlight outside, and the warm light from the restaurant ceiling created a pleasant ambiance. Soft music gently flowed within the luxurious restaurant.

Underneath the floor, a red carpet was scattered with rose petals, and on the table, exquisite Western silverware was neatly arranged.

A meal here cost at least a thousand dollars, attracting mostly upper-class individuals here. Although the dozen or so tables for two were filled with guests, they all dined politely and quietly.

“May I take your order, sir and madam?” A beautiful waitress in glamorous attire approached the table and glanced slightly surprised at Kyle, who was still dressed incognito.

Despite the cool weather outside, it was the first time she had seen someone dressed so casually in this upscale establishment.

When the waitress’s gaze fell on Lucy, who wore a white strapless dress, even she couldn’t help but be amazed. She quickly handed over the menu and stood politely by the side, waiting.

“K—sir, isn’t dining here too expensive?” Lucy looked worriedly at the menu and almost slipped up by calling him “Kyle.”

Kyle raised his finger and glanced at the menu. The overall prices of the dishes were much cheaper than the places Howard had taken him to, so he said, “Expensive? It’s quite affordable.”

The waitress next to them trembled, thinking to herself—

What audacity!

(End of Chapter)


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