IMUC-Chapter 61: Capturing a Soviet Agent

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In the corridors of the battleship, Fury, dressed in his Lieutenant Officer uniform, hurriedly ran towards Kyle’s office. The female military doctor who appeared to be a foreign agent had been in the office for some time, and Fury wanted to see how the situation was being handled.

As Fury approached the closed door of the office, he faintly heard the conversation between Kyle and the young female doctor from inside.

“Are you coming over?”

“I’m not coming.”

“Then I’m coming over.”

“Don’t come over!”

The brief and mundane conversation ended, followed by the sound of intense fighting coming from the office.

Fury was about to knock on the door when something hit the other side of the iron door with a loud “thud,” leaving a slight dent in the sturdy iron surface.

“Kyle, are you okay?” Fury gave up on opening the door and called out loudly, wiping off a cold sweat on his forehead.

From inside the room, Kyle’s calm and steady voice soon came, “I’m fine. Just guard the office and don’t let any other soldiers in.”

“Okay,” Fury nodded in response, showing no concern for Kyle’s safety inside as there was no need for that. The person they should be worried about was the one currently fighting Kyle.

Indeed, that was the case.

Inside the Warship’s office, the floor was covered with scattered wood chips and torn papers, evidence of the fierce battle that had taken place.

Apart from the Venom Battlesuit, Kyle had no other equipment on him. He stood tall and straight in the middle of the office, looking coldly at Natasha, who was half sitting, half lying on the iron floor.

Natasha now appeared completely different from before. Her youthful face, still carrying a touch of innocence, now seemed indifferent. Her beautiful eyes gleamed with sharp coldness.

The white medical gown she wore, which was like beggar’s clothing, clung to her petite figure, stained with sweat and dust, giving her an exceptionally disheveled appearance.

It was an overwhelmingly one-sided confrontation!

“What’s the matter? Is this all the skill a top Soviet agent can muster? I haven’t even used my full strength, and you’re already prepared to go down?” Kyle sneered.

Natasha gritted her teeth, suppressing the pain from her injuries, and struggled to climb up with the support of the iron door.

“Not bad,” Kyle showed a devilish smile on his face as he spoke. He had used about eighty percent of his strength in the previous series of punches and kicks. An ordinary person would have been beaten to death by now, but Natasha still had the ability to fight. The immune system and resilience of a Super Agent were not as simple as they sounded.

“I let you make the first move,” Kyle shrugged.

Without hesitation, Natasha knew that there was no escape from enemy territory, so she had to fight to the death!

Lowering her body, she charged forward. When she came within two meters of Kyle, she swiftly extended her right hand, revealing a piece of broken wood hidden in her hand. The sharp end of the wood made a whistling sound as it flew toward Kyle’s eyes.

As if he had known in advance, Kyle’s left hand quickly reacted and reached out, intercepting the wrist of Natasha’s right hand holding the wooden plank. His fingers squeezed tightly, causing the bones in her wrist to creak.

“Ahhhhhh, let go!” Natasha cried out in pain and swiftly kicked her left leg toward Kyle’s knee.

In the next moment, Kyle’s other hand intercepted her left foot halfway, firmly holding it in his palm.

It was a perfect countermove! With a vast difference in combat skills and physical ability, Natasha, in front of Kyle, was like a little kitten baring its teeth.

Captain America had been completely overwhelmed by Kyle in close combat. Not to mention Natasha, whose fighting abilities were less than half of Steve’s level. If Steve was considered Kyle’s little brother, then Natasha would be like his little sister, without the slightest chance of winning!

“This is getting a little tedious,” Kyle coldly looked at Natasha, who was imprisoned by her own body at close range, and shook his head with a slight disappointment.

He lifted the petite body he held in his hands, bent his left leg, and raised it high, delivering a powerful knee strike to the soft abdomen of the young girl.

It was a solid full-strength knee strike!

Natasha, who had been planning to resist, rolled her eyes and completely lost her ability to fight. Kyle released his grip on her, and she collapsed on the ground, convulsing.

The brief battle quickly came to an end.

“Fury, you can come in now,” Kyle brushed the dust off his hands and called out.

The iron door was swiftly opened by Fury, who was acting as the guard. He entered the room and was taken aback when he saw the chaotic and messy office, as well as Natasha, curled up on the ground with multiple injuries.

“The Soviets really can’t sit still. They sent an agent to secretly obtain my blood,” Kyle said expressionlessly.

“How should we handle her? Detain her or hand her over to higher authorities in the rear?” Fury asked.

“For now, we should keep it confidential and deal with it after this campaign is over. It’s not beneficial for our forces to be in conflict with the Soviets right now,” Kyle replied.

After speaking, Kyle picked up his General’s Coat that he had discarded earlier and glanced at Natasha on the ground. He said, “Send her to a single room on the battleship and have a female military doctor help treat her injuries. Also, change her clothes into a military-style Combat Uniform. I have some questions for her later.”

“Later?” Fury stared in surprise at Natasha, who was still convulsing on the ground. “It might take her more than a few days to recover from this.”

Kyle shrugged and said, “I didn’t go all out. With her physical condition, she’ll probably regain consciousness in half an hour.”

Fury shook his head and gave a serious assessment, “Theie Mission target seems to be you, and it seems whoever comes ends up in a miserable situation… they might put a bounty on your head.”

“Let’s leave it at that for now. When we have the chance, we’ll take down that Red Room Organization,” Kyle said coldly.

If the experiment is aimed at him, then, sorry, it’s time to add another tally to the death count!

One hour later.

Natasha gradually regained consciousness in an isolated single room. As soon as she woke up, she felt a piercing pain from the injuries she had suffered.

Calmly surveying her surroundings, she realized that her body was bound to a wooden chair, with ropes tightly wrapped around her hands and feet. Furthermore, the tattered white gown she had been wearing had been replaced with a small-sized green Combat Uniform.

The secure ropes binding her might imprison an ordinary person, but for Natasha, it was just a small trick to restrain her body. With her flexibility, she could easily break free.

However, apart from the ropes on her body, Natasha could feel a cold metal collar tightly encircling her neck.

“I advise you not to struggle in vain. That thing around your neck is an electric shock collar I had Howard create as a backup. It can be activated by either dismantling it manually or using a remote control button. The maximum electric shock it delivers is enough to make a cow lose control of its bladder and bowels,” A cold and steady voice sounded from the door as Kyle slowly walked into the confinement room.

The electric shock collar was originally prepared by him to deal with the Winter Soldier in the future, but unexpectedly, it was being used here to…

Successfully capture one Soviet agent.

(End of chapter)

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