IMUC-Chapter 62: Black Widow is Not a Widow

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After listening to Kyle’s warning, Natasha bit her lip and lowered her head, showing no intention of resistance. It wasn’t because of the threat of the electric shock collar on her body, but rather the overwhelming pressure of Kyle’s formidable strength.

Having personally fought against him, Natasha, with her Tactical Analysis Mastery, understood very well that the young man before her was undoubtedly at the pinnacle of global power, he is an insurmountable mountain.

“I enjoy conversing with intelligent people,” Kyle said with a faint smile, closing the door and taking a seat in the chair on the opposite side of the table where Natasha sat.

Natasha, like a broken jar, said, “No matter how you deal with me, I won’t talk about Red Room.”

When it came to Red Room, her eyes and small face revealed a hint of fear.

“Well, that works out perfectly. I have no interest in the Red Room organization anyway. But one day, I will go there and level it to the ground,” Kyle casually replied while laughing.

He tapped his fingers lightly on the desk and calmly said, “What I’m more interested in is you. So, I’ll only ask you some personal questions unrelated to the organization.”

As he spoke, his mind focused on the Blue Ability Card placed on Natasha.

【Super Agent】…

Current Status: Extractable, but unable to coexist with the Super Soldier Ability simultaneously.

“It can be extracted, but unable to coexist. Isn’t that contradictory?”

Kyle had this doubt when he first saw the card on Natasha.

However, Natasha was currently the only person he had encountered who possessed a Blue Ability Card. The Super Soldier was a special Ability Card with a blue color and the “Rare” prefix. A Rare Blue-grade card also had the condition of being extractable only once.

What would happen if he extracted a Blue Ability Card that couldn’t be used?

Kyle had come for this experiment, so he immediately focused his mind on extracting the 【Super Agent】 Blue Ability Card.

To extract a Blue Ability Card, it was necessary to maintain a continuous and uninterrupted distance from the target within a one-meter radius for thirty minutes.

“The card extraction begins, 1799, 1798…”

The countdown for the slightly long readout began.

During this time, Kyle took the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Natasha. “Regarding my information, the Red Room organization must have provided you with detailed information so I won’t introduce myself here. Instead, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Natasha coldly replied, “You have my file, don’t you? My name is Natasha Karoline.”

“I don’t think a Soviet agent infiltrating under a false identity would use her real name,” Kyle smiled faintly as he spoke. Seeing that Natasha continued to ignore him, he casually took out a small remote control from the pocket of his General’s coat and pondered over it with his fingers.

“This question doesn’t involve the Red Room organization. If you don’t cooperate even with basic questions, then would you like to experience the sensation of an electric shock? It’s quite nauseating to lose control of your bladder and bowels,” Kyle said calmly.

“You Bastard,” Natasha glared fiercely at Kyle, her gaze momentarily flickering towards the remote control. After a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, “My real name is Natasha Romanoff.”

“Oh? What about your codename in the Red Room organization?” Kyle continued to inquire.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t ask about the Red Room organization?” Natasha retorted.

“You’ve already given your real name. There’s no reason not to mention your codename,” Kyle replied.

“You… you,” Natasha thought for a moment and finally uttered a deeply disgusted adjective.

Currently, she was just a Soviet Red Room trainee, despite several years of brainwashing and intense training. It couldn’t conceal the fact that she was still a sixteen-year-old girl at her core. Playing tricks and strategies, she couldn’t outsmart the wily old fox, Kyle.

Natasha sighed dejectedly and pouted, “Codename: Black Widow.”

“Widow? I didn’t expect you to get married so early, even losing your husband. That’s quite pitiful, I apologize for your loss” Kyle teased.

Natasha shook her head in protest, “You bastard! Black Widow is a poisonous spider, not a ‘widow’ widow!”

“I know, Black Widow,” Kyle nodded in understanding. He had speculated earlier, but he didn’t expect it to really be her.

Black Widow Natasha Natasha Romanoff, is one of the veteran heroes of the future Avengers. Although her combat power was considered low-level, she often played a crucial role in certain war situations. She could be considered a somewhat well-known social figure among the heroes of the Marvel World.

Currently, her codename was Black Widow, but in the future, she would also be a true widow, a black widow with thorns.

Kyle pondered for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Natasha, why did you join the Red Room organization in the first place?”

“Isn’t it obvious? To become powerful,” Natasha snorted as she spoke. She had lost her parents in war at a young age and had long abandoned her weak and powerless girl identity.

“From what I know, the Soviet Red Room implants virtual memories and brainwashes new members to ensure their loyalty to the organization,” Kyle smiled, guiding the conversation. “Do you often feel that your precious memories are fragmented, mismatched, or twisted?”

Natasha remained silent, her thoughts unknown.

“Think about it. While Red Room made you become stronger, they also turned you into a weapon, a killer who has lost herself,” Kyle said and then waited quietly for the card extraction countdown.

“3, 2, 1, Extraction successful!”

The countdown ended, and a blue-glowing Ability Card appeared out of thin air in the Card Space.

But unlike the previous Ability Cards, this card seemed to be rejected by the collective force of the other Ability Cards. It couldn’t enhance the external body and was forced to retreat to the edge of the blank area.

Kyle’s consciousness entered the Card Space, and he reached out to catch the Blue Ability Card and examine it.

【Super Agent】…

Current Status: Unable to coexist with Super Soldier simultaneously, can be gifted to others.

Warning for Card Gifting:

“Within the Card Space, two identical Ability Cards cannot exist simultaneously, except for 【Life Increase】.”

“After gifting a Blue-Grade or higher quality Ability Card, the Card Gifting process will enter a three-day cooldown period.”

“Each person can only receive one Card Gift of Blue-Grade or higher quality Ability Card and the User cannot choose to retrieve it. It can only be forcibly destroyed within a three-meter range.”

“It can be gifted to others for use?” Kyle’s heart trembled as he unexpectedly discovered another function of the Card Space, apart from card extraction and card tributing.

Card Gifting!

The Ability Card that he couldn’t use himself could be gifted to others after drawing it.

What did this mean?

It meant that as long as there were individuals like Natasha who possessed the original Blue Ability Card, the Card Gifting ability would allow him to train a group of people with the same Blue Ability Card given enough time.

Kyle looked at Natasha before him with a shining look in his eyes. In preparation for his future influence, he made a secret decision.

“Natasha cannot be turned in. Instead, she must stay in my hands!”

(End of this chapter)

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