IMUC-Chapter 60: The Widow Isn’t Too Cold

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Inside the battleship’s office.

Natasha was completely unaware that she had just narrowly escaped death. She looked at Kyle in concern, waiting for his next instructions and orders.

Kyle couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly. The Soviet Red House had indeed trained some of the world’s top agents. From their exceptional medicament to their abilities as agents, they were fully equipped.

Despite Natasha being just a trainee, her combat prowess was unmatched by most soldiers or officers at the entire US military base.

Furthermore, her infiltration and disguise as a timid and gentle American female military doctor were as simple as drinking water.

Unfortunately for her, she had encountered him. Kyle narrowed his eyes slightly. Natasha’s infiltration and disguise could be considered perfect, but they meant nothing in the presence of his Extracting Card Ability.

No matter how carefully planned or astonishing her acting skills were, the bright Blue Ability Card, “Super Agent,” that he concealed in the back of his head would expose everything.

The office remained silent for a while. After taking a few sips of warm water, Kyle motioned with his hand and furrowed his brow as he said, “I have a slight headache. Can you massage my head and shoulders? Please help relieve it.”

“Ah.” Natasha hesitated for a moment, then nodded like an obedient chick. She took small steps around the desk and approached the back of Kyle’s chair.

She didn’t notice that as she passed by the chair, a faint glint appeared in Kyle’s slightly opened azure eyes. The perfect moment for an assassination had been set. From now on, Natasha’s life and death were entirely in her own hands.

Regardless of whether the other party would become a legendary hero in the future, as long as there was even the slightest sign of an assassination attempt, Kyle would not hesitate to kill her.

That was Kyle’s principle and bottom line! Anyone who opposed him could only lie on the ground as a lifeless corpse.

“General, you can close your eyes. It will be more comfortable during the massage.” Natasha spoke softly and extended her delicate hands toward the back of Kyle’s head.

“Alright, apply some pressure.” Kyle nodded in response. He closed his eyes and focused his mind, tightening his mental state.

The opponent didn’t carry any weapons, and relying solely on her muscular strength wouldn’t be enough to break his neck. However, just to be safe, he had already put on his Venom Battlesuit, which was in a defensive state ready for battle.

Soon, Natasha’s ten slender fingers landed on the back of Kyle’s head. She applied gentle pressure, massaging down to his neck, shoulders, and then up to his forehead.

Kyle, who had initially felt a bit tense and rigid, suddenly relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

What was this unexpectedly comfortable feeling?

It had to be said that Natasha’s massage technique was skilled, likely one of the specialized skills she learned during her agent training. Coupled with the slender yet powerful fingers of a young girl…

Wait, that didn’t seem to be the main point!

“Aren’t you going to take action?” Kyle wondered, feeling a bit perplexed.

The Soviet Red House organization had sent a Super Agent to infiltrate at the brink of war. If it wasn’t for him, then what was their purpose?

Was he not the target? Or perhaps the objective of the mission wasn’t to assassinate him?

Upon considering this, it made sense. Although the Soviet Union liked to cause trouble, they wouldn’t go as far as sending an agent to assassinate the newly promoted American hero during the Tripartite Alliance.

As Kyle pondered, Natasha continued massaging for ten minutes before stopping, gasping slightly, and shaking her sore fingers. This man’s bones and muscles were much tougher and denser than she had imagined. Just as the mission issued by the organization stated… This man is a Super Soldier.

With determination in her heart, Natasha, breathing softly near Kyle’s ear, asked, “General Kyle, how do you feel? Is your headache still there?”

Kyle tilted his head back slightly, still keeping his eyes closed, and blissfully replied, “It’s much better now.”

“Good, but a large-scale war is about to begin. It’s best to investigate any symptoms in advance,” Natasha said, pausing for a moment before giving professional advice. “Just in case, General, it would be best to prick your finger and let me take a blood sample back to the medical room for testing. It can reveal the detailed condition of your body.”

“Oh, a blood test?” Kyle opened his eyes completely, revealing a subtle expression on his face.

A secret agent mission. He didn’t expect it to be just to obtain a drop of his blood. With the Venom Battlesuit, even if he suffered a superficial injury, he wouldn’t leave his blood behind on the battlefield.

A drop of blood seemed insignificant, but in the technologically advanced and lifeform-supported Marvel World, who knew what those Soviet scientists, those madmen, would do with that drop of blood?

Who knew if they would create some kind of artificial being with it?

Now that he knew their objective, Kyle didn’t need to continue playing along. His tone turned cold as he said, “Is this your objective?”

“What… objective?” Natasha, still behind the office chair, was stunned, and she struggled to maintain composure as she softly replied, “General Kyle, what are you talking about? It’s just a simple blood test.”

Kyle threw out a sentence that shattered her last desperate defense, “Do you still want to continue pretending, Soviet Red House agent?”

Before she could hear the rest of his words, Natasha’s expression changed. Her hands swiftly turned into sharp knife hands as she aimed for the back of Kyle’s neck, intending to knock him out cleanly.

“Do you think that this is a playground?” Kyle sneered as he spoke. His movements became even faster, and he raised his hands to grab Natasha’s hands, capturing each of her palms that were about to strike him.

Natasha tried to free her hands forcefully but found that Kyle’s grip was like that of Iron Man’s clamp, imprisoning her hands without even allowing a single finger to move.

Just as she was considering using her feet to kick, an overwhelming force transmitted from his arms, instantly lifting her entire body and flipping her over, rotating 180 degrees over Kyle’s head, before slamming her violently onto the sturdy wooden office desk.


The desk collapsed with a sound, splitting apart in two directions. Natasha groaned in pain as she lay on the scattered debris of wood and paper documents.

*Cough cough.*

Natasha had just struggled to get up, her gaze filled with slight fear, when she saw the handsome young man throwing aside the General’s coat he was wearing, revealing the Venom Battlesuit beneath, which exuded a combination of coldness and a murderous aura.

“Very well, stand up like this! Let me see the strength of a Soviet Super Agent!” Kyle looked at her coldly, his muscles pulsating with vitality beneath the black combat suit, while his aura of killing intent seemed to materialize, enveloping the entire office.

He clenched his fist, rubbing it slightly, and his lips curled up as he spoke in a cold voice, “I hope you can provide me with a little warmup before the war arrives.”

(End of this chapter)

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