IMUC-Chapter 53 One Night

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At the Grand Hall of the Falcon Club,

The classical chandeliers hanging from the walls and ceiling illuminated the ballroom, while the graceful music flowed like water, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Couples dressed in suits and evening gowns danced elegantly, immersed in this entertainment venue far from the smoke of war.

If the club hadn’t been privately booked and professional dancers disguised as guests, the appearance of Kyle in his tuxedo would have surely caused a fervent crowd to gather and be amazed.

Kyle, the youngest major in the United States, is a symbol of American power and conquest. After the complete eradication of the Hydra organization, which was deeply rooted, he once again became a legendary figure discussed in every corner of Europe and the United States.

Although describing him as a “legend” might be too exaggerated, the fact that he single-handedly influenced and reversed the entire European battlefield, dealing a severe blow to the mighty German military force during World War II, made him a true hero in the eyes of American soldiers and some fanatical fangirls. His fame and prestige even surpassed that of Generals and some high-ranking officers.

In Europe, his aura as a war hero still held strong. However, in present-day America, in every recruitment propaganda film, six out of ten are exclusively dedicated to Kyle, while the remaining four depict war documentary segments featuring both Kyle and Captain Steve fighting side by side.

One can imagine just how strong Kyle’s current halo as a war hero is.

Hopes dimmed and then ignited, but the confident youth kept his promise and returned.

Agent Carter stood in the middle of the ballroom, gazing at Kyle as he emerged from the dancing crowd. She found herself at a loss for words for a moment.

Kyle also remained silent, unsure of what to say. After taking a deep breath, he finally apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring Steve back.”

As soon as those words were spoken, the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere suddenly became heavy and tense while Agent Carter took a few steps forward and shook her head as she spoke. “It’s not solely your fault. We couldn’t predict what would happen on the mission.”

“No, I could have anticipated a little better. I underestimated Schmidt,” Kyle said, but before he could finish his sentence, Agent Carter shook her head again, interrupting him with a gentle tone. “That’s enough. It’s all in the past.”

After speaking, Agent Carter extended her palm slightly forward, a hint of anticipation hidden in her beautiful eyes, and her red lips parted. “Didn’t Steve ask you to take his place and invite me to dance? Why did you take so long? It’s been two weeks.”

“The sea was a bit far, and I arrived late,” Kyle made up an excuse, hesitated for a moment, and then followed Howard’s example by extending his hand in a gentlemanly manner, taking Agent Carter’s soft hand in his.

“You don’t know how to dance? I can teach you, just try not to step on my shoes,” Agent Carter said as she began to lead Kyle in a slow dance along with the rhythm of the ballroom.

“That won’t be necessary,” Kyle chuckled, realizing that there weren’t many common skills in this world that he didn’t possess. And even if there were, he had his Card Drawing ability.

Especially the “Evening Dance” Green Ability Card, which he had drawn from Agent Carter herself, but hadn’t had a chance to use until now.

Just as the gentle tune in the ballroom came to an end, a lively and passionate song started playing. Kyle took the initiative and, with impeccable dance skills that rivaled those of a professional, guided the dance. With precise control over his movements, he held Agent Carter around her waist, causing her to lift slightly as they spun in the air.

Agent Carter quickly caught up with the pace, her red dress swirling and fluttering.

A hint of surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes as she hadn’t expected that Kyle, apart from his prowess on the battlefield, would also be so adept at dancing.

With one hand holding Agent Carter and the other supporting her slender waist, Kyle and she matched the increasingly passionate rhythm of the song, entering a state of dance.

With his perfectly sculpted physique, the tuxedo naturally outshone the slender gentlemen in the city’s greenhouses, lacking the coldness and ruthlessness of the black combat uniform, instead exuding warmth and charm.

Paired with the stunning beauty of Agent Carter tonight, their appearance alone was pleasing to the eye. Their dance moves were full of energy and agility, executing high-difficulty movements effortlessly, aligning their hand gestures and footsteps with the tune of the song.

At some point, Kyle and Agent Carter found themselves in the center of the ballroom, capturing the amazed and admiring gazes of those around them.

Until the song came to an end, Kyle gently supported Agent Carter’s slender waist, steadying her. Agent Carter placed her palms lightly on his broad chest, as if in awe of the completeness of the dance. The people in the ballroom applauded, impressed by the performance.

“Well, that’s the end,” Kyle shrugged, retracting his hands.

A trace of disappointment flickered in Agent Carter’s beautiful eyes as she slowly lowered her hands and exclaimed in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to be able to dance.”

“Before joining the military, I learned at home from my parents,” Kyle casually replied, bluntly stating, “Is there anything else you’d like to do? I happen to be free tonight.”

“Are you getting ready to return to the front line tomorrow? By the way, you haven’t reported back to the base for half a month,” Agent Carter pondered for a moment and then, with a determined expression, said, “Let’s go for a drink.”

“Drink? You and me?” Kyle looked at Agent Carter in astonishment. Drinking was usually something comrades or brothers did, not something between a man and a woman.

After thinking for a moment, he hesitated and said, “You don’t actually have feelings for me as Steve said, do you?”

Agent Carter was taken aback, avoiding Kyle’s probing gaze and waving her hand. “Of course not, you’re thinking too much.”

“That’s good,” Kyle breathed a sigh of relief, smiling contentedly. “I knew it. Steve was just messing with me. Even if he hadn’t said that, I would still take care of you.”

“I don’t need you to take care of me,” Agent Carter glanced at him, her tone much colder. “So, are you going to drink or not?”

Kyle nodded, “Sure. It’s rare to relax for a bit before we prepare to go back. Why not have a drink?”

“Just don’t get drunk. I won’t be able to handle someone as big as you,” Agent Carter scoffed.

“Come on, that’s impossible,” Kyle shook his head disinterestedly. He had no worries in that regard. With his Super Soldier Physique, his metabolism was four times faster than that of an ordinary person. How could a mere drink knock him down?

The next morning.

A gentle breeze rustled the white curtains as golden sunlight streamed into the room.

Kyle gradually woke up from his sleep, his head feeling a bit dizzy and throbbing, a slight hangover from last night.

He had indeed gotten drunk.

Kyle lay in bed, his body forming the shape of a ‘big’ character, wearing a wry smile. He was a disgrace to a Super Soldier. He thought he wouldn’t get drunk, so he kept trying different high-alcohol drinks until he realized he was drunk, but by then, it was too late.

However, since it was a period of rest, getting drunk once to relieve the stress of wartime was not a big deal. If he were in the midst of battle or on a mission, he wouldn’t even touch a drop of alcohol.

“By the way, I really troubled Agent Carter last night.” Kyle threw off the covers and glanced at the absence of his tuxedo, replaced by a simple set of pajamas provided by the club.

He vaguely remembered that last night, it took quite an effort from Agent Carter and a few waiters to help him into the room. It seemed that Agent Carter had helped him change his clothes.

And then, he had no memory of what happened after he got drunk.

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