IMUC-Chapter 54 Large-Scale War

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There’s a saying for this situation, isn’t there? Oh, “wine makes people lose control.”

Kyle quickly got up, looking around the bed, the floor, and the bathroom, but he didn’t find any women’s clothing or anything suspicious and he finally let out a relaxed breath.

It was a relief that nothing happened last night. He didn’t want to end up taking care of the frozen Steve girlfriend and accidentally ended up in bed together.

But where did the tuxedo he was wearing go?

Yesterday was his day off, and Kyle didn’t have Venom transform into a dress uniform. The last time he did that out of curiosity, it almost exposed their secret. Instead, he had Venom transform into a solid set of clothes after deactivating the Venom card.

This also meant that he had no idea what had happened late last night while he was drunk.

“Maybe the staff took it for cleaning,” Kyle thought, not paying much attention. It was just a piece of clothing, not something valuable.

After a quick shower in the bathroom, feeling refreshed, Kyle put on his underwear and took out the Venom card from the Card Space. He threw it onto the bed, and Venom materialized.


Venom moved under the covers, its liquid form forming black lines that seemed to express something to Kyle and it was as if the Venom was complaining.

It had become accustomed to fusing and coexisting with Kyle on the battlefield, becoming more and more attached to this symbiotic state. In other words, every lifeform subconsciously yearned for evolution. Venom’s symbiotic species relied on merging with other lifeforms to gradually learn the host’s physical abilities, thus achieving the evolutionary process of self-improvement.

“Alright, it’s time to return to the base,” Kyle said, reaching out toward Venom. In response, Venom’s liquid body transformed into numerous joyous black lines that extended, wrapped around his hand, and finally solidified.

Looking at the complete set of black combat clothing on him, Kyle patted the emblem on his chest with a hint of dissatisfaction. “It’s not a combat uniform. Let’s change into something more casual.”


Like a chameleon’s camouflage, Kyle’s combat attire quickly transformed into a jacket and jeans.

Having Venom with him had its advantages in daily life: saving money on clothes and eliminating the hassle of changing outfits.

Leaving the room, Kyle walked through the club’s corridor. Along the way, the staff greeted him, eager to please, and wish him a good morning. They would be more than happy if Kyle hosted parties and dance events every day, considering his authority and wealth.

As he approached the main entrance of the club, Kyle seemed to remember something and stopped a passing female staff member. He asked, “I have a question, what happened to the lady I danced with last night?”

“Mr. Kyle, are you referring to Miss Carter?” The female staff member quickly stopped and faced him, answering, “Miss Carter left the club by herself early this morning.”

“Really? She didn’t wait for me to return to the base together.” Kyle shook his head, slipping his left hand into the pocket of his leather wallet. Concealed within the pocket, an item materialized, and he quickly took out a club card, handing it to the female staff member. “This is the VIP card from last night. There should be over nine thousand dollars deposited on it. From now on, whenever Peggy Carter comes here to dance, all expenses should be charged to this card.”

“Alright!” The female staff member bowed her head and accepted the VIP card with both hands. When she looked up, she realized Kyle had already walked out of the main entrance, leaving her with the impression of a tall and cool figure.

Training base, underground research department.

As soon as Kyle stepped inside the door, a loud explosion sounded from inside. A familiar figure wearing a lab coat was thrown to the ground by the blast, with smoke rising from his body.

“Howard, you’re still the same, aren’t you?” Kyle looked at the disheveled scientist lying on the ground, his face showing a strange expression.

“K-Kyle?” The scientist, seeing Kyle at the door, was stunned for a moment. He rubbed his eyes and, after confirming it was indeed Kyle, excitedly got up from the ground. “Kyle, you’ve finally returned!”

Howard quickly approached, but due to the height difference, he could only grab onto Kyle’s waist belt. He said with excitement, “Without you here, I haven’t had the mood to go to parties and bars during this time. You’re not just my friend and comrade, but also the best partner to create a top-notch industry with me in the future!”

“That last part is what really matters, right? You haven’t even finished researching the thing I gave you. Don’t try to extract any more advanced technology from me,” Kyle teased, pushing him away, guarding against Howard’s prying gaze.

“Hahaha. If it weren’t for Agent Carter asking me to come alone last night, I couldn’t resist going to the club to check on you,” Howard laughed, genuinely happy that his close friend had returned.

“Huh? You knew the box was from me?” Kyle looked at Howard in surprise. It was a formal dress and rose card; most people would assume it was from another gentleman who admired Peggy Carter. At worst, they would think it was from Steve…

Howard chuckled, saying, “You underestimate Agent Carter. She recognized your handwriting on the box and the card instantly.”

“Is that so?” Kyle fell silent, as scenes from last night flashed through his mind, realizing that he might have missed something.

“By the way, did the beautiful Agent Carter not come back with you? Could it be…” Howard’s gaze became peculiar, resembling a scientific researcher’s strategy, filled with a gentleman’s curiosity.

“Don’t misunderstand. Nothing happened between her and me last night. I thought she had already returned to the base,” Kyle waved his hand a bit nervously, changing the subject. “By the way, I noticed as soon as I entered the training base that there are fewer soldiers stationed here, and where did Fury go?”

“Oh, you’ve just returned to the base, so you don’t know the current situation,” Howard suddenly realized, his face turning serious. “The military leaders of our country, England, and the Soviet Union decided at the recent alliance meeting to take advantage of Germany’s devastating defeat on the front lines and launch a coordinated attack, aiming to penetrate Germany’s territory directly from the English Channel.”

“The Allied invasion of Germany? Starting from the English Channel?” Kyle’s mind flashed with the name of the battle— Operation Overlord.

Normandy Landing!

Kyle was surprised to find that the Marvel World and his previous life’s world history were so similar, following the same path of war.

Normandy Landing was a historical large-scale battle during the later stages of World War II. After this battle, Germany was completely occupied and surrendered, leaving only the stubborn resistance in the Asian theater— Japan.

Howard continued, “Last night, we already relayed your return message to the headquarters. General Chester replied with orders for you to head to the main US military base in Europe as soon as you return to the training base.”

“They really don’t let me have a break,” Kyle shrugged his shoulders. The dangerous glint in his azure eyes revealed the excitement building within his body and the Venom Battlesuit.

After resting for so long, it was time to engage in a grand battle and put his skills to the test. He hoped to encounter formidable opponents who would truly challenge his abilities on this large-scale battlefield.

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