IMUC-Chapter 52 Dance Party

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Inside the underground basement of the US military training base.

Howard, Fury, and Agent Carter stood in front of a world map, their faces solemn as they discussed something.

“Their point of departure is the Hydra organization base beneath the Alps, and the autopilot is set to New York as the destination. Based on the normal flying speed of the out-of-control fighter jet and the time it disappeared from communication signals, it can be calculated that there is a high probability the jet will crash into this area of the sea.”

Howard, dressed in a suit and tie, stood in front of the world map and used a black water-based pen to draw a circle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, encompassing the area that needed to be investigated.

“However, the central area of the sea, where the out-of-control jet is most likely to crash, has already been searched by divers immediately, but no traces have been found. Therefore, we have to consider the possibility that the jet deviated from its autopilot trajectory and the distribution of ocean currents and icebergs at that time.”

With a heavy expression on his face, Howard drew another, larger circle outside the original one, encompassing a wider area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fury, sitting below, shook his head and sighed. “If we have to use submarines to thoroughly search every ten meters of this area, it would take at least ten years to find even a single piece of wreckage from the jet.”

“We can’t give up!” Agent Carter’s face was resolute and her voice determined as she spoke. “Those two won’t die so easily. They promised that they would come back.”

“Of course. In addition to the military submarines, Stark Industries will also invest money to send professional divers to search. We won’t give up until we find them,” Howard agreed, nodding his head.

After a moment of silence, he voiced his inner concerns. “What I’m afraid of is that the out-of-control jet might have encountered seamounts and floating ice in the sea. Currently, there are multiple cold currents in the Atlantic during winter. If the crashed jet gets frozen and sinks to the seafloor, it would take a hundred years to find even a single part of the jet.”

At these words, both Fury and Agent Carter fell silent in the basement.

In fact, after the out-of-control jet lost communication over the ocean, although the US military dispatched planes and submarines to search the area, they had already assumed that Steve and Kyle had unfortunately perished. Even if they were to find any remains, they would likely be only fragments of their bodies.

However, even if it was confirmed that Steve and Kyle had died, this news would be suppressed by the military. After all, the impact of losing the heroes who symbolized the nation during wartime would be unbearable.

Just then, a soldier came down the stairs and informed Agent Carter, “Agent Carter, someone outside the base has brought something, saying it’s for you.”

“Hmm?” Agent Carter felt puzzled but took the box from the soldier nonetheless. She subconsciously asked, “Who is it from?”

“It’s a young girl who claims to be a friend of Agent Carter. The gate guards didn’t inquire further, and she ran off. The box passed the security checks before we brought it in.”

“Thank you for your trouble,” Agent Carter nodded and, after the soldier left, placed the box on the conference table.

The cardboard box was neither big nor small, sealed with tape, and there was a small section of English writing on it: ‘To Agent Carter.’

Agent Carter stared at the English handwriting on the box, her eyes suddenly frozen.

Howard felt that the atmosphere in the meeting had been too heavy for a while, so he couldn’t help but jokingly say, “Could it be a gentleman admirer sending you something?”

“Maybe it’s an intelligence message, who knows? Let me open it for you,” Fury offered, raising his hand to help. After Agent Carter gave her permission, he quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and cut open the sealed tape.

The box was soon opened by the tough Fury, revealing its contents under the dim light. It was a brand new red evening gown neatly folded, and there was a card with a rose on the front.

“A gown? A rose card?” Fury was greatly disappointed, not interested in such feminine items, and returned to his seat directly.

Howard shrugged. “Looks like I was right. Agent Carter, do you need a chaperone for the ball?”

Agent Carter remained silent and walked forward to pick up the rose card from the box. When she flipped it over, the back of the card still bore the English words: ‘Cordially inviting Miss Carter to attend the song and dance ball at the Falcon Club on Friday, tomorrow night at eight o’clock.’

“It’s him. He’s back,” Agent Carter whispered softly.

“Who’s back?” Howard and Fury were both slightly stunned, exchanging glances before eagerly looking at her. “Who came back?!”

One day passed, and Friday night arrived as scheduled.

In the nearby major city, the Falcon Club was located in the center of the busiest street. The red carpet stretched from the entrance, and the lighting exuded a romantic atmosphere.

“Beep beep!”

A long luxury car parked steadily in front of the club’s entrance. Howard, as the driver, got out of the car first and he opened the passenger door with a gentlemanly gesture. A slender figure stepped out, wearing high heels, followed by Agent Carter in an exquisite strapless evening gown.

With meticulous grooming, her beautiful and glamorous face stood out, her blonde hair elegantly styled, revealing delicate collarbones. The strapless evening gown cleverly showcased her perfect shoulders and figure, combining sensuality and elegance. The red-toned gown complemented her fair skin, making it impossible to look away.

“Agent Carter, you will surely be the most dazzling person at the ball tonight,” Howard exclaimed, clicking his fingers and urging her, “Hurry inside, and don’t keep people waiting.”

After speaking, Howard sat back in the driver’s seat and started the car, leaving Agent Carter standing alone at the entrance.

Agent Carter took a deep breath, lightly placing her palms on her chest, and nervously walked into the club.

Passing through the guarded entrance with formally dressed waiters, she walked through the corridor. However, it wasn’t as lively as usual— on the contrary, the corridor was dimly lit, and the main ballroom of the club was pitch black.

No music, no lights, and no sign of other guests or club staff.

“What…” Agent Carter looked at the silent and dark hall in front of her and was about to call out when suddenly, the surrounding lights and the overhead lights turned on.


The previously dark hall was instantly illuminated, and following the soft melody played by various instruments, couples holding hands elegantly entered the hall from all directions. They danced gracefully to the sound of the music as if they had rehearsed countless times.

“Is it you?” Agent Carter couldn’t help but ask, looking around at the people dancing in tune, hoping to find a familiar figure among them.

“No.” A familiar deep voice emerged from the musicians playing the melody. Agent Carter turned towards the source of the voice and saw a handsome young man in a black tailcoat standing up from the piano seat.

“It’s me. Are you Disappointed?” Kyle shrugged as he spread his hands, and looked at Agent Carter at the center of the ballroom.

“Well, even if it’s a substitute, you’re too late,” Agent Carter smiled, her beautiful eyes shimmering with excited tears.


Before moving forward, here are a few things to note:

1. There won’t be many romantic scenes in the future, so let’s cherish them.

2. This is not a harem story; there’s only one female protagonist.

3. Agent Carter is not the female protagonist.

(End of this chapter)

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