IMUC-Chapter 51 Colorless Card

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The Tesseract is a perfect square-shaped cube.

Upon closer inspection, the Tesseract Cube exuded a mysterious and peculiar aura, as if it contained a small universe within. Kyle suppressed his excitement and materialized the “Vibranium Bracer” Item Card, wearing it on his bare right hand. He then reached out to grab the Tesseract Cube held between the wooden boards in Venom Shark’s mouth.

Only when the Tesseract was held in his Vibranium-protected palm did Kyle’s vision reveal two brilliantly glowing cards.

The colors of these two cards were not White, Green, Blue, or Purple, but nearly colorless, with a pure and vibrant crystal-like hue.


Container for one of the Infinity Stones, the Space Stone, also known as the Space Infinity Cube. Colorless Item Card.

Possesses the power of space and can open portals, transporting individuals and items to any location in the universe.

Current Status: Non-Extractable (integrated with the Space Stone), difficult to use.

The second Colorless Card, almost seamlessly merged with the previous one, resembled a shadow in overlapping layers.

【Space Stone】:

One of the six Infinity Stones in the universe, a gem that controls the aspect of Space. Colorless Item Card.

One of the earliest entities in the universe and also one of the most powerful objects in the entire Universe.

By using this gem, one can instantly move oneself or any object to any space in the universe. It can also manipulate space at will, allowing for Spatial Teleportation, Spatial Freeze, and Spatial Reversal.

Current Status: Extractable, difficult to master and utilize.

“Two… Colorless Item Cards?” Kyle was momentarily puzzled when he saw this scene. He initially thought there would only be one 【Tesseract】 Item Card, but the Extracting Card Ability had distinctively separated the Space Stone from the Cube Vessel.

The container was non-extractable, while the Space Stone was extractable…

To extract or not to extract?

Kyle pondered carefully, weighing the pros and cons, and quickly made a decision.

He must extract it! There’s no reason not to!

Even if this god-level item was left untouched, it would remain idle on Earth for more than half a century, only to be gradually explored for its Spatial Teleportation mysteries by Loki, the God of Thunder’s brother, in the 21st century.

Although it became a hot and popular item when Thanos started collecting the Infinity Stones, if there was a chance to study and master the extraordinary abilities of the Space Stone beforehand, it would truly be a giant leap for Kyle!

Kyle made up his mind and focused his attention on the Colorless Card of the 【Space Stone】.

Time to extract!

“Please maintain a distance of three centimeters from the item and continue extraction for three hours.”

“Extraction countdown begins: 10799s, 10798s…”

Kyle: “…”

Maintain a three-centimeter distance and extract for three hours. One must keep in mind that even extracting Blue-Quality items only requires an additional three seconds within one meter!

“No wonder it’s called a Colorless-Quality item,” Kyle chuckled wryly as he looked at the timer. He held the Tesseract in his hand, returned to his sun lounger, and patiently waited. Without any mission at the moment, he had the luxury of time.

If his guess was correct, Colorless Cards should be the highest quality for cards, surpassing even the Purple rarity by an unknown number of levels.

However, it was possible that the Infinity Gauntlet, which contained all six gems, would be of a Rare Colorless quality… but that was all too distant in the future and Kyle didn’t need to worry about it.

Kyle mused with indifference as he waited for the card extraction countdown to end.

After three hours…

“3, 2, 1, Extraction Succeed. Congratulations, you’ve obtained the 【Space Stone】.”

As the message rang in his mind, the blue light of the Tesseract in Kyle’s hand dimmed significantly, it was as if the inner spark had been taken away, leaving only abundant Cube Fragments behind.

At the same time, within Kyle’s exclusive Card Space…

The moment the 【Space Stone】 entered the Card Space, it immediately leaped up uncontrollably, like a highlighted sun hanging at the highest point of the Card Space, overshadowing the radiance of the tens of thousands of cards in the six card regions, proclaiming its supreme position.

“The Card Space should be the safest and most reliable storage place in this world. Let’s leave the Space Stone in there for now,” Kyle thought as he gazed at the 【Space Stone】 Colorless Card within the Card Space before withdrawing his consciousness from it.

The Space Stone wasn’t an entity that could exhibit its corresponding abilities simply by possessing it. For Kyle, it was like a child obtaining an energy weapon. Without studying it beforehand, rashly using it often resulted in self-inflicted harm. Red Skull had personally given him a lesson on that.

Just as Kyle withdrew his consciousness from the Card Space, he noticed that the Tesseract in his palm, after losing the inner Space Stone, began undergoing subtle changes.

The most obvious change was that the color grade of the card message displayed in his eyes rapidly shifted from Colorless to Golden.

Did it decrease in grade?

Kyle stared in astonishment at the Tesseract in his hand, still emanating a faint blue light and a mysterious aura, but it was no longer the same as before.

It turned out to be the 【Space Stone Vessel】 Colorless Card. After the internal 【Space Stone】 was extracted, it transformed into a brand-new Golden Item Card, even changing its item name.

【Space Stone Vessel】:

Formerly the container of the Space Stone, also known as the Infinity Cube. Golden Item Card.

Retains a trace of the strength of space and can temporarily open Space Portals. However, the existence of these portals is unstable and can trigger spatial collapse at any time. It becomes increasingly damaged after each use.

Current Status: Non-Extractable (retains the residual power of the Space Stone).

Kyle fell silent for a moment, then laughed wryly and shook his head.


This was an unexpected gain. It was unlikely that anyone in the entire universe would have thought that there could be someone who could extract the Space Stone from the Space Stone Vessel without destroying the external container. Only Kyle possesses the Extracting Card Ability and only he would be able to do so.

“Wait a minute, why do I feel like this can set a trap for future Thanos?” Kyle rubbed his smooth chin in thought. The Tesseract showed no signs of damage, and it still contained the residual power of the Space Stone.

He could simply throw this empty shell of the Tesseract away and save himself a lot of trouble in the future…

Thinking this, a smile crept onto Kyle’s face.

He could already imagine the moment when Thanos, after going through great efforts to obtain the Tesseract and crushing it to embed the Space Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet, would find that there was nothing inside. His eggplant-like face would turn livid and unsightly.

Since he had obtained the Space Stone, it was the greatest achievement of this battle, and Kyle had no intention of lingering in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean any longer.

He looked at the vast sea before him and sighed, “Steve, it seems that we won’t meet again until more than half a century later.”

“But there’s no need to worry. For you, perhaps it will be just a short nap with your eyes closed. When you wake up, it will be the peaceful era that you often long for.”

“The me who stays behind is the one who will continue to move forward in this war-torn era.”

Kyle’s gaze grew resolute, and he had Venom cover his body, transforming into a black combat uniform. With a thought, he summoned the Blue Falcon to return to this location.

He had been absent for half a month; it was time to show himself.

(End of this chapter)


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