IMUC-Chapter 168 Divine Weapon

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‘One Million Units!’

In the black market, this was considered a sky-high price. With that amount, one could easily buy a secure house in the heavily contested inner city of Sakaar, where resources were scarce and competition was fierce.

And the item being bought and sold was none other than an unknown, damaged axe.

Fortunately, the location of the child’s stall was already deserted, or else if news of this transaction got out, it might have caused quite a sensation among the black market crowd.

“Mr. Kyle, One Million Units for this broken axe? Take some time to consider it carefully. You can’t spend money like this, even if you have it…” Calvin leaned closer to Kyle’s side and whispered, trying to persuade him.

Calvin had initially thought that Kyle was just here out of curiosity, buying some novelties as decorations for the black market. He never expected that he would be willing to pay such a high price for a broken axe.

Ignoring Calvin, Kyle remained crouched, his right palm resting on the handle of the damaged large axe. He lightly caressed the surface, feeling the strange and colorful patterns on it. The touch was solid and icy, conveying a sense of hardness and coldness.

Moreover, there was also the primal aura left behind from battles and clashes and it was on the location where iron and blood converged.

Closing his eyes, Kyle tuned out the bustling noise of the black market, immersing himself in his thoughts and feelings.

He seemed to witness a brutal war taking place on an ancient battlefield in the cosmic expanse— a war between higher races, where even mythological gods could fall accidentally in the midst of fighting.

It was a contest of power and struggle among advanced species, fighting for dominion over this universe’s expanse. Whether in terms of the scale of extraterrestrial forces deployed or the individual strength and weaponry, it far exceeded any battle of World War II on Earth.

“Where did you get this axe from?” Kyle opened his eyes and asked in a deep voice. His eyes flickered with a gleam of insight as if he had thought of something.

“Half a year ago, I found it in a junk riverbed in the wilderness. Just bringing it back to the inner city area was no easy task. My sister and I even rented a medium-sized fishing spaceship.” The alien child explained, almost as if fearing that Kyle would suddenly change his mind about the trade.

He hurriedly asked, “Are you really going to buy it?”

“Of course. But I don’t have that much cash on me; the money is in my transaction card,” Kyle replied definitively.

“I’ll, I’ll notify my sister right away. She’ll bring the card reader over. Please wait a moment!” The alien child was ecstatic and fumbled to take out a communicator, sending an urgent message.

Seeing that the deal was set, Calvin drooped his ears and tail, no longer trying to persuade Kyle.

After all, it was Kyle’s money, and he could use it however he pleased.

“One Million…” Calvin couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself. He sighed inwardly, thinking about how much trash he would have to collect to earn that much.

About five minutes later…

Kyle, who had been waiting in front of the stall, looked up and saw a small Kun-style Spaceship, resplendent with flowing lights, flying out from the inner city area and approaching him. It finally stopped in midair, hovering about ten meters above their heads.

The alien child waved excitedly toward the hovering spaceship and said with a smile, “My sister’s here.”

The door of the spaceship cabin opened swiftly, and a woman with pink skin wearing a work uniform agilely descended the stairs.

The alien child was about to approach her and talk, but the woman grabbed his ear, her tone displeased as she scolded, “Don’t you know your sister is at work? You actually made an emergency call? Give me a proper explanation, or else— I won’t make dinner tonight!”

“Wow, hold on! Sis, there’s an important customer here!” The alien child pleaded continuously while wincing in pain.

“Huh?” The alien woman looked forward, and when she saw Kyle in front of the stall, her expression became extremely surprised. She hesitated for a moment, then quickly released her grip, politely greeting, “Mr. Kyle, what a coincidence… I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“It is quite a coincidence,” Kyle nodded. The alien woman in front of him was Enri, the attendant he had encountered at the exchange office last night.

It made sense; after all, both the sister and brother had pink skin as an alien trait— no issues there.

“Sis, this customer wants to buy that axe,” the alien child whispered.

“What?!” Enri doubted if she had misheard, took a deep breath, and nervously gripped the child’s arm, asking sternly, “What price did you quote? You didn’t leave out a few zeros, did you?”

The child hadn’t answered yet, but Kyle smiled and urged, “We’ve already discussed it. One Million Units. If you have the payment device with you, just use your card.”

The card payment device emitted a ‘Dī Dī’ sound, indicating that One Million Units had been successfully transferred.

The surprise came too suddenly, and Enri was still in a kind of dream-like state. She pinched the alien child beside her as if verifying whether she was dreaming or not.

“With the payment made, I’ll take the item now,” Kyle said with a faint smile.

For him, wealth and money were external things. As long as they could enhance his strength, any amount spent was worth it.

“Of course, go ahead,” Enri quickly nodded.

With his right hand on the axe handle, Kyle tried to lift the axe, but despite applying full strength, the damaged axe remained motionless on the stall.

Kyle’s expression changed slightly; the weight of the damaged axe far exceeded his expectations!

After all, he possessed strength ten times that of a human! With just one hand, he could exert over a ton of force, easily lifting even a two-meter-long stone!

“Ah, Mr. Kyle, I forgot to mention this to you. This axe is unusually heavy, even the stone people known for their brute strength can’t move it. It requires a transport Spaceship for relocation,” Enri said apologetically.

“What kind of twisted lifeform uses such a heavy axe?” Calvin exclaimed in surprise.

Enri said seriously, “That’s why I set such a high price, even if it doesn’t sell. Based on my years of expertise, the previous owner of this axe might really be some higher lifeform that might claim to be a god.”

Taking a deep breath, Kyle gripped the handle again with both hands.

“Mr. Kyle, you really can’t lift this axe. I can use the Spaceship to transport it back for you,” Enri suggested upon seeing this.

“I’ll give it a try.” Holding the handle firmly, Kyle’s expression remained calm. He pressed his feet solidly onto the ground, and the sturdy muscles of his tall and imposing body swelled, causing the leather jacket to stretch taut.

With both hands exerting force, the remaining axe handle trembled slightly. Then, to the astonishment of Enri and the others, it was slowly lifted off the ground.

He only managed to raise it half a meter before losing his grip, and the axe handle fell back heavily onto the stall, emitting a deep explosive sound. Dust billowed up, and the cement floor underneath collapsed, forming an axe-shaped depression.

“This is too terrifying,” Calvin muttered in astonishment, his fur standing on end. Was this thing really a weapon?

But the most shocked person on the scene was Enri.

She was well aware of just how terrifyingly heavy the axe was. The fact that Kyle was able to lift it even slightly indicated that he possessed incredible strength.

“Could you please use the Spaceship to transport it?” Kyle said somewhat helplessly.

He felt like he was holding not a mere axe, but a fallen star from the dawn of time.

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