IMUC-Chapter 167 Treasure Hunting

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Within Kyle’s field of vision, the strange items on the stall began to display their corresponding Item Card messages.

【Black Beast Bone Fragments】: Remains of the ribcage of the Black Beast. White Item Card.

Nearly two thousand years ago, the remains of the ribcage of the indigenous life form, the Black Beast, from star 020 in the X Galaxy, began to emit black light due to its consumption of dark plants over time.

Current Status: Item for sale by others, unable to extract.

This was the message for the item the old man claimed was remains from an ancient race on his stall.

And it wasn’t just this item. Kyle’s gaze moved downward.

【Dragon Frog Mucus】, 【Fragmented Star Ingot】, 【Minotaur Feces】, 【Hart Crafts】…

Within a three-meter range, the color gradations and detailed messages of the item cards were clear.

“This is…” Kyle was taken aback.

It turned out that there were not only ownerless items. Items that still had owners could also have their corresponding card messages displayed when put up for sale. The only difference was that they couldn’t be extracted!

Kyle squinted a little while calming his emotions. He casually pointed at two dark and unassuming pieces of ore on the stall and asked, “What are these?”

When the stall owner heard the question, he hurriedly set aside the Black Beast Bone Fragments he was promoting and looked at Kyle with admiration. Excitedly, he said, “You truly have an eye for treasures! You’ve even managed to spot the most potentially valuable items in my stall!”

Kyle was slightly surprised, but the old man’s next sentence made him feel that his worries were unnecessary, “These are the black stones formed during the universe’s creation! They contain mysterious energy and are incredibly hard. They can’t even be melted in a furnace at a temperature of three thousand degrees…”

“Nonsense, they’re just two pieces of random rocks from an unknown star region!” Calvin exclaimed with a bit of frustration. The old man stall owner rubbed his nose a bit embarrassedly and hopefully said, “If you’re interested in buying, I’ll give you both for five thousand.”

“Five thousand? These rocks…” Calvin’s words were cut short as Kyle nodded next to him, resolutely saying, “I’ll take them.”

Calvin’s expression froze.

The old man stall owner hesitated for a moment, then quickly packaged up the two stones, his face beaming. “Deal!”

“Mr. Kyle, you’re not actually going to buy this stuff, are you?” Calvin exclaimed, looking at Kyle in disbelief.

Kyle nodded before he snapped his fingers, and said with certainty, “Pay up, take the goods, and let’s go.”

Calvin hesitated to speak but eventually sighed helplessly. He picked up the packaged items and paid with cash.

“Thank You, Feel free to come back anytime.”

The old man stall owner’s words came from behind with a chuckle. Calvin caught up with Kyle, carrying the items, looking somewhat perplexed. “Mr. Kyle, why did you buy two pieces of worthless rocks?”

“I like the look of them,” Kyle shrugged, feeling so amused he almost burst into laughter.

The stall owner, Calvin, and everyone else thought he had made a loss. In reality, only he knew how much benefit he had gained for free.

【Fragmented Star Ingot】: Exceptionally rare metal mineral. Rare Blue Item Card.

A metal ore formed from the mutation of a planet’s core in an unknown region. Extremely durable and virtually indestructible, it can be used to forge weapons and tools, possessing the trait of Starsharp.

Starsharp absorbs dark matter energy from space, emitting a meteor-like strike.

“An ordinary metal ore reaching the Rare Blue Grade, even a level higher than vibranium metal. Imagine the strength of the equipment it could make. It’s a pity that with just these two small pieces, I can’t even forge a dagger.” Kyle felt a bit regretful, but soon he chuckled silently to himself. After all, he had obtained such great benefits for a bargain.

One shouldn’t be too greedy!

“The Extracting Card System is capable of identifying all items. For me, the Sakaar black market is a shopping paradise!” Kyle looked at the alien stalls before him as if they were treasuries waiting for him to unlock.

Everyone else was blind as they did business; only he had his eyes wide open, able to spot the gold amidst the vast sands!

Next, Kyle entered a state of fervent shopping. He would stop at every stall, ignoring the stall owners’ promotions and Calvin’s persuasion. It was as if he was following his own heart, buying whatever caught his eye.

In no time, after visiting most of the stalls in succession, Calvin’s small frame was almost crushed under the weight of the purchased items. He looked at his wallet, which was gradually thinning out, with a face full of resentment, trailing behind Kyle.

Kyle, on the other hand, remained expressionless, his footsteps showing no signs of stopping, and he seemed ready to continue.

At this point, the stall owners and the residents wandering about the black market also realized that a big spender had arrived— someone who was “rich and foolish.”

Their eyes turned to Kyle and Calvin, holding an indescribable sense of amazement and intrigue within them.

“Mr. Kyle, isn’t that enough for today? I’m running out of the 70,000 in cash I had with me,” Calvin sighed with a mournful expression. His hands were full of crumpled paper bags filled with packaged items, and his backpack was bursting at the seams.

To others, these were all seemingly useless alien junk, and paying thousands or tens of thousands for items with depthless value could only be described as being “rich and foolish.”

Kyle pondered for a moment and then relaxed his stance, saying, “Yeah, let’s check out one last stall.”

“That’s what you said,” Calvin breathed out a sigh of relief after hearing those words.

Since it was the last stall, Kyle glanced around and spotted a stall that seemed deserted and he quickly walked over.

As soon as he approached within three meters, his thoughts stirred slightly, and the relevant card messages appeared before his eyes.

In almost an instant, Kyle’s pupils contracted, and he stared fixedly at an item, unable to look away even for a fraction of a second.

At this moment, even with his strong and resilient mindset, he was shaken to his core!

Maintaining an appearance of calm, Kyle crouched down and gazed at it intently from a close distance.

The item was quite large, resembling a massive axe. Both sides of the blade had completely broken off, leaving only a one-meter-long handle with ancient carvings and half of a pointed tip at the end.

This damaged axe had a simple and unadorned dark gold color, with tiny traces of coagulated golden bloodstains.

“Kid, you’re putting up this item for sale without even cleaning off the bloodstains. Did you pick it up from a pile of corpses?” Calvin grumbled in dissatisfaction.

The guarding stall owner was indeed a skinny, pink-skinned alien child. He nervously said, “I did clean it, but the blood couldn’t be wiped off. My sister said that this is the blood of a Celestial.”

“Celestial,” Calvin sneered.

Everyone knew that Celestials were ancient cosmic beings, even more ancient than the Cosmic Elders. They took on many forms— human, beast, a whole planet, even intangible thoughts.

So, as long as there was a connection to a Celestial, it greatly elevated the item’s value.

“How much is this selling for?” Kyle asked calmly.

The pink-skinned child extended a finger and gritted his teeth as he said, “My sister said, the minimum is One Million.”

“One Million?” Calvin was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh. “I finally understand why no one’s been coming to your stall. One Million? Are you trying to rob people?”

“Fine, I’ll take it,” Kyle said without a hint of hesitation, his voice deep.

Even if it was One Million, Ten Million, or Thirty Million, he would buy it without hesitation—

This battered axe was a genuine divine weapon!

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