IMUC-Chapter 169 Asgardian

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Using the Spaceship, Enri transported the damaged axe to Kyle’s hotel before returning to the exchange center.

The various items purchased in the black market were scattered haphazardly on the room’s table, indicating that the owner had no intention of organizing them.

Kyle sat alone on the bed, holding an Item Card emitting a rich purple glow between his two fingers. His eyes revealed a complex meaning as he fell into deep contemplation.

**[Unnamed Battle Axe]**: Severely damaged unnamed one-handed battle axe. Rare Purple Card.

The material of the axe head was a combination of Uru and the waning core of a planet, while the handle was crafted from the wood of the World Tree. It was a one-handed battle axe forged with exquisite craftsmanship by the Dwarf clan.

The original battle axe could be summoned by the owner and channeled with the user’s energy, unleashing explosive strikes that could cleave mountains and earth. However, it was now severely damaged and had lost all its original functions.

Having been stained by the blood of ancient cosmic monsters, gods, and other celestial beings, it carried a potent aura of threat towards lesser lifeforms and an indelible aura of malevolence that could easily affect the user’s sanity.

This was the detailed information about the damaged axe, and it was the primary reason why Kyle was so captivated by it.

Even in its severely damaged state, the unique and rare materials alone were sufficient to maintain a Rare Purple item grade!

This one-handed battle axe, before it was damaged, was undoubtedly beyond the purple category and was a divine tool that must have reached the Orange Grade!

Of course, finding a damaged divine weapon alone wouldn’t be enough to occupy Kyle’s thoughts for so long. The key was the message data brought about by this damaged axe.

“Divine metal Uru, World Tree, Dwarven craftsmanship… the materials and crafting techniques of this axe are too similar to Thor’s hammer. It’s almost as if they were forged simultaneously,” Kyle mused.

The similarities between the damaged axe and Thor’s Hammer were too many. Even some of their functional characteristics were consistent. He wouldn’t believe that this damaged axe didn’t originate from Asgard, even if you beat him.

“Asgard,” Kyle muttered as he stared at the Item Card of the damaged axe, his eyes filled with longing and anticipation.

Initially, when he had decided to leave Earth and venture into the galaxy, the first thing that came to his mind was Asgard, the place inhabited by the Asgardians.

The Asgardians were now the top-tier, ruling race of this universe!

Their lifespan extended for thousands of years, and they were mentioned in Earth’s Norse mythology. The Bifrost Bridge allowed them to traverse the universe freely, and they had the ability to wield Divine Weapons.

While their appearances didn’t differ that much from humans, their physique and mind qualities far surpassed humans in every aspect, mastering extraordinary abilities related to thunder, death, and other natural laws.

They were true “Gods”!

Unlike the original Celestials born at the beginning of the universe, Kyle believed that the Asgardians were one of the most evolved higher intelligent races in the Marvel universe.

They were also likely one of the potential directions of development for humanity.

Compared to the Dark Elves, Kyle was more interested in obtaining Asgardian physique Ability Cards!

Choosing Ability Cards that affected one’s physique required great caution. Up until now, Kyle only possessed two physique Ability Cards: **[Healing Factor]** and **[Super Soldier]**.

For these types of Ability Cards, it wasn’t about quantity but about how well the genes matched.

For example, the alien physique Ability Card of the bug-eyed aliens was of Blue Grade, which meant that Kyle could naturally extract it.

But once extracted, along with gaining the innate abilities of the bug-eyed alien race, his genetic makeup would also be altered to incorporate aspects of the bug-eyed aliens, possibly leading to larger eyes and skin similar to their bluish-brown complexion.

“Asgardians are like a divine version of humans in terms of appearance and abilities. Their physique Ability Card should be the most suitable one to fuse with **[Super Soldier]** at the moment,” Kyle clenched his fists while muttering to himself.

Upon reaching Planet Sakaar, Kyle had reluctantly given upon obtaining an Ability Card for Thor’s race. He had decided to play it safe and search for another suitable race to replace it over the past five months.

And it was until this point in time as the damaged axe acquired from the black market had rekindled his hope!

“Being able to produce a one-handed battle axe from the same series as Thor’s Hammer, and using it to battle ancient monsters and Celestials… the owner of this axe must undoubtedly be of the Asgardian race.”

Kyle’s heart trembled slightly, and an inexplicable excitement surged within him. He thought, “Six months ago, this damaged axe fell here. Is it possible that the person who owned this axe hasn’t died and is still alive on this planet?”

Though it was merely a hypothesis, it was enough to make Kyle willingly dedicate all his efforts to investigate.

If his search was successful then stealing the Asgardian physique Ability Card would be the ultimate transformation in every aspect, a transformation into a being akin to a god, equal to a deity!

Before Kyle could fully emerge from his contemplation, dynamic music suddenly resounded from outside the hotel window. Enormous soundwaves formed tangible waves that beat against his eardrums.

“What’s going on?” Kyle furrowed his brows slightly. He retrieved the Item Card back into the Card Space, got up from the bed, and walked to the window.

Outside the window, at the heart of Sakaar City, the massive central building’s panels projected a hologram that transformed into a hundred-meter-tall projection of the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster’s appearance bore a resemblance to a human, appearing as a white-haired middle-aged man.

He wore luxurious attire and spread his arms in a welcoming gesture, overseeing the entire Sakaar City. Amplifiers spread throughout the streets conveyed his words:

“Dear residents of Planet Sakaar. Today marks the prelude to the championship duel. I welcome you to the arena to witness the most passionate, brutal, and intense life-and-death battles!”

As his words fell, passionate music echoed throughout every corner of Sakaar City. Meanwhile, various alien beings on the streets cheered and frolicked, celebrating a major holiday. They swarmed towards the central building’s arena in eager anticipation.

Kyle opened the door, and Calvin in the lobby appeared lively, leaping and running to his side.

“Mr. Kyle! The championship duel of Planet Sakaar is starting!”

Calvin shouted, his animal face brimming with excitement. His squirrel-like white tail swayed incessantly as he explained, “This is a grand event personally organized by the Grandmaster— He enjoys collecting strong individuals from various corners of the universe and pitting them against each other in one-on-one battles to the death. Only the victor who becomes the champion will earn their freedom! It’s the favorite event of the planet’s residents!”

“Collecting strong individuals from across the cosmos… alright, let’s go take a look.” Kyle nodded in agreement, developing an interest in the arena.

He had a premonition that perhaps within this arena, he might find the clue about the damaged axe’s owner that he was seeking.

In a future where even Hulk and Thor had participated in championship duels, there was little that could be deemed impossible.

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