IMUC-Chapter 164 Disturbance

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In Sakaar City, peculiar advanced structures stood like trees in a forest and small patrol Spaceships occasionally flew low over the city, casting their lights down and creating elusive shadows.


A semi-transparent figure of pale color moved like a bloodthirsty beast concealed in the darkness. Using the rooftops of various buildings in the main city as stepping stones, the figure agilely jumped and leaped, its feet clinging to the walls, swiftly heading towards the outskirts of the city.

Below, aliens reveled in laughter and chatter, and supervising guards on the patrolling Spaceships above remained oblivious to this scene. Even those within about ten meters of the figure only felt a passing breeze and shadow, and it was as if it were an illusion caused by daytime fatigue and evening drowsiness.


At the border between the inner and outer city areas, atop a three-story building, a five-meter-tall lamppost shook a little, casting a lengthened reflection of a humanoid figure downwards.

Balancing on the top of the lamppost, Kyle stood tall and proud, facing the evening breeze. His sharp, eagle-like eyes were cold and piercing. Through the vibranium mask of Black Panther, he sought out the traces of his target.

“Found you.” His gaze stopped, and Kyle exerted a slight force on the lamppost. The lightbulb below couldn’t withstand the pressure and burst, causing the lights on the rooftop to dim and a dark figure plummeted from above in a dive toward the target ahead.

In the outer city area of Sakaar, between buildings with only a two-meter-wide alley, darkness reigned supreme.

Three aliens of different appearances and features were draped in black cloaks, lurking in the shadows of the nighttime alley. They leaned against the walls as if waiting for someone.

“I’m back,” The big-eyed creature said as it walked into the alley, its hands in its pockets.

One of the aliens, tall and thin with a bamboo-like figure, walked quickly to the mouth of the alley and surveyed the area before shaking his head toward the others behind him.

“Igu, what about those two targets you mentioned? Did they escape?” Another big-eyed creature with wide eyes asked with a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

“Don’t blame me for this. Who would have thought they’d settle down in a hotel in the inner city area?” Igu, another big-eyed creature, was equally frustrated, his eyes darting around.

After finally pinpointing the best targets for tonight— a genetically modified low-tier white bear and a seemingly low-powered human lifeform who had enough funds to stay at a hotel— they had slipped away.

“Well, in that case, let’s call it a night a bit early,” Night Owl, who stood at the back of the alley and had remained silent all along said, seemingly uninterested in wasting time.

“Igu, you should have informed us earlier so that we could have intercepted them in the outer city area before they stored their items,” The big-eyed creature who seemed to be the leader of this group scolded.

He looked respectfully and fearfully at the woman covered in a black cloak from head to toe. He then added in a softer tone, “Night Owl, you can go back now. You came all this way just to make a wasted trip tonight.”

Night Owl nodded slightly and, tiptoeing, moved forward. The two big-eyed creatures and the tall and thin alien leaned against the alley wall, creating enough space for her to pass.

As she was about to leave the alley, Night Owl’s brow furrowed, feeling a sudden chill down her spine. She could sense an indescribable sense of fear rising within her, accompanied by an oppressive feeling. Forgetting about maintaining her elegance, she rolled to the side instinctively, urgently shouting a warning:

“Be careful!”

The words had barely left her lips when a tall and muscular human figure in black descended from above. His feet landed heavily where Night Owl had been standing, without any hint of cushioning.

His overtly aggressive intent was palpable, cracking the hard ground beneath him slightly as he attacked. The area surrounding him was thrown into chaos, causing the nearby onlookers’ expressions to change dramatically.

“Who’s there!?” The big-eyed creature leader swiftly questioned, trying to buy enough time for a response.

Kyle had no intention of being verbose with them. He swiftly extended both fists like lightning, the whistling wind accompanying the power-packed punches. With tremendous force, the punches landed on the big-eyed creature leader and the tall, thin alien who had been reaching for their weapons.

Both of them screamed as they were sent flying, crashing into the wall behind them with no suspense. They sank slightly into the wall upon impact, accompanied by a deep, resounding thud that reverberated outward.

“Such strength! If I hadn’t dodged, I would have been severely injured just now.” Night Owl continued to roll away, increasing the distance between them. As she got up, she stared at her wailing ‘companions,’ and was secretly shocked. “He’s crazy! He dares to act so recklessly in the city— doesn’t he know it will attract the supervising guards?”

“Your physical defense resistance is decent.” Withdrawing his fist, Kyle glanced coldly at the two aliens.

Taking a punch from him was akin to testing if they possessed physical attributes exceeding human capabilities and robust lifeforce.

But that was where it ended. From the moment he took action, he had decided to settle this quickly!

Kyle was about to follow up with an attack, intending to take out the two already wounded aliens. Suddenly, he became aware of something and looked up. A pale blue energy erupted at close range, generating a ripple-like impact that spread through the narrow space of the alley.

With no way to dodge, Kyle pushed his forehead forward, using it to collide with the energy wave—

The instant their contact occurred, there was a sizzling burst of blue arcs in the middle of the alley.

An electric pulse?

Tendrils of electric arcs wound around his body, causing a tingling sensation throughout and temporarily immobilizing his body. He fell flat on the ground, and his body stiffened.

“Who the hell are you?” Igu clutched an electric pulse rifle, glaring at the motionless Kyle on the ground, his eyes full of hatred, as if he wanted to devour him.

Kyle didn’t respond. He remained still, as if unconscious from the shock.

“Quick, kill him and get out of here. If we don’t leave now, the guards will be here soon,” Night Owl urged calmly. If it weren’t for her prior interaction with this small group, she would have left on her own a long time ago.

Engaging in combat within Sakaar City and being discovered by the guards was not child’s play!

“Yes, you’re right.” Igu nodded in a panic, aiming the electric pulse rifle at the fallen Kyle. The blue light slowly began to glow, and energy converged towards the infant fist-sized muzzle.

Just before the electric pulse rifle was about to fire, beneath Black Panther’s vibranium mask, Kyle’s closed eyes snapped open. With extraordinary reflexes, he rose and swiftly delivered a powerful kick that struck the front end of Igu’s weapon.

The barrel of the rifle was knocked upward, causing the blue energy beam to pass through one of Igu’s large eyes. Clutching his wound in pain, Igu groaned and rolled on the ground.

The energy beam continued upward, bursting out of the alley, and released a blue electric wave in the low sky, shining as brightly as fireworks in the night.

“We’re done for!” Night Owl looked at the electric wave in the sky above, her eyes beneath the cloak filled with fear. “We need to leave this place immediately. If we don’t, we’re completely finished!”

Meanwhile, Kyle stomped on Igu’s other large eye, causing sticky fluid to stain the floor and his shoe sole.

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