IMUC-Chapter 163 The Hunt Begins

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With a calm expression, Kyle left the exchange reception room, now carrying a transaction card containing Ten Million and Twenty-Two Thousand Planet Sakaar currency, the business card of the exchange manager, and a small note discreetly slipped to him by Enri.

Coincidentally, Calvin had also finished negotiating the entire bag of garbage with the receptionist. Carrying the reward as if it were a fortune, he walked out of the service window and discreetly waved his claw towards Kyle. “Mr. Kyle, look at this!”

Kyle walked over, and Calvin’s claw grabbed his pants leg. In a hushed tone, Calvin urged, “Let’s go, quickly leave this place.”

“Hmm?” Kyle was puzzled and glanced around and he immediately understood why Calvin was behaving in this way.

In the waiting area of the exchange, several aliens were discreetly monitoring them, including the large-eyed creature that had tracked them in the outer city earlier.

Leaving the exchange building with Calvin, Kyle asked in surprise, “Didn’t you say we’re not allowed to rob in the city?”

“We’re not allowed. But that big-eyed creature belongs to a criminal group. Some of the alien members there have racial talents that make them very difficult to deal with. Once they lock onto a target, they’ll conduct raids or thefts in the weakly guarded outer city,” Calvin said while feeling extremely cautious. His eyes glowed a faint green in the darkness as he entered a vigilant state.

Calvin hadn’t exchanged the high-pressure laser guns; he still carried them as defensive weapons.

“It’s simple then. We just have to stay in the inner city and not go out,” Kyle suggested.

“What are you saying? I’ve already told you that staying in the inner city’s hotels is too expensive. Plus, there’s a curfew after midnight,” Calvin shrunk his neck, clutching his inflated waist pouch, and weakly said, “Don’t even think about taking money from me.”

“How much did you get for all that junk?” Kyle asked curiously.

Calvin smugly lowered his voice and said, “There was a lot of good stuff in there. I got over 70,000 Planet Sakaar currency.”

A scavenger risking their lives outside in the wild would earn less than 10,000 Planet Sakaar currency on average in a day. Over 70,000 was like a pie falling from the sky.

Kyle fell silent. He had Ten Million on him, and before leaving Earth, he had brought the three molded Kryon pieces that Howard had rushed to create.

That would mean Thirty Million…

Seeing the Advanced Hotel near the Central Building, Kyle didn’t think too much. He casually picked up Calvin, who was right beside him and headed towards it.

“Mr. Kyle, what do you want to do? Don’t go there!” Calvin let out a desperate wail, struggling in Kyle’s hands. He watched helplessly as Kyle walked through the hotel’s entrance.

“Hello, gentlemen, would you like to book a room?” The tall-necked alien receptionist was taken aback, giving a glance at Kyle and the nearly dizzy Calvin beside him.

“Book a suite with a double room,” Kyle calmly said.

Hearing his words, Calvin shuddered, groaning in pain, “No! Treat me like a pet and get a single room!”

The respectful receptionist nodded and said, “We charge on a weekly basis here. The double room is 100,000, and there are options at 50,000. Single rooms are 30,000 and 20,000, and the prices are reasonable.”

Calvin’s heart trembled when he heard this. The prices were cutting straight into his heart.

Kyle, on the other hand, remained calm. He nodded and confirmed, “The 100,000 one.”

“We’re done for,” Calvin despaired, clutching his pouch tightly.

Kyle chuckled inwardly, taking out his transaction card from his pocket and swiping it to pay. A cheerful *beep* sound indicated a successful payment, leaving Calvin utterly dumbfounded.

Receiving the room key, Kyle carried the stiffened Calvin and headed upstairs in the elevator.

Outside the hotel entrance, the big-eyed creature wore an equally bewildered expression, only able to watch as the two checked into the inner city hotel.

He had originally formulated a plan to gather a few skilled members and try their luck in the familiar outer city areas. He hadn’t expected that the other party would stay directly in the inner city.

“Damn it, their earnings from the wilderness today were unexpectedly high. They inflated and stayed in an inner city residence— that was supposed to be my money!” The big-eyed creature gritted its teeth, angrily muttering to itself in frustration.

Near the residence of Grandmaster in the inner city, combined with the densely-packed surveillance Spaceships, anyone daring to make a move in the inner city had to be prepared for a life-or-death duel in the arena.

With a resigned sigh, the big-eyed creature could only depart from the street outside the hotel. Another hour and the entire city would be under curfew.

Unbeknownst to it, on the fifth floor of the hotel, a pair of sharp, slightly cold eyes watched it as it left.

On the fifth floor of the hotel, in the living room of the double suite.

“Mr. Kyle, I really didn’t expect that you were so wealthy,” Calvin said, still in a somewhat dreamy state. He sat comfortably on a blanket on the floor, his bright eyes fixed on Kyle standing by the window.

“We’ll talk tomorrow. Tomorrow, you’re going to be my guide and help me explore and understand Planet Sakaar better,” Kyle said coldly, returning to his own room and closing the door behind him.

“This guy, where is he really from? He is powerful and decisive in action, but… he is a bit aloof,” Calvin propped up his chin, giving his assessment.

In the spacious room, Kyle tossed his backpack onto the bed, quickly took off his hoodie and jeans, and with a wave of his left hand, he pulled out an Item Card, materializing it.

In the blink of an eye, a one-piece black skintight suit appeared on the bed. It was the combat uniform made during World War II, the same style worn by Captain America. It lay neatly spread out.

“Old Friend, it’s been a while,” Kyle sighed softly as he looked at his uniform. Since he had Venom, this Combat Uniform made by Howard had remained sealed within the Card Space. He hadn’t expected it would come in handy someday.

He picked up the combat uniform and began to put it on. Starting from his neck, he was soon enveloped by the snug-fitting suit. His perfectly toned physique revealed a streamlined muscle contour.

“No helmet.” Kyle touched his smooth chin, remembering something. He continued to draw cards in his mind. A beast-shaped black helmet materialized in his hand.

This was the apprenticeship gift presented by Black Panther King T’Chaka before their parting— an element of the Black Panther helmet, forged entirely from vibranium.

The Black Panther suit, a royal inheritance of Wakanda, was a crucial gift from T’Chaka, who had sent out the helmet as a representation of their intentions, even though it pushed the boundaries set by their ancestors.

Kyle had originally treated it as a collectible, but now it fits perfectly with his old combat suit, completing a set of real Combat Uniform.

And, surprisingly, both were in a dark hue color. With the Black Panther helmet paired with the black Combat Uniform, it gave him a somewhat savage and wild appearance.

Kyle tidied up in front of the room’s mirror and then opened the window. He leaned out, his palm pressing against the window sill. Swiftly, he leaped outside with graceful agility.

“Stealth Mode Activated! Climbing Mode Activated!”

Muttering to himself, Kyle stood on the exterior wall of the tall hotel building like a spider, running rapidly upward. He reached the top-level railing, came to a halt, turned around, and stood upright, looking down on the dazzling streets of the grand Planet Sakaar main city.

Just like a lone wolf, he prowled in the shadows, seeking his prey.

(The End of this Chapter)

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