IMUC-Chapter 165 Rare Purple Ability Card

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Regarding Igu, the large-eyed alien, Kyle had already considered dealing with and killing it while still in the outer city area of Planet Sakaar.

When he arrived on Planet Sakaar, Kyle initially wanted to understand the situation and rules here before getting involved in any conflicts prematurely.

However, Igu had continuously treated him as prey, hopping and taunting before him, glaring and mocking him, and even plotting conspiracies…

Such an alien, instead of leaving it for the future, it was better to take action and get rid of it early on, to prevent it from bothering him later.

With this thought, a slight coldness appeared on Kyle’s face. He kicked Igu’s stomach once more with all his strength, causing Igu’s body to deflate like a punctured ball and thud against the alley’s inner wall.

“Igu!” The leader of the large-eyed creatures hadn’t died yet. Witnessing this scene, his eyes filled with anger and his emotions overwhelmed him as he fainted.

“Now, it’s your turn.” Kyle lifted his gaze and took a step forward, preparing to take action. Suddenly, he turned his head to look at the entrance of the alley. The female alien who had been trying to escape was returning somewhat anxiously.

“Damn it, look at what you’ve done!” Night Owl’s angry whisper reached Kyle’s ears. He furrowed his brows, but soon he understood why she had come back.

From the sky above and the sides of the alley, intense daylight beams converged on the alley, focusing on Kyle and Night Owl, who were still standing.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Numerous small Spaceships hummed as they hovered above the alley, almost filling the night sky.

Outside the entrance of the alley, dozens of guards with laser weapons blocked the exit. The barrels of their guns, along with the intense lights, were aimed at Kyle and Night Owl within the alley.

Slightly larger than typical patrol Spaceships, these ones were equipped with various high-performance weapons and had a more advanced design. One of these Spaceships opened a broadcast speaker:

“Violators, you are surrounded! Please cease your futile resistance!”

“Because you have violated Grandmaster’s Fifth Law— fighting within the city limits of Sakaar City. I, the Chief Guardian, am here to arrest you and send you to the arena of life and death!”

“Seems like we’ve gone a bit overboard.” Under the pressure of the Spaceship’s laser cannons and the guards’ laser rifles, Kyle shrugged, standing his ground. On the other hand, Night Owl raised her hands in resignation and slowly moved toward where Kyle was.

“Hey. If we get caught, we’ll have a tough time in the arena. We might as well join forces.” Night Owl lowered her voice.

“Are you talking to me?” Kyle blinked in surprise. To this, Night Owl snorted, “Other than you, who else? In this situation, it’s only the two of us working together that stands a chance of escaping the guards’ pursuit.”

“No, I’m just a bit surprised. I did just kill your companions.” Kyle said curiously.

“They… weren’t my companions, and for the sake of survival, I can abandon anything.”

As Night Owl spoke, guards with guns reached the entrance of the alley. Anxiousness crept into her voice, “Decide quickly. If we delay any longer, we’ll both be finished.”

“I don’t mind.” Kyle nodded. Even though he was surrounded by an armed alien force, he had the means to easily escape. So, he didn’t appear anxious.

The reason he chose to stay was the identity of the female alien before him.

Kyle’s gaze fell on Night Owl, and the dazzling light emitted from nearly a hundred Ability Cards caught his attention. However, what made his heart tremble was a deep Purple Ability Card!

【Hybrid Dark Elf Gene】: A hybrid gene of the mixed-race Dark Elf. Rare Purple Ability Card (Half-Seal state).

The offspring of a Light Elf and a Dark Elf, with a lifespan of thousands of years like a typical Elf, and possessing robust vitality.

Inheriting magical power from both parents’ bloodlines, light and darkness interfere with each other, making it difficult to control their usage.

Current Status: The innate ability is in a Half-Seal state, unstable, and unable to be drawn.

“A Rare Purple physique-type Ability Card!” His fists clenched quietly as Kyle’s heart couldn’t calm down. This was the first time he had encountered a Rare Purple Ability Card!

Such Advanced physique-type Ability Cards, if obtained, could strengthen his body that had already reached a bottleneck. There was a good chance that it could solve the genetic issues he carried.

Even though the innate abilities of the Dark Elf before him were unstable and in an unextractable state, they still filled him with immense excitement!

Ignoring the time jumps experienced during his journey through the spacetime wormhole, considering the circumstances, this was only his first day on Planet Sakaar, and he had already encountered a member of a higher-level race suitable for long-term observation!

“By the way, the Light Elf race should be situated in the upper realm of Asgard. Why would they get involved with the Dark Elves from the lower realm?” Kyle muttered to himself, looking at Night Owl enveloped in her cloak. He made a decision in his heart, “As long as I ensure my own safety, I can help her escape from here.”

Night Owl wasn’t aware of the myriad thoughts running through Kyle’s mind. When she heard him express his willingness to cooperate, she took a deep breath and said, “Alright, that’s the plan. I’ll cast a spell to attract the guards’ attention as a distraction. You take the opportunity to break out, then…”

“No need.” Kyle interrupted her, watching the armed guards pouring in. He spoke aloud, “There’s going to be a big commotion soon. You seize the chance to leave on your own…”

After saying that, to Night Owl’s astonished gaze, Kyle suddenly accelerated, forcefully breaking through to the outside.

In just half a second, Kyle burst out of the narrow alley, springing off a guard’s face and using the momentum to leap high into the air.

“Stop him!”

Kyle’s reckless action undoubtedly angered the Chief Guardian on the Spaceship. With a command that echoed through the communicator, dozens of guards on the street aimed their guns at Kyle and simultaneously pulled the triggers.

Dozens of laser beams shot out towards Kyle, who was about to land. A faint smile curled at the corners of Kyle’s mouth. He bent his legs slightly, building up energy, and then stomped down heavily on the air beneath him.

Aerial Dash!

A tidal wave of energy erupted beneath Kyle’s feet. With the sudden burst of acceleration, his body disappeared from where he stood, leaving behind a series of circular ripples and afterimages. He crossed a distance of twenty to thirty meters, rushing towards a building’s wall and using its surface for wall climbing.

As Kyle stood upside-down on the exterior wall of the building, the lasers finally collided and exploded in the spot where he had been standing, producing a dazzling and radiant light.

“Chase him!” Kyle provocatively extended his middle finger toward the Spaceship in the sky. Then, without looking back, he sprinted and climbed away from this area of buildings.

“What kind of lifeform is this…” The guards and Spaceship pilots collectively felt baffled.

“Why are you standing there dumbfounded? Chase him! All of you, chase him!!” The Chief Guardian’s frustrated voice resounded through the communicator and Spaceship’s broadcast.

Nearly ten floating Spaceships immediately accelerated and ignited blue flames from their rear, embarking on a pursuit after Kyle’s receding figure.

“Who is that guy, really?”

Still within the alley, Night Owl was similarly confused. However, when she saw all the Spaceships giving chase to Kyle, she realized that this was a rare opportunity to escape. Hastily invoking a dark spell, her body was enveloped in a shroud of black mist, gradually fading from sight.

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