IMUC-Chapter 155 Night of Revenge

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As the sun set, the cold darkness of night descended upon the forest as expected. Only the lights from within the mansion spilled out, dispelling the night with an almost intrinsic faint halo.

Upon returning to the mansion, Kyle sat on a chair in the office on the second floor. Raina stood obediently beside him. With her telekinesis, she suspended a bottle of red wine above the table, pouring it delicately into a tall glass, and not a drop spilled out.

“So tell me, what’s the situation outside?” Kyle raised the glass to his lips and took a sip of wine while stroking Raina’s sleek black hair.

“Within a hundred meters of the mansion, there are nearly thirty people hidden in the forest. There should be even more beyond that,” Raina replied, her eyes half-closed like a contented cat.

“They’re probably getting impatient,” Kyle chuckled, placing his fingers on the tabletop and tapping rhythmically.

‘Dong, Dong, Dong…’

Like a countdown pendulum, the tapping suddenly halted and Raina’s eyes widened slightly as she spoke. “They’re here!”

Her words were followed by a continuous series of explosions outside the mansion. Over a dozen rocket shells, trailing their echoing tails, shattered the balcony window as they entered the room. However, just before detonation, they abruptly stopped.


Still emitting flames and smoke from their tails, the rocket shells halted mid-air upon entering the room, trembling as if a mysterious force had suspended them.

“Here you go.” With a silver gleam in her eyes, Raina blinked and waved her small hand. The rocket shells collectively spun around and rapidly followed their trajectory back outside, disappearing into the night beyond the mansion.

Following this, the deafening sound of exploding bombs resonated outside, accompanied by the blast’s shockwave, which rustled the curtains and carried faint screams.

It was like the opening of a war tonight, the onset of a swift assault!

After realizing that the joint team outside, attempting to assassinate Kyle, had been exposed, armed personnel emerged from the forest and swarmed into the mansion’s main building.


The mansion’s front door, the first line of defense, was breached by a high-explosive grenade. Smoke bombs were thrown in for cover as dozens of armed individuals clad in black combat uniforms, wielding blades or firearms, aggressively surged in.

Hearing the loud commotion from downstairs, Kyle remained unfazed. Leaning calmly against his chair, he raised his highball glass and took a leisurely sip of the red wine, savoring its taste.

Raina showed no intention of descending the stairs either. With her eyes closed, she used her willpower to scan for any alert coming from the second floor.

The second floor was her battleground. As for the first floor—


“What kind of monster is that!?”

“Kill him quickly…”

Explosions from grenades, the cacophony of gunfire, and the heart-wrenching cries barely began before they showed any signs of stopping. These sounds emanated from the ground floor lobby, filtering through the floor and the office door, reaching Kyle’s ears.

“Logan recently had Adamantium implanted into his body, so I thought I’d give his claws a good grind,” Kyle commented casually as he gently swayed his highball glass.

The look on his face remained indifferent as if he were a devil accustomed to the battles and deaths below. Amidst the fierce storm of slaughter sweeping through the atmosphere downstairs, he savored the red wine that resembled blood.

At this moment, on the first floor of the mansion:

The grand chandeliers swayed continuously, casting a hazy play of light and shadow amidst the already smoky room. The gruesome remains of over a dozen dismembered bodies lay strewn in pools of blood, scattered about on the floor.

The fatal wounds on the bodies were mostly on their necks and chests, they were simple and direct, resulting in instant death.

Accompanying the intense gunshots and screams were the deaths of more members of the joint team that breached the mansion. Their lifeless forms were scattered on the red carpet of the ground floor.

“What’s going on? Did that man take action?” Beads of sweat, the size of soybeans, trickled into the eyes of the tall Caucasian man as he muttered. He dared not even blink his eyes as he gripped the dark metallic finish of his assault rifle tightly.

He, as the small captain of this assault mission on Kyle, was one of the Hydra organization members and the leader of the direct breach of the mansion’s defenses.

In this impromptu assault, the target was the “Symbol of Peace.” The remnants of the Hydra organization were main participated in this mission, along with elite agents from the Soviet Red Room, warriors, and ninjas from the Imperial Japanese ninja organization.

All members were skilled in aggressive assaults! Yet now, upon entering the mansion’s ground floor, they were faced with a one-sided massacre by a single opponent…

“Symbol of Peace, is that you? Come out!” The small captain roared, slowly retreating as he approached the group at the mansion’s main entrance.

“You bunch of trash, you think you’re worthy of taking action against the Leader of the family?”

As a cold snort sounded as a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper-like hair burst forth from the smoke. His body generated a gust of wind as he moved at high speed, dispersing the smoke. Ignoring everyone else, he steadily approached the small captain.

“He’s here! Open fire!” The small captain’s sinister laughter echoed, and he cruelly pulled the trigger of his rifle, the barrel emitting continuous flashes of fire.

The ten or so armed personnel around him reacted swiftly, all aiming at Logan and opening fire. This instantly created a barrage of bullets.

With a sneer, Logan showed no intention of retreating. He charged forward, facing the hail of bullets head-on like a reckless brawler. In mid-air, three sharp and white metallic claws extended out of his blood-covered fists.

Taking countless bullets in his chest, Logan lunged at the small captain. The small captain’s malevolent grin turned into astonishment.

In an instant, there was a flash resembling a blade and the claws smoothly descended, severing the scorching rifle barrel and the small captain’s neck, creating a neat cut that gruesomely and cruelly bisected him.

Gritting his teeth, Logan let out a low roar like a beast. The bullets that had lodged in his body were quickly squeezed out by his controlled muscles, falling to the ground with a tinkling sound. The bullet holes in his body healed as though they had never existed.

“There’s another one, a monster that isn’t afraid of bullets…”

Someone gasped, and despair filled the eyes of the joint personnel in the ground-floor lobby.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the mansion, in the office:

Raina opened her eyes sensing something. She saw three ninjas dressed in all black, each carrying an Imperial Japanese sword on their backs. They moved like phantoms, swiftly infiltrating through the broken balcony windows.

The leader of the ninja team was a man with long flowing sleeves. His arm was clearly missing.

“Demon Kyle! I finally get to see you again.” The man’s voice was hoarse as if he had crawled out of hell. He used his one remaining arm to remove his face mask, and his sinister eyes fixed on Kyle, who was seated on the chair.

“Isn’t this Hojo Maru? What an old acquaintance like you doing here.” Kyle, who had been mostly indifferent until now, finally raised his head. He looked at the one-armed ninja standing in the room and smiled. “You didn’t die after all. You’ve come to give me your blade again?”

“Damn it!” Hojo Maru couldn’t help but curse, frustration apparent on his face. He had previously lost an arm to Kyle’s Carbonadium Sword even with Murasame in his hand during the battle at the Hojo Dojo.

It had been agonizing, and only through the use of hot iron and nerve-numbing poison had he managed to stop the bleeding and leave the area for treatment.

Unexpectedly, shortly after he had left the vicinity, the area around the Hojo Dojo had turned into an abyss, a massive pit that swallowed both his ninja team and a division of soldiers numbering in the tens of thousands.

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