IMUC-Chapter 154 A Kiss

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New York, Queens, near the outskirts.

As the sun descended in the west, the clouds in the western sky were dyed a deep red. The gentle breeze lightly caressed the hills and cement roads, causing the golden wheat fields on either side of the road to sway like waves on the sea.

Groups of farmers were laboring in the wheat fields, their sweat-drenched faces radiating contented happiness. Just after World War II had ended, people yearned for and cherished a peaceful and prosperous life even more.

The faint glimmers of sparks died out in the sunlight. In the middle of the otherwise empty road, a silver-haired young man had appeared. His hood covered most of his hair and face, and his tall figure was dressed in a stylish black leather jacket and jeans.

Whether it was his impeccable appearance or his cold demeanor, it easily caught the attention of the farmers.

Surveying the vast expanse of wheat fields around him, the silver-haired youth lowered his head and glanced at the residential building photo he held in his hand. His brow furrowed. Unexpectedly, even his spells seemed to be slightly ineffective due to some anomaly within his body. He hadn’t arrived at the exact location shown in the photo.

“Young Man, is there something we can help you with?” A middle-aged couple emerged from a nearby wheat field, their faces kind and friendly as they inquired with genuine concern.

“Excuse me, do you know where Peggy Carter lives?” The silver-haired young man raised the photo in his hand and showed it to the approaching couple, asking calmly.

“Peggy Carter?” The middle-aged couple’s expressions changed. They exchanged a glance and then looked at the silver-haired young man with slightly less warmth and a bit more caution.

The middle-aged man arched an eyebrow, gripped his farming tool a little tighter, and spoke with a slightly stern tone, “Who are you? Former military, I suppose? We’ve told you folks from the military countless times that Peggy won’t go back to her job.”

“I used to be in the military, but I retired a long time ago,” The silver-haired young man shrugged, not wanting to waste words on explanations. He kept it concise, “I’m a comrade of hers, and I’m about to leave New York, so I came to pay a visit.”

“I see…” The farm woman hesitated, and the man shook his head. He leaned the farming tool against the ground and declined, “If you’ve got something to say, just tell us directly. We’ll convey it for you. Peggy is recuperating and isn’t up for receiving guests.”

Being firmly turned away, the silver-haired youth didn’t seem upset. He nodded and asked, “I’m not sure who you two are…”

The middle-aged couple was about to reply, when suddenly, from not far behind, came a melodious and chilly female voice, “Mom, Dad, what’s going on?”

Wearing an elegant lady’s hat and dressed in a Western-style fitted casual suit, a woman walked with military posture, her hand holding a basket. She stood tall and straight at the corner of the wheat field road.

“Ah, Peggy, why did you come out?” The farm woman exclaimed and hurriedly approached the woman.

With a clatter, the man dropped his farming tool and followed the farm woman with a slightly nervous look on his face. He chided, “We told you not to go out…”

Both of them wore expressions of concern, which caused Peggy to smile faintly. She raised the basket and said, “I brought some food for you.”

“Have your brother bring out the food.”

The middle-aged couple chatted for a bit and as if suddenly remembering there was an outsider present, they reminded her in hushed tones, “By the way, someone claiming to be your former comrade is here to see you.”

“Comrade?” Peggy blinked in surprise. When her gaze fell upon the silver-haired young man standing about ten meters away, an icy, poised figure, she seemed to have been struck by lightning. Her delicate form trembled uncontrollably.

“Agent Carter, long time no see.” The silver-haired young man raised his head, revealing his strikingly handsome face concealed under the hood while a faint smile tugged at his lips.

“Yes, it’s been a while. Kyle,” Peggy struggled to conceal her emotions and spoke in a trembling voice.

“K-Kyle?” The middle-aged man repeated the name, and suddenly his eyes widened. He stared at the silver-haired young man with astonishment. “He, he’s the one?”

Peggy’s mother was equally shocked. “Symbol of Peace?!”

That title was an understatement. This is a Hero who belonged in the annals of war epics, a god-like figure.

“I apologize for the interruption. Could I borrow Agent Carter for a moment? I just want to say a few words and then I will leave,” Kyle spoke, his words gentle yet carrying a hint of undeniable authority and gravitas.

Amidst the vast expanse of the field, Kyle and Agent Carter walked side by side on a path adorned with flowers and grass. They walked in silence, aimlessly wandering.

Microscopically angling his gaze, Kyle’s eyes landed on Agent Carter. It had been a year since they last met, and it seemed like her figure had gained a touch of fullness. Her delicate face was adorned with minimal makeup; her lips were only painted with vibrant red lipstick, retaining her beauty and elegance.

A light chuckle escaped from Agent Carter as she broke the silence, “Seeing the amazed and admiring looks on my parents’ faces just now reminded me of two or three years ago when I first saw you. Back then, you were a rookie recruit who was almost kicked out of the training camp. Who would have thought that you’d become the military’s pride, a legendary role model, and a symbol of world peace.”

“Coincidentally, I also remembered that. At the time, you were observing and studying me and Steve like a hawk,” Kyle remarked with an unusual touch of humor, blinking his eyes.

“Who knows? Glorified Superheroes are essentially just rogues,” Agent Carter recalled with a hint of nostalgia, her cheeks tinted with a blush of embarrassment under the sunlight.

“That, well, it was all a misunderstanding,” Kyle muttered to himself, wondering how long he would be carrying the blame for Venom’s actions.

“By the way.” Kyle seemed to recall the scene from earlier and looked at Agent Carter gravely. “Why did you resign? Seeing how concerned your parents were, is your health deteriorating?”

“No, I’m just tired of military work, so I chose to return home for a peaceful life. My family tends to over-exaggerate their concern, that’s all,” Agent Carter replied expressionlessly, her eyes showing a hint of ripples.

“That’s a relief. Before Steve’s plane crash, he asked me to take care of you. If anything happened to you, I couldn’t leave peacefully,” Kyle chuckled lightly, and his words caused Agent Carter’s expression to turn dim.

She halted for a moment, then quickly turned her head, a mix of surprise and concern in her voice, “Leave? Where are you going?”

“I’m about to leave America, and head to a distant place,” Kyle stated calmly, his face serene, void of happiness or sorrow.

“When will you be back?” Agent Carter took a deep breath and asked.

“I don’t know, I might come back, or I might not,” Kyle replied with a faint smile. He looked at Agent Carter and spoke earnestly, “I’ve had Howard sign documents, transferring a million dollars to your personal bank account. You can formally withdraw it from the central bank. Also, after I go back, I’ll have someone inform Fury and Joseph to intervene if you encounter anything bad. The military won’t disturb you again. You can live whatever life you want.”

As he spoke, Kyle raised his right hand, two Life Increase Cards hidden from sight held between his fingers. He swung his hand forward, and the cards swiftly disappeared into Agent Carter’s body, immediately taking effect.

These two Rare Blue Life Increase Cards combined added Sixty Years to her natural lifespan. Considering Agent Carter’s longevity of over ninety years in the original movie, she would easily live into the mid-century of the next century.

The decision to give only Life Increase Cards was a well-considered one by Kyle.

The life Peggy Agent Carter desired was something Steve couldn’t provide, and he was even less capable of providing it.

It was a choice between continuing to wait indefinitely or living a peaceful, happy life as an ordinary person, and that depended on Agent Carter’s personal aspirations.

“I understand,” Peggy smiled faintly like a blooming rose in all its sensuality. She suddenly took a step forward, hugged Kyle, and pressed a light kiss on his cheek, like a dragonfly skimming the water’s surface. “Consider this my farewell gift.”

Kyle felt a fragrant breeze brush past him, leaving his face slightly moist. Peggy had already taken a few steps forward, her back to him as she said, “You can go now.”

“Take care.” Kyle touched the spot on his face where she had kissed him, nodded, and cast a spell to open a portal where he stood.

As he looked at Peggy’s retreating figure, an intense feeling suddenly surged within Kyle’s heart. This farewell might be the last time he would see this woman before him.

However, quickly pushing aside these tangled thoughts, Kyle decisively stepped into the portal.

(End of Chapter)

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