IMUC-Chapter 156 Burying the Enemy

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Kyle sat in the chair, accompanied by Raina standing by his side, facing off against three Imperial Japanese ninjas who had broken in.

“Your body does seem to have issues. That’s the way it should be. After all, Imperial Japan has paid such a heavy price. How can you just walk away unscathed?” A sinister smile crept across Hojo Maru’s face as he spoke.

His facial muscles twisted as he looked at Kyle, who appeared weak with his silver hair. With his remaining left hand, Hojo Maru drew the Imperial Japanese sword on his back. “Tonight, we shall use your blood to offer solace to the souls of the thousands of Imperial Japanese citizens…”

“Are you done with your nonsense, or are you going to start already?”

Letting out a bored yawn, Kyle showed no intention of taking action himself. He stretched his hand and rubbed Raina’s little head beside him, instructing her, “Go on, have some fun with them.”

Raina nodded slightly and took small steps forward. She positioned herself between the three drawn swords of the ninjas.

“Just her? Are you kidding me?” Hojo Maru’s mouth twitched as he looked at the small girl, his eyes filled with a mix of hatred and icy coldness. Rising within him was a burning anger tinged with humiliation.

No matter how you looked at her appearance, the one before them was an innocent and cute little girl, short and tender, completely devoid of combat abilities.

“Letting Raina take action against you is already showing you some respect.” Kyle chuckled. It seemed these ninjas had rushed here for revenge, yet they hadn’t grasped the situation…

“Attack together!” Hojo Maru’s gaze darkened as he stared at Raina and spoke in a cold tone.

The other two ninjas exchanged glances before they quickly nodded and then followed Hojo Maru. The three of them, as if rehearsed countless times, leaped forward with their swords.

At the same time, their hands turned into afterimages. After a series of booms, shurikens, needles, and other sharp, small throwing items were sent flying at bullet-like speed, forming the first deadly attack formation.

Seeing this scene, Kyle, who was sitting behind Raina, shook his head, as if he had already seen the outcome.

Raising her small hand forward, Raina’s cold silver eyes blinked. Her powerful brain focused, and her telekinetic abilities materialized. With herself as the center, a semi-transparent energy wave radiated outward. Even the space within the room rippled under its influence.

In an instant, a sense of time and space stagnation permeated the entire office— and an illusion seemed to take place. The shurikens and throwing items remained suspended half a meter in front of Raina.

The three ninjas, who had been charging forward, found their movements slowing down, becoming sluggish and stuck, unable to advance no matter how hard they exerted themselves.

“What’s going on?” Hojo Maru’s hand, holding the Imperial Japanese sword, trembled. He held his breath with difficulty. It was as if an invisible wall of air had isolated them from the room.

“Do not approach Boss again.” Raina’s pupils gleamed silver as she waved her hands outward. With a hum, the shurikens and throwing items, along with the three sword-wielding ninjas behind them, were all forcefully hurled backward. In mid-air, they tumbled over a dozen times before colliding with the second-floor balcony.

“It’s over.” Raina’s soft and innocent voice sounded like the command of a grim reaper. Driven by the invisible force of her will, Murasame floated in the air by her side. It transformed its inherent energy into a stream of light.

“No!” Hojo Maru’s eyes widened, his face twisted with ferocity.

He couldn’t accept it. He had traveled so far here, only to lie here as a corpse before Kyle even took action.

Murasame cut through the air, charging straight toward the trio on the ground. At the crucial moment, a flash of determination crossed Hojo Maru’s eyes. Swiftly and decisively, he extended his hand, grabbing a ninja behind him and using him as a human shield.


A cry of despair sounded as the ninja’s face showed hopelessness. He watched as Murasame raced towards him, easily piercing his chest and heart, its blade sinking in until the hilt.

“Damn it!” Hojo Maru growled, throwing the ninja’s corpse he held in his hand out onto the balcony. He roared into the night outside, “What are you waiting for?”

“Oh, more companions?” Kyle raised an eyebrow, taking a sip of his red wine. He wasn’t surprised by this development.

He lifted his head and saw several ropes connected to sharp darts embedded in the remaining balcony railing. Following the ropes, four black-clad female operatives of the Red Room, dressed in tight-fitting suits, swiftly descended onto the balcony beside Hojo Maru.

“Super Agents… the Red Room. Seems like they haven’t learned their lesson.” Kyle’s face carried a chilling edge as he spoke of these words.

Last time, they had shown their sincerity by offering Black Widow and the Infinity Formula and even spared Winter Soldier Bucky. As a result, Kyle had refrained from extensively destroying the Red Room organization’s base.

Now, it seemed that the Red Room’s officers had moved their base’s location, conveniently forgetting the past wounds.

“That settles it then— henceforth, the Carl Family’s lower-level Evolvers will focus on training against Hydra and the Red Room organization. Perfect, as the Red Room still possesses the serum of Super Agents.”

Kyle calculated for himself, while at this moment, Raina was already engaged in combat with the enemy’s six individuals within the office.

Gunfire, dart throwing, swords, and even the wooden tables and chairs within the room— all sorts of items created a chaotic storm, colliding and exploding as they clashed, sometimes hitting the floor and walls off-target.

Whether ninjas or super agents, their abilities were somewhere between Black Widow Natasha and elite soldiers, making them above ordinary humans.

Yet Raina, facing the six attacking individuals alone, remained calm and icy, her silver eyes showing signs of turning crimson.

“Get out of my way!” Hojo Maru roared, breaking through the defenses of the suspended items that surrounded him. He leaped forward, swiftly and accurately swinging his Imperial Japanese sword down towards Raina.

Raina raised her gaze coldly. A table lifted into the air out of nowhere, acting as a shield to block the sword strike. But Hojo Maru’s Imperial Japanese sword sliced through both the table and the air in a flash. The blade tip aimed straight for Raina’s fair neck.

As victory seemed within reach, a triumphant expression appeared on Hojo Maru’s face. Yet in the next moment, Raina agilely sidestepped. The Imperial Japanese sword missed her, only managing to sever a few strands of her black hair.

While Hojo Maru was still in mid-air, Raina’s hands seized his single-armed wrist that held the sword. She spun in place, forcefully slamming Hojo Maru’s body onto the floor.

“How is this possible?”

Hojo Maru’s mind blanked, and before he could react, he felt pain and let out a wail. Raina had swiftly and deftly taken the Imperial Japanese sword from his grip. In a fluid motion, she swung it backhandedly, slashing a deep, bone-revealing wound across his chest and blood gushed out like a fountain.

“This is the current Raina.” Kyle chuckled, feeling satisfied and pleased with Raina that he had nurtured.

Her telekinetic manipulation was overwhelmingly powerful— so powerful that enemies would mistakenly assume she excelled only in ranged attacks. What they didn’t know was that she also possessed the Superhuman physicality of a Super Agent and several fighting skills.

Raina, with all-encompassing abilities and no weaknesses, could easily replace Kyle and become the best candidate for ruling force in present-day Earth.

As Hojo Maru fell, the standoff on the second floor suddenly cleared up. Raina began to single-handedly massacre the remaining ninjas and Red Room operatives, driving them into a frenzy of escape.

“Don’t let a single one escape!” Kyle’s cold voice commanded as he emptied his glass of red wine, his gaze indifferent as he watched the retreating enemies.

Since they had come here to bid farewell, they might as well leave behind their lives and corpses, burying the grudges and enmities of this era in this place!

(End of Chapter)

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