IMUC-Chapter 146 Beneath the Gods

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In the end, Kyle agreed to half of Black Panther’s King’s condition.

That half meant that he would mentor T’Chaka in combat skills when the time was right, but only for a period of one to two months. After that, Logan, who mastered over a hundred fighting skills, would take on the role of combat instructor for further training.

Both the King and T’Chaka were curious about this arrangement. Kyle didn’t hide much and candidly revealed to them the situation about his Super Soldier body being corroded by nuclear radiation, leading to slow genetic mutation within him.

Learning this information, the King and T’Chaka immediately expressed their willingness to utilize Wakanda’s advanced medical technology to examine and treat Kyle’s body.

Kyle had initially considered declining, but he couldn’t resist Howard’s persuasion. Eventually, he underwent his third genetic diagnosis at Wakanda’s underground medical facility.

Wakanda’s medical personnel possessed advanced technology spanning generations. Their medical prowess had already reached a level comparable to the 21st century. Yet, even after a detailed examination of Kyle’s body, they were taken aback by the severity of his condition.

Nuclear radiation was not a natural occurrence. It represented the highest form of indiscriminate destruction, the ultimate weapon of the modern and future Earth.

As for genetic mutation, humanity still struggled to define it in simple terms. Genetic DNA mutation carried limitless possibilities. At its upper limit, it could elevate humans to the status of god-like higher lifeforms. At its lower limit, it could potentially reduce humans to lower lifeforms akin to apes.

Furthermore, the genetic mutation within Kyle’s body was uncontrollable, like a cosmic explosion. Under the onslaught of intense nuclear radiation, his genes were irreversibly reconfigured and transformed.

Without the constant suppression of his Healing Factor, his body, despite being ten times more perfect than a human’s, would have already collapsed.

“Unbelievable. It’s as if there’s a miniature sun’s energy hidden within you. While it grants you superpowers, your body cannot withstand the self-destructive force.”

“We’re powerless in this situation. If we want to stabilize your genetic structure, medical science has a long way to go.”

The medical personnel from Wakanda could only provide a “no cure” diagnosis. They specified the timeline for Kyle’s inevitable death: 213 days.

Roughly seven months, which was not far from Howard’s second diagnosis.

Upon hearing this devastating news, Howard’s expression turned sorrowful. He clenched his lips, unable to utter a word. Even the joy of having just forged initial cooperation in the field of technology with Wakanda had been shattered.

“Above Kings, beneath Gods,” Howard murmured in regret.

Kyle was only 24 years old!

At an age when most youths are in their prime, he had already retired as a War Hero who ended world conflicts. He was the Symbol of Peace of the era, a legendary figure loved and admired by countless people.

However, it seemed that he couldn’t escape the curse of war. The final confrontation’s nuclear radiation was propelling him toward his end.

No matter how powerful he was, he was still just a human, not a God. Ultimately, he couldn’t transcend certain things…

Upon learning this unfortunate news, both the King and T’Chaka deeply regretted it. They sighed, marveling at how the universe envied great talents.

“Don’t worry, you both better live longer. Maybe we’ll meet again in some era.” Kyle smiled. He was rather optimistic and calm about this. After all, he never expected the Wakanda of this era to possess the medical technology capable of saving him.

In the end, he had to embark on an unknown and distant journey through the universe’s vast expanse.

Since he had already made his choice and reached his resolve, despite his physical ailment becoming more apparent by the day, an intense fire seemed to ignite within his heart, making his spirit and beliefs even stronger.

He had overcome countless battles and obstacles. There was no reason he would succumb now.

For two consecutive days, Kyle and Howard stayed in Wakanda, witnessing T’Chaka’s coronation ceremony.

On the day T’Chaka became King, he immediately declared that the national research department would initiate preliminary technological cooperation with Stark Industry (the Carl Family). Howard, as the head of Stark Industry, signed the cooperation agreement with King T’Chaka, with Kyle and the old King witnessing this historic moment.

This marked Wakanda’s first break from its millennia-long isolation, taking the initiative to maintain favorable relations with external powers. It was a crucial foundation for the nation’s future openness to the world and integration with the global community.

During this period, Kyle timely mentored T’Chaka in combat techniques and then hurriedly returned to the United States with Howard.

With the technological cooperation established with Wakanda in the field, the tasks at hand inevitably multiplied for both of them.

Howard began using the vibranium provided by Wakanda to craft materials for the new element design. He was attempting to create energy devices that could accelerate and solidify.

Meanwhile, Kyle returned to the family estate. He continued the training of apprentices for the 【Super Agent】Ability Card, all the while processing and creating fixed teleportation gates tailored for the sorcerer organization.

Linking the family’s overseas turtle island base, Stark Industry tower in New York, and Wakanda in Africa via these fixed portals was an essential step in the Carl Family’s long-term development plan.

During ordinary days, Kyle would also refine the rules and regulations of the Carl Family, making various improvements. Apart from this, he rarely left the second floor of the estate, seemingly avoiding letting the family notice his unusual condition.

The Carl Family was now on the right track. The number of apprentice Card Holders or Evolvers was steadily growing. Even individuals like Logan and Raina were immersed in the role of daily instructors and supervisors. They didn’t notice the abnormality in their family leader, Kyle.

In this idyllic life, ten days swiftly passed.

Within the main building of the Carl Family estate, the first-floor hall was quietly tranquil. Only two young maids were diligently cleaning, busy with their tasks, meticulously clearing every speck of dust from the corners.

Within the main hall, a new portal existed. Its frame was made of pure metal, with a round control device as the doorknob. The portal reflected enigmatic lights and shadows within, faintly revealing the underground chamber of Stark Industry on the other side.

“Tap, tap…”

Accompanied by the slow approach of footsteps, one of the maids raised her head. She saw a beautifully dressed urban professional woman stepping through the fixed teleportation gate in high heels.

She wore a suit jacket as a top and a calf-length skirt below. Her blonde hair was elegantly tied up. Her every move exuded both competence and elegance.

“Hello, Mrs. Lucy.” The two maids greeted her sweetly, hastening to welcome her.

“How many times have I told you, don’t call me ‘Mrs.'” Lucy’s fair face turned slightly red. She placed her hands on her slender waist and gave the maids a pretended stern look.

“Understood, Sister Lucy.” One of the maids smiled and corrected herself. For them, Lucy was one of the higher-ranking individuals within the family who was easier to get along with and close to.

“Why is it so quiet today? Where is everyone else?” Lucy looked around in surprise. Usually, the apprentices were engaged in their practice and the training area was far from quiet.

“Wolf King, Scarlet Eye, and Black Widow took the apprentices to Afghanistan for some practical training,” One of the maids answered.

“And what about the family head?” Lucy inquired with anticipation.

In recent days, she had been diligently studying financial management at the Stark Industry Tower, preparing to take over the management of the Carl Family’s future funds.

All of this, of course, was for a certain someone.

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