IMUC-Chapter 147 Confession

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“The family head is in the second-floor master conference room and hasn’t left the estate for these past few days,” The maid answered respectfully.

Upon hearing this, Lucy couldn’t help but smile brightly. She pouted playfully, expressing her girlish nature, and said, “That war fanatic didn’t go out with Logan and the others?”

“But you know, this way it’s even better. We can have some quality time together.”

With eagerness, she was about to ascend the stairs. But she suddenly remembered something, and as if struck by an idea, she spun in place to display her attire and figure. She turned to the maid and asked, “Is my outfit today alright?”

Both maids nodded quickly. After a round of compliments, as if understanding Lucy’s concern, one of them added, “The family head will definitely like it.”

“That’s good then.” Lucy lightly patted her somewhat mature bust. Her already perfectly refined face, coupled with light makeup and a business suit, had lost a bit of her youthful innocence and gained some intellectual maturity.

“I’ll head upstairs now. Send some red wine and snacks up later.” Lucy instructed, before the maid could respond, she hastily rushed up the stairs, holding her dress.

The second floor of the estate, master conference room.

Lucy lightly knocked on the wooden door. From inside came a composed, magnetic male voice, “Come in.”

Swiftly opening the door, Lucy stepped into the room. Following the light, her gaze settled on a golden-haired young man wearing casual attire in the spacious room.

He stood by the vintage window, his back to the door. His tall and robust physique blocked most of the light from the window, leaving those who entered with a straight and chilly profile.

“Kyle.” Lucy affectionately murmured his name, her steps quick as she walked towards him. She wrapped her arms around his muscular waist, pressing her chest against his broad back.

“Lucy, you’re back.” Kyle’s voice was low as he reached back and held the girl’s hand in his palm.

“I couldn’t have gone anywhere else, could I?” Lucy chuckled, sticking out her pink tongue in a playful manner. She added with a hint of complaint, “If you hadn’t insisted that I manage the Carl Family’s finances, I wouldn’t have needed to take economic management courses in New York.”

“How are your studies?” Kyle asked showing a rare form of interest.

“Compared to the medical courses I used to study, it’s not that difficult. Moreover, while working at Stark Industry, I’ve had many colleagues who’ve taken me under their wings and taught me professional knowledge,” Lucy said softly.

“There are still many good people out there,” Kyle chuckled lightly, shrugging his shoulders.

Of course, they would look after her. Although Howard had stepped back from the forefront to work as a full-time researcher, he still held a position in the industrial spotlight. And Lucy, well, she was one of the key connections with a vibranium-like relationship.

“Stark Industry can operate independently. Keeping it that way is easy since the other businesses of the Carl Family aren’t expanding yet. Managing the finances, income, and expenses isn’t a big deal,” Lucy said with confidence.

“That’s good then. I can be at ease in the future…” Kyle squinted his eyes as he looked at the picturesque scenery outside the window. His words suddenly came to a halt, and he didn’t continue.

“What do you mean by ‘at ease’?” Lucy raised her head in confusion, prompting him to explain.

“It’s nothing,” Kyle seemed to want to gloss over the topic. But the more he tried to hide it, the more Lucy, with her keen perception, felt that something was amiss.

“It’s definitely not nothing. You’re acting strange today. Ah, Kyle, your hand!” Lucy was exceptionally surprised. She tightened her grip on Kyle’s large hand. She realized his hand was quite cold, far from the warm touch it used to have.

“Kyle, you’re keeping secrets from even me. What exactly happened?”

Under Lucy’s persistent questioning, Kyle let out a sigh, bracing himself. He took a deep breath, turned around to face her, and was ready to confess everything.

“Your hair…” Lucy’s beautiful eyes widened. Tremors ran through her body as she reached to touch Kyle’s temples. His golden hair had turned silver-white.

Yes. The once radiant and vibrant golden hair, like solidified sunlight, had naturally turned silver-white at the temples, it was as if vitality had been drained away from them, taking away their youthful vigor.

“Lucy, come over to the sofa. I’ll tell you everything,” Kyle said calmly.

When he woke up that morning and found his hair turned silver-white, he knew he couldn’t keep hiding it from the members of the Carl Family, especially Lucy.

Even though he could still manage to conceal it somewhat with Venom’s camouflage effect, his condition was deteriorating rapidly. There was no longer a need to hide it.

It was time to tell the members of the Carl Family about his genetic mutation and his plan to bid farewell and leave Earth.

Kyle wiped away the tear that had formed at the corner of Lucy’s eye. He embraced the trembling girl and sat down with her on the long sofa in the conference room.

“This matter starts in Imperial Japan, Tokyo…”

Kyle didn’t hold back anymore. He disclosed to Lucy everything about his genetic mutation, and his corresponding future plans, in meticulous detail.

“Genetic mutation directly threatens my life. I probably have a little over six months left. However, I won’t have much time left on Earth. I estimate that after about a month, I will… leave Earth and go to space!”

As Kyle finished speaking, Lucy in his arms had turned into a weeping mess. Her tears fell like pearls, wetting their clothes.

“Why did you hide such an important thing from us?” Lucy’s chest heaved rapidly, her voice choked with anger.

“Because I didn’t want you all to know that the seemingly invincible family head has turned into a genetic patient in critical condition,” Kyle said with a smile.

If his recent health crisis had been made public, the Carl Family probably wouldn’t have been able to stabilize so quickly.

Being overly concerned with gains and losses was a habit Kyle couldn’t change.

Lucy wiped the tears from her face. Her eyes were slightly red as she stared intently at Kyle and urgently asked, “If you leave Earth and go to space, are you confident you can find a way to cure yourself?”

“I can’t say for sure. The universe is vast and full of dangers. This path might be incredibly perilous.”

Kyle spoke about his concerns with a wry smile. He clenched his fists and his eyes glinted with determination as he added, “I’m afraid of dying, so I’ll fight until the very last moment. I won’t just die that easily!”

Lucy’s tears turned into a smile. After thinking for a moment, she asked, “If you survive and heal your body, how long would it take for you to come back, approximately?”

“I don’t know. Maybe ten years, fifty years, or even a hundred years.”

As Kyle spoke, he noticed Lucy’s eyes dimming, so he quickly added, “But no matter what, as long as I’m still alive, I’ll definitely come back!”

“I believe you.” Lucy nodded, her expression unusually serious, her gaze fixed on Kyle. She said with solemnity, “After you leave, I’ll wait for you here.”

“Whether it’s fifty years or a hundred years, I’ll keep waiting, all the way until death!”

The young woman spoke with unwavering determination.

(End of this chapter)

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