IMUC-Chapter 145 Mentor

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It’s a simple truth.

As for whether Wakanda wanted to reveal itself to the outside world or not, Kyle had no interest in that whatsoever.

What he wanted to discuss with the King was about technological collaboration between Carl Family and Wakanda.

The old King was intelligent and quickly understood Kyle’s intentions. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “So, this is a technological collaboration that won’t expose Wakanda’s secrets to the outside world?”

“Exactly.” Kyle nodded, and Howard eagerly looked at the King.

This was an opportunity to access the advanced realm of technology. With the support of Wakanda’s advanced technology, he believed that many of the black technology products that were still in the theoretical stage could be brought to the market decades earlier.

“So, what do you have to offer in collaboration with Wakanda?” The King’s expression grew solemn as he slowly asked, “I don’t underestimate your intentions. Stark Industry’ recently launched phones and computer products are genius works that transcend centuries. Although Stark Industry stands as a top tech company in the outside world, that alone isn’t a sufficient qualification for collaboration with Wakanda’s technology division.”

Kyle and Howard exchanged a glance, both breaking into smiles.

“Your Majesty, Stark Industry might not be on par with Wakanda in the realm of science, but we possess the technological treasures of the new era. We just lack the means to develop and manufacture them at the moment.” Howard’s face was radiant with a smile as he gave a precise response.

Even though he had witnessed Wakanda’s advanced technology, he still had confidence in his expertise in the field of science, along with the cutting-edge black technology he had mastered with Kyle’s assistance.

“Could you give a brief overview?” The King inquired.

“This…,” Howard hesitated, unsure of how to elaborate.

“How about letting Howard personally take you there to see?” Kyle defused the awkwardness.


The King hadn’t quite grasped it when he saw Kyle rising from his seat, his left hand adorned with a Sling Ring. He rotated his right hand in a circular motion, and flickering sparks ignited in front of him, forming a stable Portal.

In about five seconds, a portal took shape right in the main hall of the palace. Through the vibrant circular opening, the scene of a research lab on the other side could be seen.

Kyle smiled faintly, “This is a portal to New York, America. Your Majesty, if you trust us, you can use this portal to accompany Howard and witness the technological advancements we possess.”

“Incredible. Crossing space directly. Is this one of the technologies you’ve mastered?!” The King stood up in astonishment from his throne, moving closer to inspect the portal from left to right.

“This isn’t science; it’s magic,” Howard corrected, leading the way through the portal. “Your Majesty, we possess scientific technologies that Wakanda has never known. By entering this portal, I will take you to the research labs of Stark Industry.”

The King readily agreed and didn’t worry about this being a trap or a lie. He followed Howard through the portal, leaving the main hall of the palace.

Meanwhile, Kyle maintained the portal using his magic power and settled back into his seat in the main hall, patiently waiting for them.

Mutual understanding was a crucial premise for achieving lasting cooperation.

Kyle believed that the new element, which could serve as an unlimited power source, and the semi-artificial intelligence that had a foundation in intelligence, were two technological products that had the power to change the world. They would be enough to convince the King of Wakanda.

Ten minutes later, the King and Howard hadn’t returned yet. Suddenly, a call from the female guards outside the hall rang out, “Your Highness.”

Following this, the closed doors of the main hall swung open, and T’Chaka, dressed in a formal black suit, entered.

From his seat, Kyle looked up, noting that T’Chaka had only changed his attire, yet he exuded an air of grandeur. Despite his new outfit, he retained his robust aura and carried a sharp, regal gaze. He had a deep blue card similar to the King’s.

【Black Panther Heritage】: The power inheritance of the Black Panther. Rare Blue Ability Card.

In the Wakanda Royal Family, those who inherited the position of the King received the title of Black Panther. By consuming a Heart-Shaped Herb, Black Panther’s senses and physical attributes were greatly enhanced, granting them Superhuman speed, agility, strength, and endurance.

It was achievable through another potion to remove Black Panther’s power.

Current Status: Extraction not possible.

So, this was the effect of the Heart-Shaped Herb.

Kyle marveled at this. The inheritance of the Black Panther was giving him a physique not inferior to the Super Soldier just after injection.

The only drawback was that it wasn’t a complete mutation. It was just borrowing the power of the Black Panther’s legacy through the Heart-Shaped Herb. It couldn’t be enhanced through post-injection training. Natural aging and lifespan still applied, similar to ordinary people.

“Mr. Kyle. Why is it only you here? Where’s my father and your friend?” T’Chaka entered the hall and noticed only Kyle and he froze for a second before asking.

“They’re in New York.” Kyle pointed to the portal in the middle of the hall and briefly explained the situation.

“I see.” T’Chaka let out a breath of relief, approached Kyle, and took a seat next to him.

Kyle looked at him in surprise. “Aren’t you afraid of me? And how could you trust me so easily?”

“Of course, you’re the legendary hero, the Symbol of Peace.” T’Chaka nodded matter-of-factly, a smile playing on his lips. “Besides, even my father believes in you now. That proves my judgment wasn’t wrong.”

“Your father is a good King,” Kyle commented softly.

“Yes, he is, a good King and a good father.”

T’Chaka continued, with a hint of bitterness as he spoke, “I know. My father disregarded his aging body and challenged you so that people could recognize your strength and not rigidly oppose you based on regulations. He sacrificed his invincible glory today to lay the foundation for my ascent to the throne. He also planted a seed in the hearts of Wakandans— a seed that longs for the outside world and no longer resists outsiders.”

“T’Chaka, you are wise and intelligent. Under your leadership, the future of Wakanda might truly see the day when it opens up to the world and reveals all its secrets.” Kyle smiled.

“I hope so too. I hope that day comes soon.” T’Chaka took a deep breath as he spoke, his tone filled with ambition.

Just then, Howard and the King returned through the portal to the main hall.

“Father.” T’Chaka quickly stood up and approached. The King shook his hand and turned to face Kyle. “Since T’Chaka is here, on behalf of Wakanda, I’m agreeing to initiate preliminary technological cooperation with Stark Industry. Tomorrow, when T’Chaka formally becomes King, he will handle the arrangement for our collaboration.”

“Very well.” Kyle nodded. Although he had anticipated it, hearing the King’s words still brought some relief to him.

“But I have a condition, and I hope you’ll agree.” The King said gravely.

“What condition? Please, go ahead.” Kyle inquired.

“I hope you can serve as a mentor and teach T’Chaka combat skills when the time is right!” The old King said seriously.

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