IMUC-Chapter 141 Protector

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T’Chaka, being a prince and soon to inherit the throne of Wakanda, was morally and rationally inclined towards his own country’s royals and local residents.

If the current intruders were anyone else, T’Chaka would have unhesitatingly given the order to execute them according to the laws of the nation.

But the intruders happened to be none other than the Symbol of Peace, Kyle! One of the most untouchable individuals on this planet. Not to mention his influence and connections, his personal strength alone had placed him at the pinnacle of this world’s era!

Or rather, as symbols of both war and peace, the existence of the man before them represented an era.

“Kill him!”

“We must not spare outsiders!”

“What is the prince waiting for?”

Amidst the fervent cries of condemnation from the tribal royals, the Six Female Guards held vibranium spears, showing signs of launching an attack.

On the other hand, Kyle remained composed even under the crossfire. He stood at the edge of the ceremonial platform with Howard by his side, and behind them lay a hundred meters of cascading waterfall cliffs shrouded in mist.

“Wait for a moment. Let me think about how to resolve this matter,” T’Chaka clenched his teeth, his mind racing as he spoke.

He thought to himself, “If I simply let Mr. Kyle go, that would violate the ancestral laws of the nation. In the eyes of the tribal royals and the people, it would be seen as me retreating and showing weakness.”

“But if I do nothing and allow the guards to take action, the consequences…”

T’Chaka dared not delve deeper into that thought. Despite his confidence in the nation’s technology and combat weaponry, facing Kyle would certainly shatter that self-assurance.

“Your Highness T’Chaka. Don’t overthink it. This is Wakanda, and even a powerful nation itself would bow down here! With so many of us together, we can certainly subdue him!” The Captain of the Female Royal Guards stepped onto the platform.

She held a vibranium sword, her face showing determination and a desire to regain her pride as she faced Kyle.

“You don’t understand this man, Captain. He’s truly powerful, fearless against all of us here,” T’Chaka sighed as he spoke, feeling torn between the sides and continuously weighing comprehensive solutions.

But time wasn’t on his side. Kyle, protecting Howard, faced off against seven Elite Royal Guards on the platform. The tension in the air was palpable, and a relentless battle could break out at any moment.

“The Mirror Dimension is still on cooldown as I can’t use it continuously. When the real fight starts, I’ll find a chance to open a Portal and help you escape,” Kyle whispered and Howard standing behind him nodded in agreement, understanding that with his mediocre abilities, he would be nothing more than a burden here.

“Be careful. Your body…” Howard couldn’t help but worry.

“Don’t worry. If it’s just me, I have at least five ways to escape from such a situation,” Kyle chuckled, not even bothering to take the Elite Female Guards of this country seriously.

No matter how good their weapons were, even if they were clad in full vibranium gear, their physical capabilities were still within human limits and thus posed no real threat to him.

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve properly stretched my muscles.” Kyle gazed at the Female Guards, provocatively curling his finger.

T’Chaka’s eye twitched at the sight. This War Hero truly lived up to his reputation— he is confident and unyielding in any situation…

The Female Guards exchanged glances between them and flames of anger burned in their eyes. Unable to hold back any longer, they charged forward, each gripping a vibranium spear in their hands.

“Come at me!” Kyle’s cold smile indicated he was ready to face them head-on. As he prepared to fight them, he suddenly sensed something and swiftly looked up.

A humanoid Black Panther, entirely dark in appearance, agilely leaped down from the cliff’s edge, somersaulting several times in the air. It landed gracefully in the center of the platform, blocking the Female Guards and creating splashes of water.

Rising to its full height, the Black Panther’s black cloak billowed behind it. Its armor, made of dark metallic material, clung to its body like a layer of horn-like membrane. Its mask bore the pattern of a leopard’s face, and the helmet had two pointed ears. Its sharp claws were exposed, emitting a faint glimmer.

(Translator- Old Armour before Shuri made a new one)

Like the natural ruler of this land, a potent force and guardian, the Black Panther stood at the center of the platform, captivating everyone present.

“Your Majesty!”

The seven Female Guards knelt swiftly, and the tribal royals, even the local residents outside the cliff, all respectfully bowed down, creating a truly magnificent scene.

“Father.” T’Chaka breathed out a sigh of relief and warmly addressed the newcomer clad in the Black Panther suit.

“Step back. You haven’t ascended the throne yet. This matter isn’t something you can handle right now,” The contemporary Black Panther King said with a mix of weariness and majesty.

“Yes.” T’Chaka nodded and stepped back onto the stone steps within the platform, joining his mother, the Queen, and other members of the royal family.

“You may also withdraw.” The Black Panther issued an order to the kneeling Female Guards in front of him. They complied, stowing away their vibranium spears and exiting the inner area of the platform.

Soon, only the Black Panther King remained on the platform, along with Kyle and Howard, the two outsiders.

“Both of you, outsiders.” The Black Panther King turned around, his gaze coldly flicking towards Howard before sternly assessing Kyle from head to toe.

“The King of Wakanda.” Kyle stood his ground, being neither humble nor arrogant as he met the Black Panther King’s gaze with his own regal aura and the presence of a strong individual.

If the Black Panther King was the acknowledged king here, then Kyle was the headstrong boss who settled things with his fists, whether you were king or god, his fists would speak louder than words!

“You and I, one-on-one, just like the challenge ritual for the throne. Only surrender or death on one side results in victory,” The Black Panther King raised his black leopard-clad hand, his claws gleaming in the light as he spoke. “If you win, I will represent Wakanda in pardoning your crimes and treat both of you as honored guests.”

“No problem, let’s get started then,” Kyle promptly agreed.

“But I haven’t mentioned what consequences you will face if you lose,” The Black Panther King cautioned.

“No need. I haven’t found the English spelling for ‘Failure’ in my life’s dictionary yet,” Kyle laughed as he spoke.

Arrogant? But he had the right to be!

“Howard, step aside for now,” Kyle ordered in a deep voice and Howard, hearing this, quickly moved to the edge of the platform’s cave, drawing a fierce glare from the representative of the Jabari Tribe.

“Inheriting the power of the Black Panther, father has served as the country’s guardian throughout his life, he will fight a battle against a hero who is undefeated in the outside world…” As T’Chaka felt both anxious and stirred, his blood boiled. He dared not divert his attention and held his breath, fixated on the two confronting figures on the platform.

The King wore the integrated Black Panther suit, while Kyle was clad in the integrated Venom Battlesuit. Although both suits were predominantly black and exuded a wild and fierce aura, they were fundamentally distinct.

One was the most advanced technological creation of the present era; the other was a lifeform Symbiote from outer space, equipped with cognitive learning capabilities.

In every sense, this was a battle that truly transcended eras!

(End of Chapter)

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