IMUC-Chapter 142 Kyle vs. Black Panther

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“His Majesty’s victory is certain!”

“This will show the outsiders our power, this will show them the true power of Wakanda’s Protector!”

“You will win, your Majesty— Black Panther!”

On the cliff above, the tribal royals, even the local citizens beyond the cliff, all shouted in excitement. Countless loyal and trusting eyes were fixed on Black Panther.

For them, the power of the guardian that Black Panther wielded, passed down through millennia of continuous tradition, was the highest authority in Wakanda and the strongest in this advanced yet wild land.

The Black Panther King wouldn’t lose to the outside world’s war hero! Virtually all the Wakandan natives believed this with unwavering certainty.

“Kyle, show your true strength and let these natives witness the combat power beyond this isolated nation!” Howard stood at the cave entrance, his palms sweaty. He appeared anxious, but his inner self was composed and assured.

How could the local natives understand? That was the undefeated Symbol of Peace, a legend with a glorious track record, a man invincible everywhere he went!

On the platform against the backdrop of the waterfall cliff, Black Panther prepared for battle. He raised his hands slowly, his vibranium-crafted claws gleaming with a cold light.

Covered in dark vibranium, he resembled a humanoid Black Panther, exuding the aura of a king— wild, solitary, and dignified.

This simple gesture from Black Panther ignited cheers from the surrounding natives.

“Venom, full coverage mode, Claw Form,” Kyle murmured and the Venom Battlesuit adhered to his imposing physique.

The black liquid flowed and transformed, covering his entire body in something resembling the original tough corneous membrane of a lifeform. It condensed into a dark hood over his face and hair.

Dark claws extended from Kyle’s fists, and his elongated eyes radiated crimson light. With a sinister grin on his flat, blood-drenched face, he seemed like a demon that had come from the deepest depths of darkness.

He appeared Cruelty, tyrannical, wilder, and had the presence of a slaughterer— these words seemed to be coined for this description.

This form, born solely for combat and honed through countless battles, transformed in the sunlight into full coverage mode. This transformation caused the natives who were initially calling for Black Panther to collectively fall silent.

They could only inhale sharply as they gazed in fear at the humanoid monster on the platform, radiating overwhelming aggression.

“Can we begin?” Kyle smiled, his eyes cold and domineering as he locked onto Black Panther.

“Of course,” The Black Panther nodded slightly.

In the next instant, both of them moved simultaneously, their positions rippling outwards with splashes of white water.

Two black silhouettes moved at a speed several times faster than that of humans. They blurred into afterimages in the field of vision, colliding abruptly with a gust of wind and water spray.


With both of them as the epicenter, the accumulated water at their feet erupted outward in ripples due to the powerful impact.

“What a terrifying power.” The Black Panther was secretly astonished. He used his hands to meet Kyle’s dual claws, stabilized his stance, and remained steadfast, not retreating even half a step from the direct confrontation.

If the Black Panther didn’t have the vibranium suit’s protection and if a significant portion of his strength wasn’t drained, Kyle would have sent him flying with a single punch. He wouldn’t be evenly matched as he appeared now.

Kyle frowned at this moment, the vibranium’s characteristic resistance against close-range physical attacks was proving to be severely restrictive.

“Come on!”

Kyle didn’t entirely abandon physical attacks. He persisted in pairing rapid punches with claw jabs. While it was difficult to breach Black Panther’s surface defense of the vibranium suit, the force of his punches still managed to force Black Panther back by a step.

“Bring it on!” The Black Panther refused to show weakness. In his weathered voice, determination surged forth as he stepped forward with an air of youthful combativeness, refusing to back down as he threw himself wholeheartedly into the battle.

With their Superhuman physique and exceptional battle suits colliding, Kyle and Black Panther once again entangled in a contest of combat and skill. Amid the splashing of water droplets, they exchanged blows, showcasing their strength and technique.

Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and the comprehensive defense of their respective battle suits kept their close combat ongoing without a pause for over five minutes. Through the mutual amplification and offsetting of their different battle suits, they continued their intense melee.

The onlookers, the native citizens, couldn’t believe their eyes. They never expected this outsider to possess strength rivaling that of Black Panther. After all, Black Panther was the strongest ruler and guardian of this land!

“King? Hmph. You probably don’t know what a legendary hero is! He is unrivaled in battle!” Howard laughed happily when he saw this scene.

He knew that this seemingly deadlocked battle was almost over. After all, the man he was familiar with loved keeping a few tricks up his sleeve.

Amid the intense battle on the platform, the vibranium claws of Black Panther tore against Kyle’s Vibranium Bracer, leaving five faint white marks and emitting sharp, eerie sounds.

“Whip form!” Kyle thought to himself, and his left-hand claw swiftly transformed into a black whip. With supersonic swings, the whip struck the shadow on his side that had surged in speed.

Black Panther’s motion halted as he fell into the water, but he quickly rose, breathing rapidly. His stern and cold gaze pierced through the vibranium animal-shaped mask, fixing onto Kyle.

“Don’t you understand yet? As long as I’m wearing this full-body vibranium battle suit, you have no possibility of defeating me,” Black Panther confidently said.

“Alright. I must admit one fact— that is, you’re tougher than Steve.” Kyle shrugged as he spoke before he glanced at his chest where his Venom suit had been torn by the vibranium claws. A few droplets of blood seeped from the skin underneath.

Although his regenerative ability had superficially disappeared, the Venom symbiote also possessed a super-regenerative capability, rapidly repairing the damaged parts of the transformed battle suit.

After five minutes, he was slightly injured, but there was no sign of damage to Black Panther’s vibranium suit.

“Tougher?” Black Panther shook his head in disagreement.

“Haven’t you noticed? I used only three combat techniques against you just now,” Kyle coldly stated a fact.

“Three? What are you talking about?” Black Panther furrowed his brow when he heard these words and a sense of unease grew within him. Three combat techniques— wasn’t that unusual?

Kyle didn’t answer, he just smirked mysteriously and said, “The vibranium suit is inherently unbeatable, right? I really hope that you can withstand the upcoming assault—”

Before he finished speaking, he stomped on the ground, exploding with force as he charged directly at Black Panther.

Black Panther’s body tensed. He lifted his arm to initiate a claw strike, but Kyle seemed to have anticipated his move. He effortlessly raised his right hand, using the Vibranium Bracer to block Black Panther’s vibranium claws.

“An illusion?”

Black Panther was taken aback. However, what Kyle did next left him entirely speechless.

He realized that his skilled combat techniques, which he hadn’t even executed yet, were being anticipated and countered by Kyle’s seemingly clairvoyant insights. Before he could act, Kyle used simple moves to defuse his attacks.

Once or twice might be attributed to luck, but this happening repeatedly left the experienced Black Panther feeling like he wanted to pull his hair out in frustration!

(End of Chapter)

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