IMUC-Chapter 140 Another Entrance

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Howard stood there in shock and he seemed to be frozen in place. The vibranium spear had been thrown at an incredible speed, like a streak of light. In the blink of an eye, it was almost upon him. While an ordinary person’s eyes and brain might be able to react to such a speed their body would struggle to evade it in time.


A cry of surprise echoed from the gathering of Wakandan royals and local residents. It was a young tribesman, who flipped and leaped off the cliff. Harnessing the power of kinetic energy, he created an afterimage as he descended toward the ceremony platform.

His speed was actually faster than that high-velocity spear!

As the vibranium spear was about to pierce Howard, in a critical moment, the tribesman arrived first. His right hand, adorned with a subtle metallic armguard, shot out like lightning and firmly grabbed the middle of the vibranium spear.

“Halt!” The tribesman growled, his palm gripping the swiftly moving vibranium spear. With a swift deceleration, the supersonic spear came to an abrupt stop, its tip hovering less than three centimeters from Howard’s chest, unable to breach any further.

“Using just one hand, he caught a spear that was thrown at near full strength from ten meters away?” The Captain and the female guards of the Royal Family were shocked upon seeing this scene.

The Captain of the Royal Guard couldn’t fathom how this was possible without monstrous levels of strength several times her own.

The Captain of the Royal Guard watched the tribesman who had appeared so suddenly, and a chilling shiver ran down her spine.

“It’s not good to treat my friend this way…” The tribesman smiled as he gently handled the vibranium spear. He briefly stored energy in his wrist and arm, then swung it around and threw it back in the original direction. “Here’s your spear!”

The vibranium spear transformed into a streak of silver light, moving even faster than before— it was actually two to three times faster than its previous speed. The Captain of the Royal Guard screamed in horror witnessing this scene, much like Howard did moments ago.


The vibranium spear landed firmly between Captain’s legs, pinning her clothing and skirt against the cliff wall behind her. More than half of its two-meter length was embedded in the solid rock, revealing the astonishing force behind its throw.

The Captain of the Royal Guard’s legs went weak, and she sat down on the vibranium spear, trembling uncontrollably.

As everyone watched this dramatic turn of events, the Royals on the platform and the citizens on the cliff above all had their mouths agape. Their collective attention was fixed on the tribesman who had entered the scene and becomes the center of the ceremony platform.

“Who exactly are you?” T’Chaka was astonished. Holding his vibranium shield, he took a step back. He had witnessed the extraordinary powers of the Black Panther herb, passed down by his father, but compared to the sheer brute strength of the young tribesman before him, it seemed a bit lacking.

The tribesman paid him no mind and he turned back and looked at Howard with a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Are you alright?”

“Kyle, thank goodness you arrived in time,” Howard said with a wry smile on his face. His teeth were still chattering from the fight, clearly indicating that he had been genuinely frightened by the close call earlier.

“Kyle?” T’Chaka’s eyes widened in disbelief as the name struck a chord, leaving him astonished.

The Captain, still straddling the vibranium spear between her legs, managed to stand up, pointing at the two men with a mix of embarrassment and urgency. “Two intruders from the outside, you have disrupted the royal inheritance ceremony. Guardians, attack!”


As her command fell, six other similarly dressed female guards responded. With vibranium spears in hand, they rapidly advanced toward the platform, forming a cautious encirclement around the tribesman.

“Kyle, I’ll leave it to you,” Howard said, taking refuge behind him.

“You don’t need to worry, nothing would happen to you with me here,” Kyle replied with confidence. He calmly gazed at the six approaching female guards, who were inching closer to him, preparing to launch an attack.

“Charge!” The Captain of the Royal Guard ordered from behind, and the six guards were about to rush forward. However, a sudden voice interrupted them.


“Huh?” The surrounding tribespeople were momentarily perplexed as T’Chaka raised his vibranium shield, stopping the advance of the Royal Guards. The Royals and tribespeople present were puzzled, their eyes gleaming as they watched T’Chaka, who was approaching the tribesman from a distance of about five meters.

“Your Highness?” Both the female guard and the indigenous royals were bewildered. T’Chaka’s approach had caught them off guard, and he came to a stop about five meters away from the tribesman, his gaze locked onto him.

Taking a deep breath, T’Chaka stared at the tribesman with an earnest expression. “Sir, you are definitely not from around here. And that gentleman with the American accent, why does he call you ‘Kyle’?”

He was truly worthy of being a prince, knowing the limits and boundaries.

The tribesman who was Kyle shrugged his shoulders and calmly said, “Because my name actually is Kyle. Is there a problem?”

The Venom Battlesuit’s disguise was lifted as he spoke!

In a sequence of changes, his appearance transformed. The black hair returned to a dazzling gold, his eyes gleamed a bright blue. His clothes morphed into a seamless black combat suit that perfectly showcased his muscular physique, radiating an aura of oppression and aggression that struck everyone who looked at him.

“It’s really you!” T’Chaka exclaimed in amazement as he took several excited steps forward.

“You recognize me?” Kyle looked puzzled when he saw this scene. In response to his inquiry, T’Chaka quickly nodded. “Of course. I’ve studied abroad, and attended university in the United States.”

“Your Highness!” The Captain of the Female Guard loudly warned.

“Don’t worry. If he wanted to kill me, I would have died already,” T’Chaka reassured.

T’Chaka shook his head, his excitement was evident on his face. He extended his hand toward Kyle with a touch of idol-like enthusiasm. “Do you know who he is? Mr. Kyle, he’s the war hero who single-handedly ended World War II, known by the Americans as the ‘Symbol of Peace’!”

“Symbol of Peace?!”

The tribal royals and residents were in an uproar as they stared at Kyle in astonishment.

While they lived in isolation, that didn’t mean they were oblivious to collecting significant information from the outside world.

Symbol of Peace.

One man suppressed an entire nation, and ended a world war— this Superhero was known everywhere on Earth.

“Mr. Kyle, why did you come to my country?” T’Chaka asked excitedly.

Without much thought, Kyle gestured to Howard standing behind him with a slight nod of his chin. “My friend— Howard is the founder of Stark Industries and an adventurer. He suspected there might be vibranium minerals here and asked me to accompany him to take a look. By coincidence, we discovered this city. He got lost inside and unintentionally ended up on this ceremonial platform.”

“I see.” T’Chaka suddenly understood the situation, and he didn’t question Kyle further.

Having lived in America, especially locally in New York, the general reverence for Kyle had become a cultural norm.

Everyone was a fan.

However, sensing that T’Chaka’s tone wasn’t quite right, the Captain of the Royal Guard’s face turned grim as she coldly reminded him, “Your Highness, regardless of whether he’s the Symbol of Peace or anyone else, they are currently outsiders who infiltrated our country. Moreover, they disrupted the Royal Challenge ceremony. Their crime is unforgivable; we mustn’t let them go.”

As soon as she spoke, some of the indigenous residents chimed in, “Exactly, the laws of the nation must not be violated!”

T’Chaka was in a dilemma when he heard those voices, he looked at Kyle and then at the royals and citizens and was unsure of what to do.

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