IMUC-Chapter 134 The End of an Era

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Whether they possessed mutated genes, mutations, extraordinary magic, or mastery of black technology knowledge, all those who could surpass ordinary humans were simply referred to as ‘Evolvers.’

Evolution could be said to be the primal instinct inherent in all life forms, where certain individuals were inherently stronger and lived longer than others of their kind. Even those who mastered the cosmic arcane arts, like the Ancient One who dedicated herself to protecting Earth, were unable to avoid using the power of the dark dimension to forcibly extend her lives.

Transcending nature, possessing superhuman abilities, achieving immortality— these were the ultimate goals of evolutionary races across the cosmos!

And Kyle straightforwardly informed every new Cardinal Disciple that within the Carl Family, they had the chance to gain not only wealth, fame, magic, and black technology, but even lifespans exceeding humans by tenfold or more.

The 【Super Agent】 Blue Ability Card was a pathway for the Cardinal Disciples to step into the realm of Evolvers. Kyle was now illuminating the pyramid steps for them, showing them the ultimate goal at the pinnacle.

To reach the top of the pyramid and obtain the opportunity for continuous evolution, they had to rely on their own efforts and climb step by step within the Carl Family!

First, Kyle opened the door to opportunities for the Cardinal Disciples, and with their determination to strive for a lifetime, how could they not go mad for it?!

The children adopted by the mansion were determined to become family members known as ‘Cardinal Disciples.’ Those who already became Cardinal Disciples were even more energetic and enthusiastic, shouting every day about becoming powerful beings in human evolution— undying…

So, within the mansion, Natasha, who served as the vice instructor, quickly realized a terrifying fact—

Every new Cardinal Disciple indeed possessed abilities comparable to her own, and they had ultimate goals from a young age, engaging in a friendly competition with each other!

In Natasha’s view, in less than half a month, the lower-level combat strength of the Carl Family had already caught up to that of the Red Room, although this was due to the fact that the Cardinal Disciples were still very young and lacked combat experience.

But the problem was, the Red Room could only ever be at the pinnacle of ordinary organizations and had long since hit a ceiling. On the other hand, the Carl Family possessed the nurturing environment required for constant evolution and growth, training true heroic powerhouses.

Observing this scene, Natasha began to feel anxious. She had initially thought that, at the very least, as a Super-Agent from the Red Room, her status would not fall short upon joining the Carl Family. However, in just a short time, these new Cardinal Disciples were working hard to catch up to her.

Natasha was acutely aware that, in the eyes of the Carl Family, once she lost her potential value, her status as a newcomer would gradually decline.

So, she quickly refocused, turned away from her dismissive view of the Cardinal Disciples, and directed her attention to her own remaining advantage in experience. She threw herself wholeheartedly into her role as vice instructor.

This was the basement of the mansion’s storage building, and the entrance had been sealed.

After a thorough cleaning and treatment with disinfectants and air fresheners, the room, which had originally been filled with useless clutter, was now clean and empty, illuminated by bright daylight-like lighting.

Howard personally modified a state-of-the-art cryogenic chamber that will work for centuries. It stood alone at the center of the dark room. The open door continuously released a white chill, spreading throughout every corner of the basement.

Two young men stood beside the cryogenic chamber, silently contemplating the white frost before them, each burdened with their own thoughts.

Kyle looked up at Bucky, who was dressed in Winter Soldier attire, and asked with certainty, “Bucky, are you really sure about this?”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Once you enter the cryogenic chamber, you might sleep for ten years, half a century, a century, until someone opens it again. Before that, do you have any unfinished wishes?”

The suspended passage of time, as though crossing into the future, was undoubtedly cruel.

Bucky didn’t immediately respond. He raised his mechanical left arm, gently gripped the handle of the cryogenic chamber door, remained silent for a moment, then finally asked in return, “Do you think Steve is still alive?”

“I don’t know.” Kyle shook his head and said with conviction, “But that guy, I believe he won’t die so easily. Maybe he’s just sleeping somewhere in the world. Someday, he will wake up and return.”

“That’s what I think too. That’s why I chose to enter this cryogenic chamber.”

Bucky nodded and took a step forward, entering the cryogenic chamber. He turned to face Kyle and said, “After the end of the Second World War, I don’t have any more wishes. So, I’d rather freeze and sleep in step with the war’s end.”

“If Steve is still alive, maybe he and I can meet in the future. We can drink the celebratory drinks we never got to finish, chase after the girls we never had the chance to, and discuss the topics of world peace that we never had time for.”

Similar to the vast amounts of firearms and ammunition from the time of World War II, many countries began to systematically clear and eliminate these remnants in the aftermath of global peace.

Bucky, who had fallen into being the Winter Soldier, had made a choice that began with war and was frozen after it, at least limiting his actions so that he wouldn’t become a mere tool for others to exploit.

“Well then, farewell, Bucky Barnes.” Kyle manipulated the control panel, and the cryogenic chamber’s door began to slowly close. He shrugged and said, “I hope you have a comfortable and peaceful sleep.”

“You too, make sure to live well. Major Kyle, Sergeant Bucky, Sergeant Steve— I believe those three will eventually…”

The cryogenic chamber’s door closed firmly, cutting off Bucky’s words. Through the glass, one could see Bucky closing his eyes and slipping into a deep slumber, a thin layer of frost quickly forming on his body from the freezing mist within the chamber.

Bucky Barnes. At the end of 1944, he was sealed away in the underground chamber of the original Carl Family mansion, a secret known to only a few.

Kyle sighed, as one after another he bade farewell to these old wartime comrades. Soon, he himself would have to leave Earth, stepping into the unknown expanse of outer space.

They weren’t standing at the pinnacle of their era; their existence represented an era itself— a time of iron, blood, war, and fire.

Unfortunately, it was time for this era to come to a comprehensive end as the war concluded.

“Captain America, Winter Soldier, until we meet again,” Kyle muttered softly as a fleeting touch of sorrow passed through his eyes before quickly vanishing without a trace.

In its place was a chilling resolve, a burning spirit of combat, an unwavering belief in pressing forward.

“This era’s ending, I shall witness it.”

“And my own battles, my journey, have only just begun!” Kyle turned with a resolute expression on his face, opening a portal that seemed to burn like a blazing fire. Without looking back, he stepped through and departed.

Determinedly, he would soon embark on the journey into the cosmic stars. No matter how dark and distant the path ahead, he was willing to fight to his last breath to reach the other side, to welcome the rebirth of evolution!

After Kyle’s departure, the lights in the sealed underground room dimmed, and the cryogenic chamber with the dormant Winter Soldier faded into darkness. It seemed as though the chamber was sinking into a vast vortex of time.

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