IMUC-Chapter 135 A Possibility

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In the overlapping dimension with the city where New York was located, an unnoticed mirrored space existed.

The city streets stretched infinitely, distorting the various towering buildings within. The reflections of real vehicles and pedestrians appeared briefly, only to quickly dissolve like fleeting shadows…

A shirtless African American beggar, wearing nothing but oversized pants, aimlessly walked along the streets. He carried a bag with half a can of food left, his face worn and aged by at least ten years.


Bru, the sorcerer, clutched his rumbling belly, gazing at the half can of food in his bag. He sighed weakly, sitting down wearily on the steps of a shop.

Ever since Kyle had plundered him, he had spent a full two weeks here. Without his Sling Ring, it was as if he had lost the key to accessing magic power, rendering him incapable of using any abilities related to sorcery.

For a Sorcerer without magic, at best, he was just an ordinary person with slightly stronger willpower. He was trapped in this space, even more desolate than a desert.

The mirrored space was constructed according to real scenes and objects but unrelated to reality. There were no native lifeforms here, and though items existed, they couldn’t be consumed (all internal items were ineffective or couldn’t be taken out of the mirrored space).

“Am I really going to be stuck in this place forever?”

Bru’s heart was filled with desolation. He finished the last of the food from the can, pondered for a moment, and then used his fingers to scrape the residue from the can, savoring it with relish. “Delicious.”


A faint, melodious female voice came from the side and. Bru’s body trembled as he turned to look. There stood a bald woman in a yellow robe, her gaze fixed strangely on him.

“Sorcerer Supreme…” Bru’s eyes welled up with tears and he hesitated for more than half a second before excitedly leaping up, discarding the can and rushing towards the Ancient One.


The ground abruptly rose, forming a wall, and Bru’s face slammed into it.

“Look at you, go clean yourself up.” The Ancient One stood atop the wall, shaking her head. She waved her hand in front of her nose, even from three meters away she could still smell the foul odor emanating from Bru.

Bru blinked, then eagerly said, “Sorcerer Supreme, please, you have to help me. That Kyle, he stole… no, he robbed me of all my Artifacts!”

“Who told you to come here and fight him without any reason.” Ancient One’s tone was icy, leaving Bru slightly embarrassed as he touched his nose.

“He really left here using the Sling Ring?” The Ancient One asked softly.

“Yes, right in front of me. Sorcerer Supreme, you didn’t mention he was also a sorcerer.” Bru hung his head dispiritedly. To think he got on the wrong side of that ruthless guy.

“Of course, he’s not just a Sorcerer.” Ancient One’s eyes were profound, and she said mysteriously, “But after encountering you, he might as well be.”

“What does that mean?” Bru looked at the Ancient One in confusion.

“I can’t explain that now. From now on, don’t have any contact with matters related to him.”

The Ancient One didn’t want to elaborate further. She utilized the power of the dark dimension and the Eye of Agamotto, but she still couldn’t fully see Kyle’s actual future timeline.

Regardless of the many potential futures, even if there were millions of possibilities, that man wouldn’t escape the fate of leaving Earth. For her, this was a good thing.

If he couldn’t return, then all the disrupted timelines would gradually return to their original state.

If he could return, then she, as the Sorcerer Supreme, could no longer control it—

Because among the countless outcomes, there was only one possibility for Kyle to return to Earth.

The Carl Manor, second-floor master conference room.

Kyle put down the detailed design plans for the new base, propping his chin up with his hand, and muttered meaningfully, “It seems that the Ancient One has already taken that foolish sorcerer away.”

Ever since he acquired those Spatial Teleportation spells on the cards and had been working on creating the first fixed portal, he had gained a vague understanding of the mirrored space and the structure of Earth’s space.

But speaking of which, with the Ancient One’s mastery of multidimensional space, she probably sensed Bru, the sorcerer, trapped in this mirrored space within the New York area long ago. The fact that she was coming to his aid this late was probably intended to let her underlings learn a lesson.

However, why hadn’t the Ancient One come in person?

After all, Kyle had reaped a huge card advantage from Bru, gaining a preliminary understanding of the sorcerer’s Spatial Teleportation. He didn’t know that the Ancient One was intentionally avoiding him, not wanting to get entangled in the Eastern concept of ‘causality,’ which would lead to even more bizarre future possibilities.

“Knock, knock, knock—”

A series of knocks disrupted Kyle’s thoughts. He gave his approval, and a plainly dressed maid entered the room, carrying a file in her hands.

“Greetings, Master Kyle!” The maid placed the file on the desk and lowered her head, avoiding eye contact with Kyle.

“Interesting.” Kyle glanced at the information in the file, somewhat intrigued. “You’re a servant who’s a few years older than those prospective children, and you weren’t originally qualified to become a card bearer. But Logan and Natasha actually nominated you.”

“I work at the estate during the day and practice and train on my own at night. Even though I’m a few years older, my potential is no less than theirs.” The maid stubbornly replied.

“Why aren’t you looking up?” Kyle asked, looking at the maid.

“Because Master Kyle is someone I’m not yet worthy to look at directly.” The maid raised her small face slightly, her eyes burning as she gazed at Kyle as if she were looking at a true deity.

Finally, he understood the reason why she had been an exception and nominated her to become a card bearer.

Kyle inwardly rolled his eyes, but he didn’t question Logan and the others’ choices. Excessive loyalty to him was equivalent to loyalty to the family itself, which held the same significance.

Following the protocol, with a slight mental exertion, he granted her the “Super Agent” ability. A transparent blue card entered the maid’s body, and its immediate effect was to modify her genes and body.

Enduring the burning agony that surged through her body, the maid soon noticed that her body was continuously strengthening. Within half a minute, her body transformation was complete. Her gaze towards Kyle became even more fervent and awed.

“You may leave now. Remember, from now on, you are a member of the Carl Family.” Kyle nodded lightly.

“Thank you, Master Kyle.” The new card bearer’s entire body prostrated on the ground, expressing her complete loyalty.

Even Kyle didn’t currently understand that granting abilities not only eliminated the need for injections and physical adaptation steps but also imprinted a miraculous, supreme power deeply on the minds and bodies of every family member who gained the ability.

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