IMUC-Chapter 133 Family Planning

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The Carl Family, established by Kyle for less than half a year, was hardly worth mentioning compared to the historical backgrounds of organizations like the Red Room and Kamar-Taj.

However, in terms of financial power, they had tangible wealth equivalent to half of Germany’s national treasury and control over cutting-edge technological products from Stark Industries.

In terms of connections, they had the newly recognized SHIELD by the US military and the World Council. In terms of strength, they had the Symbol of Peace standing at the pinnacle of superheroes, as well as two powerful Mutants who were a force to be reckoned with.

As long as the rules and management system of the Carl Family were well established, Kyle believed that it would develop as swiftly as Rocket, becoming the most potent hidden private force on Earth— with no contenders!

Logan and Raina believed Kyle’s words without a doubt. Sometimes, even if they didn’t immediately comprehend some seemingly absurd plans and schemes he had, they would follow instructions obediently.

On the contrary, Natasha, the newcomer, was growing more perplexed. She muttered to herself, “Granting others a physique no less than mine? How could that be possible?”

The Super Agent Physique wasn’t something that could be achieved immediately with just some medication; otherwise, the top agents of the Red Room wouldn’t only be born once a generation.

Women had to undergo brutal training from a young age, forging an indomitable will. Then, they were injected with a specially formulated Super-Agent Serum, followed by repeated battles to unlock the serum’s potential.

Only when the serum perfectly merged with the body did they become what Natasha was today— the ‘Black Widow’. She was the most exceptional soldier of the Super-Agent formula since the inception of the Red Room, capable of performing at a super-agent level.

Now, Kyle was talking about mass-producing her physical capabilities— was being a Super-Agent that easy?

Seemingly perceptive to Natasha’s muttering, Kyle, seated at the head, asked mildly, “Oh, Natasha, do you have anything to add?”

“No, I don’t have anything,” Natasha quickly shook her head, her vibrant red hair swaying like a drum.

Seeing through her intentions, Kyle pondered for a moment and then said, “Logan, during Natasha’s time at the mansion, appoint her as the deputy instructor. The two of you can work together to select and train the children.”

“Ah, okay,” Natasha hesitated slightly, then nodded helplessly.

She wasn’t allowed to leave the family mansion for half a step within two months, so she had both work to keep her busy and leisure time.

“I’m fine with that,” Logan agreed quickly. Having someone to share the responsibility of taking care of the children was a welcome relief for him.

With this arrangement, Lucy would manage the family’s financial flow as the Chief Financial Officer, while Logan would serve as the head instructor responsible for nurturing family talents. This left only Raina among the core family members without an assignment.

Kyle’s gaze landed on the serene young girl with black hair. Lucy, Logan, and Natasha all focused their attention on Raina as well.

After spending this period of time together, they were all acutely aware that despite being only eight years old, Raina’s rank in the family was second only to Kyle, given her combat prowess!

Every time she took action, she could rapidly manipulate situations with astonishing mental control.

Since receiving the 【Super Agent】 card from Kyle, no one had witnessed Raina’s full strength. In this era on Earth, she was a force to be reckoned with, and she is at the same level as the ruling Superpowers.

Even more importantly, Raina was solitary and not prone to speaking. Her cognitive abilities far exceeded her age, and her maturity was beyond her years. She had a close bond with Lucy, the future head of the family, and displayed absolute obedience and an almost fanatical devotion to Kyle.

Within the confines of the mansion, anyone who dared to criticize Kyle, or even just harbor dissatisfaction or disdain in their hearts towards him, probably wouldn’t even know how they met their end.

Raina. A blade that existed solely for Kyle. Always.

“Raina, she will take over as the highest overseer of the family, wielding the authority to take the life of any member except the core family members.”

Kyle’s voice was calm, but it sent a chill down their spine as he said, “Any family member killed by Raina does not need to have their reasons investigated. They will all be dealt with in the name of betraying the family.”

Raina is going to be the secret enforcer of the family in secret, but now, Kyle had decided to publicly grant her the power to take life, acting as a sharp blade capable of intimidating the internal members of the family.

It was because of the same reason: there wasn’t much time for him left to stay on Earth, and all preparations for the Carl Family had to be planned most directly and effectively as possible.

Lucy, the Chief Financial Officer; Logan, the Head Instructor; Raina, the Chief Overseer; along with Howard, the Chief Research and Logistics Officer; and Natasha, the future high-level spy for SHIELD, were the five pillars upon which Kyle had pinned his hopes for the future of the Carl Family.

Even if he left Earth for the cosmos, as long as these five pillars remained standing, they could ensure the stable and prosperous development of the Carl Family for the next century.

On the day after the first meeting of the Carl Family, Logan, and Natasha, who would later be collectively known by family members as the “Devil Instructors,” swiftly organized and adjusted the training schedule for the adopted children.

They used willpower and determination as the assessment criteria and swiftly selected the first exceptional child. After Raina’s testing and verification, the child was moved to the master room on the second floor, where Kyle would grant them the 【Super Agent】 Ability Card.

Children who received the Super Agent Physique were officially listed as the lowest-tier members of the Carl Family— ‘Cardinal Disciples.’ They formally underwent Logan’s and Natasha’s combat courses along with rigorous high-intensity training.

After just over ten days, out of the thirty or forty adopted children, nearly ten were permanently removed from the mansion and sent to nearby remote orphanages due to elimination.

Among the rest, four children passed the scrutiny of the instructors and overseers and were granted cards by Kyle, the mansion’s head. In less than a few minutes in the second-floor office, their overall physical capabilities had increased more than threefold compared to before.

These newly empowered Cardinal Disciples were like individuals who had received divine opportunities. Each of them easily shattered their previous training records under high-intensity conditions, becoming Superhumans in the eyes of the other children.

Soon, the children who had lived a comfortable life in the mansion came to realize one thing from the depths of their hearts—

They absolutely had to become recognized Cardinal Disciples of the Carl Family!

Becoming a Cardinal Disciple meant not only staying within the shelter of the hero’s mansion but also elevating their strength without any concerns. If they were eliminated and expelled from the Carl Family’s premises, they would return to the hopeless, lower-class life they had in the orphanages.

So, the children adopted in the mansion became crazed with motivation, tirelessly training day in and day out, hoping to stand out and become the next Cardinal Disciple.

And those children who became Cardinal Disciples began to learn about the family’s information. They understood that as long as they served the Carl Family throughout their lives, financial wealth and reputation would no longer be mere fantasies.

Even more importantly, Kyle had not only granted them the physique of Super-Agents but also bestowed upon them the definition of ‘Evolver’—individuals who transcended humanity and possessed extraordinary abilities!


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