IMUC-Chapter 132 Family Meeting

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Two months was enough time to transfer Natasha’s “Super Agent” abilities to every child adopted by the Carl Family.

As for why Kyle didn’t leave Natasha in the Carl Family, he had pondered about this repeatedly.

Natasha was a top spy trained by the Red Room. Her designation as the “Black Widow” was not something he wanted to ignore or alter. Sending her to infiltrate the upper echelons of SHIELD seemed more fitting.

By having Natasha serve as a bridge between the family and SHIELD, they could also use her to gather intelligence about SHIELD’s inner workings.

Kyle was about to leave Earth, seeking the last bit of hope. With a long-term perspective in mind, he would naturally leave many contingencies for things he didn’t have complete control over.

SHIELD was one such contingency.

If consuming it was tasteless and discarding it would be a pity, then he would secretly monitor and balance it.

For half an hour, Kyle had Natasha accompany him in the main conference room. During this time, he extracted and duplicated the “Super Agent” Ability from her.

As the half-hour mark approached, near the time for the Carl Family meeting, Kyle instructed Natasha to step aside. He raised his hand with the ring and waved it, causing a brilliant fiery portal to appear and expand from the ceiling.

When the fiery circle had opened to a radius of one meter, the Winter Soldier, entwined with chains, rolled out of it. He landed awkwardly and lay sprawled on the conference room floor.

“What happened?” Bucky climbed up in bewilderment, the chains on his body making crisp noises. He felt like he had been falling continuously in a dream-like state for over half an hour.

“You’ve finally recovered. It seems this trick is quite effective,” Kyle mused.

This was simply opening a portal, with the exit positioned right above the entrance. This created a portal that made a person fall into a continuous loop.

“Recovered? Did something go wrong again?” Bucky urgently looked at Kyle, needing answers.

Kyle locked eyes with him and straightforwardly explained, “You went out of control and went on a rampage. The members of the Carl Family had to expend a great deal of effort to subdue you.”

“Yes, I remember now. I was once again manipulated by those confusing memories. I was compelled to kill, destroy, and follow orders,” Bucky muttered to himself.

He suddenly gave a bitter smile and sat dejectedly on the floor. “I thought that by leaving there, I could return to my former self. But it turns out I can’t escape the control of those memories in my brain. The old me, I can never be him again.”

Kyle didn’t try to persuade him. Matters involving the brain and memories were extremely delicate, even for him.

In Bucky’s case, his memories were repeatedly erased, and ruthless program commands were deeply implanted. Over time, he began to mistake himself for the Winter Soldier machine born solely for the purpose of fulfilling missions.

Even in the original movies, in the glow of 21st-century Earth technology, the situation with the Winter Soldier couldn’t be effectively resolved.

Bucky hugged his metallic left arm and made a hoarse decision, “Kyle, how about you kill me now… Give me an easy death. That way, innocent people in the future won’t be hurt or killed by the memories of that Winter Soldier deep within me.”

Kyle fell silent, looking at the mournful face of Bucky for a while. Finally, he softly said, “Of course, I could grant your request. But if Steve were still alive and he came back, I couldn’t explain this to him.”

“Steve, Steve…” Bucky repeated softly, shaking his head with a bitter smile. “In this lifetime, will I ever see him again?”

Kyle tapped the desk, offering a suggestion, “I can freeze you in a cryogenic chamber and store you in the mansion’s basement. When a method is discovered in the future to treat your issues, the Carl Family will thaw and wake you up.”

“Then let’s do that. Thank you, Kyle.” Bucky nodded gratefully, agreeing to this solution that wasn’t exactly a problem solver.

Cryogenic freezing was a way to postpone and escape the current situation, a versatile approach.

Kyle knew that when his body’s genetic mutation occurred, he had also considered cryogenic freezing, sleeping peacefully until future technology reached a high level.

But rather than placing his hopes on others and the future, he was more inclined to venture into the vast expanse of the cosmic galaxies and strive for opportunities, breaking free from the genetic limitations of his body!

The Carl Family meeting in the mansion proceeded as scheduled.

At the large round table on the second floor, Kyle occupied the main seat. On either side were Lucy, Logan, Raina, and Natasha, who was only considered a half-member of the family.

“The Stark Industries— Howard has secretly transferred the company’s shares and control to be under the Carl Family’s name. As for the family’s economy, I will entrust that to Lucy. Any objections?” Kyle spoke seriously, looking at his fiancée, his two most trusted confidantes, and Natasha.

His final sentence was purely a form of speech, and naturally, no one had any objections. Setting aside the fact that Kyle was preparing all the family’s resources, just the fact that Lucy was the future head of the family gave her more authority than anyone else in the Carl Family.

“I’m not sure… if I can manage it well,” Lucy replied hesitantly, raising her hand.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn gradually. Ask Howard if you’re unsure,” Kyle reassured, then turned to Logan and inquired, “Logan, how is the combat training for the children adopted by the family?”

“It’s going well, after all, they have all experienced war, become orphans, endured mistreatment and disdain from institutions. They are much more mature than children of the same age. They are diligently and patiently learning combat training. However…” Logan paused, hesitating.

Kyle understood what Logan meant to convey naturally— some children have higher combat talents, while others have lower talents. But no matter how high their talents are, they are still considered too low by the standards of their peers.

Natasha was also surprised by this. In her view, nurturing children this way was inferior to what was done in the Red Room.

“Having willpower and sufficient loyalty to the family is enough. Talent doesn’t matter,” Kyle smiled and gave an example to illustrate his point. “Have you forgotten about Steve? Originally, in my military camp, he had the least talent. Yet, he eventually became a Superhero known by everyone.”

To Kyle, all human children were nearly the same in terms of their vulnerability. The only difference was having the evolutionary key to unlock their physical potential, along with enough motivation.

“Logan, starting today, every three days, choose one child from the adopted children who have performed exceptionally well in training. After Raina’s review, I will grant them an opportunity to develop a physique no less than Natasha’s!”

Kyle said in a deep voice, “Loyalty to the Carl Family is the primary requirement! Anyone with dissenting views or lack of ambition will be expelled from the mansion! What I need are elite members who can uphold and contribute to the family’s future.”

This was the first time Kyle had proposed the selection and management of the Carl Family members. Logan nodded without hesitation. While Logan had unifiedly adopted the children currently residing in the mansion, if they didn’t meet the criteria to become members of the Kyle family, he wouldn’t plead for them.

In the Carl Family, Kyle was the supreme authority, and the regulations and principles he spoke of were absolute rules here.

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