IMUC-Chapter 125 Compromise

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“What exactly are you people…”

With the large-caliber handgun still pointed at him, Taras raised his eyebrows and raised his hands. He finally realized that he had kicked a hornet’s nest this time.

He looked at Logan carrying Natasha on his shoulder and said in a calmer tone, “No matter what, you can’t take our people. This area is a key focus of the Soviet military. If anything happens, nearby military bases will send troops here.”

“Soviet Military?” The hooded young man chuckled, showing no signs of backing down.

“Why do I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere?” Taras stared at him, his brow furrowed deeply, and a sense of foreboding surged in his heart.


From Logan’s shoulder, Natasha blinked her eyes and spoke mockingly, “And you’re still a high-ranking member of the Red Room, well-versed in intelligence from various countries, yet you can’t even recognize the man before you.”

Taras frowned, fixing his gaze on the hooded young man leading the group. He tried to identify him from head to toe, and just as the young man looked back at him, Taras recognized him, and a cold sweat broke out all over his body. His body began to tremble with shock and horror.

My God! How did that demon-like figure end up here?!

“Mr. Kyle, why have you come to Soviet territory? Prime Minister Stalin has been wanting to meet you for a long time, and the U.S. State Department didn’t even inform us,” Taras said with a wry smile on his face as he scolded himself for not realizing it sooner.

Only someone like the man before him could persuade Natasha to switch sides and disregard the military’s threats on Soviet soil.

America Kyle, the Symbol of Peace, a legendary figure at the end of World War II, a superhero worshipped by the Americas!

“You should know that I retired from the U.S. military, right? Now I only represent myself,” Kyle said, pulling down his hood to reveal his shining golden hair.

He wore a devilish smile on his face as he spoke, “During the war, your Red Room owed me a favor and I am still counting down the interest, so it had reached a quite substantial amount. If you don’t mind, I can come to your nearby base and discuss it in detail.”

“I understand.” Taras was drenched in cold sweat as he nodded heavily.

Since the moment he realized Kyle’s identity, he knew that he alone couldn’t handle this situation.

Deep within the desolate area of the Red Room’s base.

“Commander Taras is back!”

The armed guards guarding the base’s entrance straightened up, ready to open the gate to welcome him. However, they soon became puzzled and stunned.

They saw Taras, who usually carried himself arrogantly and high-profile, now bowing and following a young man. Behind them were a sword-carrying little girl and the man carrying Natasha.

“What are you still standing there for?” Taras glared at the guards, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, and urged, “Open the gate now! And inform the high-ranking officials. Tell them that a ‘Distinguished Guest’ has arrived! We have important matters to discuss in a meeting!”

“Yes!” The guards hurriedly complied.

This was the Red Room’s first time receiving unexpected guests. Moreover, the guest’s background was overwhelmingly powerful. If something went wrong, it could jeopardize the country’s security.

It had been not long since the end of World War II, and the hero known as the Symbol of Peace had come knocking on their door voluntarily. Anyone would feel uneasy about that, let alone the Red Room, who knew they were in the wrong.

Kyle and the others were seated in the main building’s reception hall. The next generation of trainee agents was called in collectively to serve as attendants.

Taras requested ten minutes for discussion and entered the meeting room with the other two high-ranking Red Room officials. They worriedly closed the door and began to discuss how to handle this emergency situation.

“How did Kyle find us when we’ve been undetected by outsiders for so many years?” Reese, the highest leader of the Red Room, asked.

“That’s no longer important,” Taras said, holding his head in his hands, feeling annoyed. “What matters is that he knows that it was us who sent Natasha with our mission, and now he has come with his people to settle what he calls a ‘Debt’.”

“He said he has already retired and only represents his personal stance, not escalating to conflicts between nations.”

“And do you think he alone isn’t enough?” Another Red Room executive said with a helpless expression on his face before he pondered, “If we can compromise and pay some price for peace, and ask him to leave the Soviet Union, that would be the best outcome for this situation.”

Finding a reasonable resolution would be ideal, as nobody wanted to engage in a real confrontation with that man.

“The problem is, Kyle is very determined to take Natasha with him, and Natasha herself has already betrayed the organization.” Taras sighed, garnering astonished gazes from the others. “Moreover… he demands that we hand over the formula for the Super-Agent Serum.”

“That’s impossible!” Reese and the Red Room executives’ faces turned grim as they firmly refused in unison.

Reese had a stern expression as he coldly said, “The Super-Agent Serum formula is the foundation of our ability to create top agents in the Red Room. There’s no way we can just hand it over!”

“I know that, but Kyle also said that if we don’t do something to settle the so-called ‘Debt’, he will… no, in less than five minutes, he will destroy this place.” Taras looked up at the clock and delivered the bitter message.

The Red Room executives gasped, stuttering, “Isn’t this extortion? It’s clearly a threat!”

“He’s too arrogant.” Reese slammed his fist on the conference table, and the dull sound echoed in the meeting room.

Taras moved his mouth, but there was one more thing he didn’t say.

That was “the other party indeed had the capital and power to threaten them.” There was no need to say it; the three people present, who held high positions in the Red Room, were well aware of it.

After further discussion, when Kyle left them with only one minute remaining, the three high-ranking Red Room members finally reached a compromise consensus:

First, the Black Widow Natasha could be sacrificed! There is no problem with that!

Second, the Super-Agent Serum formula could not be compromised. Even if it meant fighting to the death, they would not give America the means to create Super-Agents, even if it meant sacrificing the Red Room base.

But to ensure that Kyle accepted their compromise and left peacefully, the three of them added something else to replace the Super-Agent Formula.

In the main building’s reception hall.

Kyle sat calmly in a seat near the window. The Red Room building was a retro-style large flat house, and the floor-to-ceiling curtains were all blood-red, creating a red glow inside when illuminated by the sunlight from outside.

Logan and Raina showed no signs of worry and seemed calm, and it was as if they were in their own estate.

Any one of them could destroy the Red Room base if they came alone. With all three of them here, it was almost certain that the Red Room had no chance of turning the tables.

This was what Kyle called a quick and decisive victory— going out the same day they arrived, finishing things up on the same day.

(End of this chapter.)

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