IMUC-Chapter 126 Formula and Soldier

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Taras, Reese, and the Red Room executives, the three giants of the Red Room’s upper echelon, emerged from the conference room, followed by several female agents clad in tight black suits.

Seeing this, Kyle in the reception hall glanced at the clock and a faint smile appeared on his face as he spoke. “Only ten seconds left. It seems you’ve made a decision after your discussion.”

“Mr. Kyle, we hope to resolve the conflicts between us as much as possible. After all, starting a fight here is not advantageous for either of us— you wouldn’t want to reignite the flames of war in a world that’s just begun to recover,” Taras spoke first.

“This is a matter between me and your Red Room, it’s completely unrelated to America. I believe the Soviet leadership won’t blindly antagonize me just because of your Red Room either,” Kyle shrugged as he spoke while exuding extreme confidence in his stance.

He currently held information about the Soviet Union’s nuclear tests, giving him many advantages and leverage. Coupled with the vast power disparity, the Red Room simply couldn’t negotiate with Kyle on equal terms.

“We will offer a relative price as a compromise.” Taras lowered his head, clenching his fists with a touch of shame as he spoke. This made Natasha, who was half-conscious and lying next to Logan, raise an eyebrow in surprise.

This was the first time the Red Room had compromised, and it also showed that the magnitude of Kyle’s presence and prestige was intimidating.

“Are you agreeing to give me the formula for the Super-Agent Serum?”

Kyle looked at the three high-ranking officials with a sly smile on his face as he asked this question. The Red Room, which had always been a bloodsucker when it came to others, was this time pulling feathers from its own body due to pressure.

“We agree to hand over Natasha and use another item as a replacement for the Super-Agent Serum Formula,” Taras said in a deep voice, gesturing slightly. Immediately, a female agent stepped forward, holding a vial of serum, and respectfully presented it to Kyle.

“What is this?” Kyle asked, his gaze fixed on the vial as related Item Card information appeared in his mind.

【Infinite Formula】: A serum that can slow down the aging process of various bodily functions. Blue Item Card.

The injected person gains an extended lifespan and peak physical abilities. It must be used continuously, requiring an injection every three years. If stopped, the body will rapidly age.

“The Infinite Formula has the same value as the Super-Agent Serum formula. It doesn’t require prolonged inhuman training, nor does it have any rejection or side effects. Just inject it to experience the miraculous effects of prolonging life and stopping bodily aging,” Taras explained, his words hiding many nuances, such as the need for continuous injections.

However, Kyle, who had seen the Card message, already understood the drawbacks. He nodded lightly before he picked up the Infinite Formula medicament, and put it into his leather jacket pocket.

【Super Agent】, as long as he had Natasha, he could replicate and grant abilities through drawing cards, with no time limit.

【Infinite Formula】, while not categorized as an Ability Card, could be given to Howard for research and can be mass-produced once he cracked its secrets.

In his eyes, the Infinite Formula was worth ten times more than the Super-Agent Serum.

“It was good doing business with you. From now on, the conflicts between us are resolved and the debt had been paid.”

Kyle smiled gently before he stood up, and snapped his fingers. Logan immediately hoisted Natasha, and Raina hopped off the couch chair she couldn’t touch the ground with her legs from the couch.

“Taras, see our three guests out.” Reese and the Red Room executives secretly sighed in relief and quickly instructed Taras to accompany these unexpected guests as they left.

At the entrance of the Red Room base.

Under Taras’s sincere farewell, Kyle and his group encountered astonished glances from armed soldiers as they made their way unhindered to the base entrance.

“Mr. Kyle, I’ll see you off here.” Taras forced an awkward smile on his face as he spoke to Kyle.

“Taras, you’re quite the hospitable person. Next time I come to the Soviet Union, I’ll definitely make sure to pay you a proper visit.” Kyle patted Taras’s shoulder with warmth as he spoke, leaving him taken aback, and he was almost unable to respond.

“Just kidding, just kidding. You guys haven’t offended me; I don’t have that much time to come over specially.” Kyle stated confidently.

Upon hearing this, Taras turned pale and looked as uncomfortable as if he had taken a bite of mute suffering along with a lump of excrement.

“Then I’ll be leaving.” Kyle waved his hand and walked out of the gate with Logan and Raina. Just at that moment, a figure suddenly burst out from the group of soldiers and swiftly lunged toward them without any warning.

“Watch out!”

Raina’s eyes blinked with a silver glint, but before she could use her telekinesis, the figure was already close to Kyle and a chilling mechanical arm swung down fiercely, its clenched fist carrying a cutting gust of wind.

Kyle sidestepped and the mechanical arm grazed his chin and left a minor cut. The mechanical arm struck the ground, causing the cement to crack and collapse under the tremendous impact.

Now, everyone could see the true face of the figure—

It was clearly a tall and sturdy European-American youth, dressed in a stylish black jacket, with messy brown hair flowing down his shoulders. What was even more eye-catching was his left arm, which was a pure mechanical one, bearing a red star symbol.

“Such terrifying power.” Looking at the ground cracked open within a half-meter radius, Logan’s pupils contracted.

Since he was carrying Natasha and couldn’t easily engage in combat, he could only watch the young man who initiated the attack continue to launch an assault on Kyle.

“You dare to attack the Boss?!” The silver glint in Raina’s eyes gleamed, and the armed soldiers within ten meters gasped. All the firearms on the soldiers flew into the air under her telekinetic control as dozens of gun muzzles were densely aimed at the enemy youth.

“Don’t take action.” Kyle suddenly spoke up, looking at the familiar youth before him with a hint of surprise. “Bucky? Are you Bucky Barnes?”

The young man’s movement stuttered for a moment. He stared directly into Kyle’s eyes through his disheveled hair, emotions rippling slightly in his gaze, but quickly recovering to a cold indifference.

He continued to approach and launched relentless attacks on Kyle.

“Have you forgotten me? We were once comrades!” Kyle spoke out, his words laced with anger. It wasn’t directed at Bucky, but at how the Red Room had brainwashed him into this war machine.

Bucky seemed as if he hadn’t heard, his fully metallic left arm launching an attack. With the assistance of its mechanical capabilities, his punches easily surpassed tons of force.

“Snap out of it!” Kyle raised an eyebrow. This time, he didn’t dodge but instead channeled power into his right fist and struck.

Fist met Fist and Vibranium Bracer faced off against the mechanical arm!

Neither of them budged an inch as the colossal thud resonated in the surrounding, kicking up a cloud of dust as it dispersed.

“Still not awake? Then I’ll wake you up!” Kyle’s voice turned cold, and his other fist clenched and struck Bucky’s chest, sending him flying like a sandbag.

Bucky crashed into the base’s perimeter wall, emerging unscathed from the pile of rubble and dust with his indifferent gaze fixed on Kyle.

No one had given orders to himself, the Winter Soldier. Even he didn’t know why he took action to attack this familiar-looking blond youth.

The only remnants of memory and humanity within the Winter Soldier were reminding him that attacking Kyle was the chance to break free from this place of confinement.

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