IMUC-Chapter 124 Resolve

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Natasha curled up on the ground, trembling all over. Feeling weakened, she tried to get up, but another girl suddenly lunged forward and straddled her, with her hands tightly gripping Natasha’s slender, fair neck under her vibrant red hair.

The girl’s face was pale and haggard, her eyes filled with wildness and madness, as her hoarse voice growled, “Die already, why aren’t you dead?”

“Emily, please let go of me,” Natasha pleaded, as her hands clutched the girl’s wrists, desperately struggling in a futile attempt to break free. The frozen soil scraped her skin, leaving bruises and purple marks on her skin.

“Natasha, I beg you, please let me end your life…”


Hearing the girl’s request, who was now straddling her, Natasha shuddered.

The girl before her, once her only friend and schoolmate Emily, now desperately wanted to kill her for the last bit of food and a chance to continue surviving under the rules of the Red Room.

This was the reality of human nature and cruelty.

Emotions and sympathy were burdens, and only by treating oneself as a killing machine, discarding emotions, could one survive until the end and become the most formidable agent, the ‘Black Widow,’ of this organization.

Natasha turned her head to the side and, with her peripheral vision, saw the desolate wilderness littered with the frozen corpses of other girls who didn’t have time to decay.

A tear rolled down from the corner of her left eye, immediately freezing with the blood into frost.

This was her last tear in this life. From now on, she would completely erase the weak, vulnerable woman within her.

“Sorry, I also want to live!” The expression on Natasha’s face turned cold as she spoke and with a swift motion, she kicked upwards, her supple legs crossed, locking Emily’s neck, and pulled back.

An eye for an eye!

Emily didn’t expect Natasha to fight back, and in surprise, she used all her strength, trying to choke Natasha to death.

“Emily, you forgot something. It was me who secretly helped you in combat training. If only one of us is destined to survive, then let me carry your share and keep going!”

With a cry in her heart, Natasha’s eyes turned cold, and with the last burst of strength in her body, she used her wrists, waist, and the force from her legs to pry open Emily’s hands. She then flipped her body forward and twisted Emily’s neck one hundred and eighty degrees in mid-air.

A crisp ‘Snap’ sound sounded in the area as Emily’s lifeless body fell to the frozen ground, her eyes dim and lifeless.

“I won,” Natasha gasped for breath before she collapsed on the cold ground, her stomach growling with extreme hunger.

Biting down on the frozen soil, Natasha used it to crawl and move her body. Soon, she stopped by a small pile of black bread stained with blood and snowflakes.

Without hesitation, Natasha opened her mouth and tore into the small piece of black bread, swallowing it with little chewing.

‘Clap, Clap, Clap!’

Applause suddenly rang out in the surrounding, and Natasha weakly looked up to see a middle-aged man in a military uniform approaching her.

“Well done, my daughter. You truly deserve the title of Black Widow,” The man smiled with great satisfaction as he looked at Natasha, not bothering to stop clapping for himself.

“Taras,” Natasha gritted her teeth, her red hair disheveled, her eyes filled with resentment and coldness.

Taras Romanoff, her adoptive father, a high-ranking member of the Soviet Red Room, is responsible for nurturing and pushing her to become a ruthless spy and agent.

“That’s an excellent look in your eyes. You will become the strongest agent the Soviet Red Room has ever seen,” Taras praised, not caring at all about Natasha’s hatred and grudges toward him. After all, everything became meaningless after undergoing the brainwashing process.

Eliminating the emotions and memories of the agents, even erasing their humanity, was necessary as long as they could follow the procedures and complete the spy and assassination missions assigned by the state.

This was the Red Room, an organization with an impenetrable stronghold. Taras was extremely confident about this and took a step forward, intending to lead Natasha back to the Red Room.

“Natasha, you look quite terrible now.”

Just then, a cold and composed voice suddenly sounded from behind them. Natasha recognized this familiar male voice and tried to widen her eyes and a glimmer of hope emerged in her empty gaze.

Taras turned back in surprise. On the frozen soil of the vast wilderness behind him, an odd trio appeared – a man with a cool buzz cut, a girl, and a young man, their faces mostly concealed by hoods.

“Local residents? Don’t you know this is a military-restricted area?” Taras coldly questioned as he drew a large-caliber handgun from his waist. Although they were three, he, too, possessed the peak human physique of a Super Agent, so there was no reason for him to fear them.

But the hooded young man leading the group didn’t even spare him a glance. His gaze fixed on Natasha, and he said calmly, “Don’t play dead. Last time, you escaped from the Warship and caused the death of over a dozen of my soldiers. I haven’t settled that debt with you yet.”

“That was done by other Red Room agents, not me,” Natasha weakly explained while she was still lying on the ground, but a smile had slowly crept on her lips.

She asked, “What about what you said last time? Letting me join your side, is that offer still valid?”

“It is,” The hooded young man nodded, giving a simple response.

Just that one word was enough to change Natasha’s current situation. She took a deep breath, squinted her eyes, and said, “Then take me away from here.”

“Logan, bring her over,” The hooded young man ordered, and the buzz-cut man by his side immediately ignored the gun-wielding Taras and quickly approached Natasha.

“Do you not see me or do you think I don’t exist?” Taras was both shocked and furious by the scene happening in front of him. From start to finish, the three newcomers hadn’t paid any attention to him!

And now, they had just reached a verbal agreement with Natasha and were intending to take away the top-notch agent trained by the Red Room, right in front of him!

Taras focused on Logan, who was approaching. He raised his large-caliber handgun and coldly threatened, “If you take one more step forward, I will shoot!”

Logan didn’t pay attention to Taras’ warning, which infuriated him further. His finger tensed on the trigger, but he soon realized that something was wrong – no matter how hard he tried, the trigger seemed to be immobilized, and he couldn’t fire the gun.

“Boss didn’t say that you could move, so stand there,” The petite girl next to the hooded young man said coldly with silver light glowing in her eyes.

The look on Taras’ face changed, and the handgun he held seemed to be released by an invisible force, flying out of his hand and suspending in mid-air, its barrel now pointing back at its owner.

Meanwhile, Logan, unimpeded, had already reached Natasha and effortlessly lifted her up, slinging her over his shoulder.

Black Widow has been successfully retrieved.

(End of this chapter)

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