IMUC-Chapter 123 Red Room

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The next morning.

A bunch of intelligence information about the Soviet Red Room were collected by Fury and Joseph through national and military channels and handed over to Howard. Howard simplified the data using the supercomputer he had made and sent the summarized information to the mansion via telegram.

There were nearly twenty suspected hiding locations for the Soviet Red Room, many of which were likely false information deliberately released by the Soviet Union, mixed with some military bases.

The most accurate hiding location had a probability of less than ten percent.

This was unavoidable because, as a spy organization supported by the full strength of the military empire, only a few high-ranking Soviet officials and internal personnel knew the precise location of the Red Room.

Because the Red Room’s Agents were successful at infiltrating other countries as secret spies, no one could ever trace or locate them.

However, luckily, Kyle had left a backup plan beforehand—

When Natasha was imprisoned on the Warship, the key item that Kyle had left on her was the electric shock collar around her neck!

That advanced technology item was personally produced by Howard and was naturally not an ordinary item. Besides instantly releasing a high-voltage shock and being difficult to unlock, the electric shock collar also contained a micro-tracking device within it.

Kyle was certain that since the Red Room valued Natasha so much, when other agents were forced to take her back at all costs, they would most likely return directly to the Red Room’s base and then have specialized technicians remove the restraints of the electric shock collar.

Before the electric shock collar lost its tracking signal, Howard had naturally prepared to collect this information.

That day, with the mindset of resolving things as soon as possible, Kyle ordered Logan and Raina to follow him and had Howard arrange the fastest transport aircraft to fly from New York to the Soviet Union!

At this moment, the Soviet Red Room had no idea that nuclear-level trouble was on its way.

In the Ural Mountains of Russia, on the newly discovered island in the north.

The desolate plain stretched infinitely, with frozen earth covered in icy slush and gravel. The sky was overcast with thick clouds, making everything appear gray.

When Kyle, Logan, and Raina arrived here, the air temperature was already below minus twenty degrees Celsius, and any water that dripped turned into ice.

“Boss, do you think the Red Room’s base would really be in such a desolate place?” Logan huffed, and a puff of hot air escaped his mouth as white smoke.

“The tracking signal was lost around here; there should be an artificial signal jammer around here,” Kyle pondered as he raised his gaze to look around. The area was a remote and uninhabited wilderness.

Ever since the Imperial Japan incident, the Blue Falcon had disappeared without a trace, and it was as if it had been buried in some unknown corner of Tokyo alongside those pursuing fighter jets.

Otherwise, at this moment, it should be able to show its usefulness the most…

As Kyle tried to think of a way to split up and search, a faint glimmer of white light appeared in the distance, accompanied by a muffled mushroom-like explosion.

“This feeling?!” Kyle and Raina’s pupils contracted as they instinctively tensed up. For the two who had escaped a nuclear explosion, this scene of the explosion was all too familiar!

“Is it a nuclear weapon?” Logan was also stunned when he saw this scene, looking gravely at the distant explosion, but soon the three of them eased their overly tense posture.

Mainly, the mushroom explosion only covered an area of less than a hundred meters, which somewhat “Disappointed” them. If this was considered a nuclear bomb, then nuclear weapons were quite weak.

“So this should be the Soviet’s nuclear weapon research and testing site,” Kyle shrugged as he spoke. If they stumbled upon a nuclear explosion wherever they went, that would indeed be extremely unlucky.

“Does that mean we came to the wrong place?” Logan asked with a surprised expression on his face.

Raina raised her small face and used telepathy to express her opinion, “That’s not necessarily true. The most dangerous place is sometimes the safest. If the Red Room is in the vicinity, then the personnel here conducting nuclear weapons experiments should have some information.”

“That’s right,” Kyle nodded, agreeing with Raina’s point of view.

At least the Soviet military would deliberately avoid areas where the Red Room might be located to conduct nuclear weapons testing.

“You two wait here for me. I’ll be back soon,” Kyle instructed and sped towards the area of the unformed nuclear explosion.

The wind picked up as white, icy frost and snowflakes mixed with black, scorching soot and ash, floated gracefully in the air and landed on the hood of the leather jacket Kyle had transformed into Venom.

The ground, snowflakes, and even the air were slightly radioactive, but compared to the massive nuclear radiation they encountered in Imperial Japan’s Tokyo, it was nothing.

As Kyle approached the area of the nuclear explosion, he saw many military tents connected together, and research personnel in white protective suits coming in and out of them. He entered stealth mode and stealthily moved closer to the tents.

Approaching a Research Personnel, Kyle swiftly knocked him unconscious with a hand chop and dragged him behind a tent. Without any reminder, Venom’s black tendrils shot out and stabbed into the back of the man’s head, forcefully searching and extracting memories.

Their collaboration had become quite mature and refined.

After a while, Kyle shook his head in disappointment, having gained nothing of significance. “He is just a new rookie assistant, and he barely has enough information to be of any value.”

However, he wasn’t discouraged. When he saw another researcher approaching the tent, he hid and waited, repeating the same covert method as before.

If he didn’t want to draw the Soviet military’s attention by causing trouble, Kyle wouldn’t mind directly wiping out the entire nuclear weapons research team.

Fortunately, Venom had obtained the information he wanted from the second person’s memories:

This vast wilderness area was divided into Soviet nuclear weapons testing sites, where they could conduct experimental bombings without concern for civilian casualties. However, there was one mysterious area nearby that the higher-ups strictly warned against interfering with.

This area often had a large number of young girls in plain white clothing, occasionally thrown into the border area between the radioactive and mysterious zones. They were only given a scarce amount of food, left to fight each other for survival in the harsh environment of extreme cold and hunger.

The survivors among the girls who managed to obtain food and survive for a week would have their white clothes stained blood-red, their humanity lost, and at that point, they would be taken away by the personnel from the mysterious area…

“This really fits the Red Room’s style,” Kyle sneered when he finally saw the memories. He left the radioactive area, called Logan and Raina over, and the three of them quickly headed towards that mysterious area.

In the wilderness outside the boundary of the radioactive area.

Over a dozen girls dressed in white lay scattered on the dark brown frozen earth, some with their eyes wide open, their bodies covered in injuries, frozen into solid blocks.

Amidst the grim scene, only two girls remained stubbornly alive.

Their once beautiful faces were twisted in savagery, and their white dresses were stained with bloody marks. They seemed like wild animals as they fought each other with their teeth when they had no strength left.

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