IMUC-Chapter 122: Bestowing Abilities

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“SHIELD… Chief Strategic Consultant?”

Everyone in the reception room on the second floor was stunned upon hearing this and they showed curious expressions on their faces.

The Symbol of Peace, one of the top combat forces in the country, serves as the department’s Chief Consultant? This was even more absurd than Logan being a babysitter!

What was more surprising was that not even Fury was aware of this position in the newly established SHIELD.

“You asked me to hang a name, and being the Chief Strategic Consultant is a good position to be seen in public. I can participate in discussions when the department faces major decisions,” Kyle confirmed, with his own thoughts and ideas in mind.

SHIELD, the mysterious “Elite” organization on Marvel Earth that dealt with Supernatural and unusual events and maintained world peace.

They were the ones who had attempted to resist alien invasions and even battle some Gods with ordinary agents and weapon strength, it was destined to be a thankless job.

Furthermore, it was originally founded by remnants of the Hydra organization and served as their largest secret base lurking in the world. Daily operations against Hydra were a classic case of thieves catching thieves.

It wasn’t until the 21st century when Fury took over as SHIELD’s Director and formed the world’s first superhero force— the Avengers —that its true value was realized.

Kyle had no intention of stepping into this messy affair of SHIELD. Even if the new department seemed clean now, its complex history and diverse personnel made it vulnerable to potential infiltration by the Hydra organization in the future.

This was also why he established the Carl Family— a force that he fully controlled. Only then could he possess true cards and influence in the world!

“Suit yourself. You can just hang your name in SHIELD, even if it’s an honorary position, it’s better than everything the President offered,” Fury said with a slightly frustrated tone.

“Let me make it clear. If I ever find out that SHIELD is using a false name to do evil deeds like Hydra, then since I can help establish it, I can also destroy it,” Kyle’s words were casual, but the aura of dominance and coldness in his speech made the people in the reception room shudder!

Howard raised his glass confidently and took a sip, while Joseph withdrew his gaze in awe and fear. Fury wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he began to feel a little anxious.

No one dared to question the truthfulness of Kyle’s words because those who had questioned him before were now nothing but bones lying in the battlefield’s soil, with weeds growing over them.

Symbol of Peace. No matter how brilliant the name of this war hero was, it could not conceal the fact that it was born from the dark blood era of World War II, achieved through countless soldiers’ lives and the terrifying achievements of destroying homes and countries!

Or perhaps, it was fortunate that everyone in the reception room was his friend and old acquaintance. Otherwise, even if the newly elected President and General Chester were present, Kyle wouldn’t be so accommodating and amiable towards them.

Fury immediately swore like issuing a military order, “Kyle, I assure you that as long as I’m here, SHIELD will never deviate from its original purpose!”

“That’s good,” Kyle nodded calmly.

SHIELD was a double-edged sword no matter how one look at it. If not used properly, it could become a source of disaster. However, if used effectively, it could be a very powerful public force.

There were many matters that the Carl Family couldn’t intervene in directly, but they could be dealt with boldly and openly through SHIELD, and these actions would also be recognized by the United Nations Security Council.

“You can forget about Logan and Raina. However, SHIELD needs enough elite personnel to establish its foundation,” Kyle pondered for a moment before speaking with determination, “I have a suitable candidate.”

“Who is it?” Fury hurriedly asked.

“Patience, you’ve met this person before, but they’re currently elsewhere,” Kyle thought for a moment and opened a long-forgotten notebook, scanning the people in the room, “Use your intelligence collection methods and help me gather all the information on the Soviet Red Room.”

“The Soviet Red Room, the rumored super-spy organization?” Joseph was taken aback and seemed to have realized something even more shocking. He exclaimed, “Wait, are you planning to deal with them?”

Fury quickly caught on and explained, “I don’t think he knows. The Soviet Red Room once sent a female spy to sneak into battleships and attack Kyle during World War II.”

“They attacked you? What were they thinking?” Howard couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Attacking someone is already bad enough, but to target a killing demon like Kyle— what were they thinking?’

“Don’t worry, I’m going to be reasonable with them. I won’t act rashly against them; I just want to settle some old debts,” Kyle said with a faint smile on his face, surprising everyone present once again.

Here’s a joke of the day: “Kyle being reasonable.”

As the night deepened, Howard, Joseph, and Fury bid their farewells and left the mansion. Once they were gone, the reception room on the second floor fell into a long silence.

Kyle sat silently on the couch, and outside the room, a large pillow floated and moved like a magical blanket, supporting Raina, who had changed into pink pajamas, as she sat down beside him.

“How did it go?” Kyle touched Raina’s little head and asked.

“Those three guests just now didn’t have any ill intentions towards Boss,” Raina transmitted her thoughts to Kyle.

“It’s alright. You don’t need to read their thoughts anymore. They are trustworthy and they are our friends,” Kyle shook his head as he spoke. He hadn’t asked Raina to do that, but she insisted on doing it herself.

As mentioned before, Raina was like his blade. Sometimes, for his sake, she could eliminate any potential enemies who harbored ill intentions towards him, and this included people even among the Carl Family members.

“Sometimes, people’s hearts are complex and ever-changing. If you keep trying to read their thoughts directly, it will be difficult to make genuine friends,” Kyle advised Raina.

“I don’t need friends; having Boss is enough for me,” Raina said firmly, not using her ability to transmit her thoughts this time, but rather speaking with a soft and resolute voice.

Kyle chuckled as he looked at Raina beside him. He took out a Blue Ability Card from the Card Space— one that had been stored but hadn’t been used on any Carl Family member— the [Super Agent] card.

“Do you remember what I said when I brought you out of the underground research facility? Life and Power, you deserve them,” Kyle said as he held the card that others couldn’t see and placed it on Raina’s forehead. A blue light flashed, and the Ability Card’s power merged into the girl’s body.

“[Super Agent] bestowed successfully!”

“Cannot use the Card Gifting ability on this lifeform for the next three days!”

“Cannot bestow any other Ability Card on this lifeform again!”

Raina fell unconscious on the pillow, and under the rapid genetic transformation, the Super Agent Ability Card brought a comprehensive enhancement to her body— her strength, speed, and endurance were increased, she became resistant to attacks, and even she even underwent significant changes in metabolism and aging.

With her innate mentally-enhanced mutated ability and comprehensive physical enhancement, Raina had undoubtedly become one of the strongest members of the Carl Family now, only second to Kyle and Venom in their symbiotic state.

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