IMUC-Chapter 121: Establishment

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“I should attack a Mental Manipulation user directly!” Logan silently thought to himself as he focused his attention, disregarding the pain from his bone claws, and swung with all his might to send Murakumo flying several meters away. He then accelerated, closing the distance between him and Raina.

Raina looked up, and her powers were unable to keep up with Logan’s speed even at full throttle.

“I’ve won!” Logan whispered as he closed in within a meter of Raina. He bent his arm, preparing to thrust forward with his bone claws.

As his claws were about to strike, Raina suddenly murmured something to herself, and her eyes flashed with a silver light. She pushed her small hands slightly to the sides. “Boss said that I always had to keep a backup plan.”

A powerful psychic force burst from Raina’s body as she spoke, causing an explosion that stopped Logan’s claws half an inch from their target. An invisible barrier of psychic energy bounced him back, and he fell to the ground.

“So, this is a Psychic Barrier strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast? It’s too…” Logan couldn’t finish his sentence before Raina launched another fierce attack on him with her Murakumo Blade, forcing him to roll and dodge, leaving a trail of uprooted grass in his wake.

“So, the strongest one here isn’t Wolf King, but Scarlet Eye?” The children watching this fight gasped and the look in their eyes subtly changed as they saw Logan being pushed back.

Logan realized that the situation wasn’t favorable for him and with a graceful backflip, he stood up and retracted his bone claws, opting to catch the swiftly swinging Murakumo Blade with his bare hands.

He gripped the hilt with one hand and grabbed the sharp blade with the other, using his psychic powers to try to wrench control from Raina’s mental manipulation.

“I’ve got you,” Logan said, exerting his strength to hold Murakumo firmly.

However, Raina furrowed her brows, utilizing her full strength in psychic energy, yet she couldn’t reclaim control over Murakumo.

The duel between the two evolved into a pure tug-of-war between physical strength and psychic power.

Logan dragged the trembling Murakumo closer step by step. His palms were cut and bleeding, but he didn’t seem to care. Raina, unwilling to admit defeat, raised her little face, and her silver eyes flickered, turning slightly crimson. Her black hair waved at the edge of losing control over her psychic powers.

As the two closed into less than two meters, the tension among the children watching was palpable. Just then, a powerful and steady voice rang out from outside the grassy field, “Stop! That’s enough!”

Before the words even settled, Kyle had already entered the fray, rushing between the two combatants. His one hand supported Raina, while the other rested on Logan’s shoulder.

Feeling exhausted, Logan let go of Murakumo Blade, and Raina, drained of mental energy, slumped down. Lucy quickly ran up and embraced Raina.

Kyle looked at Raina in Lucy’s arms and began to educate her, “When I gave you Murakumo, it was to enhance the attack power of your Mental Manipulation, not to limit its versatility. If Murakumo is restrained, you can release it and control other surrounding objects for a secondary attack.”

“As for you, Logan,” Kyle pondered, addressing the man lying on the ground, “Although Mental Manipulation is a perfect counter to people like us with enhanced physiques, and Murakumo’s Carbonadium structure can nullify your healing abilities, you can still rely on your advance physique and skill to overpower the opponent, you can even use your speed to outmatch them.”

This battle may have appeared godlike to the children, but it was actually rather clumsy and lacked the perfect execution of their abilities.

However, through this fight, Kyle also identified the shortcomings in their abilities and possible solutions for them.

Raina’s psychic abilities were indeed powerful, but her physical body was too fragile. She could use the “Super Agent” Ability Card to strengthen her physique while extending her limited lifespan.

As for Logan’s solo battles, if he hadn’t faced someone like Raina, who relied purely on long-distance combat, he could have displayed his full combat prowess. At present, there were no suitable Ability Cards for him.

“If there were enough Adamantium, it could take his body to a whole new level, like Wolverine…” Kyle pondered.

Under his gaze, Logan felt a chilling sensation and quickly got up from the ground, clutching his injured left hand, saying he needed to bandage it.

“Alright, everyone, go back and rest. I still have guests to attend to,” Kyle reminded, and the people in the mansion finally noticed three outsiders watching from outside the backyard.

Perhaps witnessing the inhuman battle just now, which subverted their imagination, had left them somewhat stunned, as they still stood motionless in place.

Inside the mansion, on the second floor, in the reception hall.

“Kyle, I thought you were the only Enhanced in the world, but I didn’t expect there to be two more here…” Joseph exclaimed with a lot of emotion in his voice.

Fury chimed in, “Yeah! I’ve seen Logan before in Germany, but I had no idea he was this strong, he is a capable fighter and those bone claws that can extend from his hands make him look and fight like a wild animal.”

Howard maintained a gentlemanly smile on his face, appearing the calmest of the three. Having witnessed Kyle’s various abilities, he was no longer surprised by him.

“Kyle, why not let Logan or that little girl help me?” Fury couldn’t wait to ask.

“How is it? Has the department, with the mission to counter the remnants of Hydra lurking in the world, been established as the President mentioned last time?” Kyle asked with some interest.

“The United Nations Security Council has approved the application, but the specific procedures and projects are yet to be finalized, and the name of the department is still under consideration. I came here to hear your opinion since this department was originally inspired and established because of you,” Fury inquired, “What do you think of the name ‘Sword of Shield Bureau’?”

“Sword and Shield Bureau?”

Kyle, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, was dumbfounded when he heard the name. It took him a moment to recover and hesitantly say, “How about just ‘SHIELD’? Wouldn’t that be better?”

Fury and Howard were momentarily stunned, and both seemed to recall a man wearing tight clothes and carrying a shield on his back. Fury agreed, “Sure. Let’s call it SHIELD then. Its full name will be ‘Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division’.”

“This newly established SHIELD won’t be just for show. The President demands full-strength cooperation from our military, and it has been given the green light for some tedious political procedures,” Joseph sighed.

“After all, it’s carrying the title of Kyle, the Symbol of Peace,” Fury confidently looked at Kyle and said in a solemn tone, “The current Director is predetermined to be you. With you at the helm, I believe SHIELD will become the strongest shield protecting world peace.”

Kyle shook his head, “The position of the first Director of SHIELD is more suitable for you than anyone else.”

“Then at least take an official position,” Fury was persistent, shrugging, “Without you, SHIELD will lose its strongest support.”

Clinging to Kyle’s thigh was his primary goal in coming here.

Kyle thought for a moment and asked Howard, “Do you have an official position in SHIELD?”

Howard nodded, “They want to hire me as the Director of the Scientific and Technological Department, but I am too busy with the Stark Industry, so I agreed to be a technology consultant for the Strategic Department in the future.”

Sipping his wine calmly, Kyle smiled, “Then I’ll be the ‘Chief Strategic Consultant’ of SHIELD in the future.”

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