IMUC-Chapter 120: Cross-Century Showdown

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The Gigantic Primordial Dragon-Turtle remained in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, transformed into a completely dormant island. As Kyle and Howard returned to the New York mansion in a helicopter after finalizing the preliminary base design, night had fallen.

When the helicopter landed in the open space in front of the mansion, a military jeep happened to approach from the forest road, its headlights shining brightly on Kyle.

At this late hour, who would come to visit?

With a puzzled look on his face, Kyle watched as the jeep stopped next to the helicopter and a one-eyed, dark-skinned, almost invisible-in-the-night bald young man was the first to get out of the vehicle.

He was dressed in a dusty trench coat and smiled, revealing a row of clean white teeth.

“Fury,” Kyle shook his head and laughed. So, it was this guy. Despite Howard’s constant refusal, Fury had managed to figure out the location of his secluded mansion.

“Kyle, long time no see…” Fury walked towards him, but soon his face turned stern, and he complained, “You retired, but do you know how much trouble I had to deal with for you?”

“Hard work pays off. It’s a stage for you to showcase your talents,” Kyle winked and patted Fury on the shoulder reassuringly.

“Cut that crap out. Anyway, this time you have to give me extra pay,” Fury stared at Kyle.

Kyle sighed helplessly and agreed, “Fine, I’ll give you double pay and add ‘Outstanding Employee’ to your title.”

“You know, I brought someone along,” Fury smiled and stepped aside, revealing a middle-aged, rugged, and muscular officer who followed closely behind him.

“Joseph.” Kyle smiled and hugged the burly man, patting his back with a bit of force.

Joseph and Fury were both friends who had helped him greatly during World War II and were still in contact with him to this day.

“I quit along with Fury, and yet you’re still rising in rank,” Kyle teased.

With the rank of a Major on his shoulder, Joseph shrugged and smiled wryly, “All thanks to you, you ‘Symbol of Peace.’ You don’t know, but General Chester dismissed his rank as a Five-Star General and, before that, promoted all the officers who had fought alongside you.”

“He said that if you’re willing to come back, he’ll apply for the position of Five-Star General for you!” Joseph said seriously, his gaze locked onto Kyle’s.

“That’s not necessary. I can’t even handle the responsibilities of a Brigadier General, let alone a Five-Star General. It would just be more trouble for Fury,” Kyle calmly declined, showing no interest in the so-called Five-Star General position.

Fury nodded in agreement, “I told you, Kyle won’t agree to go back to the military.”

“Well, I’m just delivering a message, not trying to persuade you for General Chester,” Joseph said candidly.

“Since you’ve come all this way, let’s go inside,” Kyle suggested, turning to Howard, Fury, and Joseph. Tonight was a good opportunity for old friends to gather.

The three guests agreed, and as the host, Kyle led them to the main entrance of the mansion.

“Master Kyle.” Two maids in the first-floor hall bowed their heads in greeting as they saw Kyle’s return. One of the young girls approached with a hurried expression, informing him, “Wolf King and Scarlet Eye are currently having a match in the backyard.”

“Oh, they’ve started fighting?” Kyle was surprised. Venom, who had transformed into a leather jacket on him, also became restless and excited.

‘Wolf King’ and ‘Scarlet Eye.’

These were the code names for Logan and Raina, and they were generally used when outsiders were present.

“Let’s go and take a look together,” Kyle waved his hand and led the three towards the backyard of the mansion.

Logan was naturally combative, while Raina was proud and quick-tempered. A clash between these two was inevitable, but Kyle didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

“It’s only through combat that we can truly trust each other’s backs,” Kyle mused as he reminisced about his previous duel with Steve back at the base.

In the backyard of the mansion, on the open grassy lawn, Lucy and around thirty to forty children were scattered around, sitting in a circle. The area was illuminated by vintage lampposts, forming the prestigious “Arena” of the mansion family.

Within the circular arena, a weathered middle-aged man in a leather jacket and jeans faced off against an adorable little girl holding a hood with a sword.

Considering their ages, this was undoubtedly a “cross-century” duel between a sixty-something-year-old man and a fifty-something-day-old infant.

“I’m going to attack,” Logan warned, crossing his hands in front of his chest, and three sharp bone claws extended from his fists.

This scene elicited gasps from the children watching nearby.

As Logan was about to launch his attack, Raina suddenly spoke up in a gentle voice, “Wait!”

“Huh?” Logan was puzzled, looking up to see Raina stepping back several steps.

“Boss said that you’re a warrior-type, and I’m a sorcerer-type. During our duel, we need to maintain a certain distance,” Raina explained, coming to a halt about ten meters away from Logan.

Following Kyle’s usual actions, Raina lightly waved her hand, and the Cursed Blade sheathed diagonally on her back was released from its sheath with the help of Mental Manipulation, floating above her head with a cold glimmer.

“Carbonadium,” Logan glanced somewhat warily at the Blade. Thanks to Kyle’s daily imparted knowledge, he knew that weapons made from this material could neutralize his own Healing Factor.

However, despite his caution, Logan, with his wealth of combat experience, wouldn’t give up control of the battle so easily!

He let out a low growl, raised his clawed hands, and sprinted forward. His attack relied on his powerful wild animal physique and a pair of sharp bone claws.

As Logan closed in, Raina focused her gaze on him, and the psychic buff floated over the cursed blade above her head. With a swift ‘whoosh,’ the Cursed Blade traversed the night sky.

“Clang, clang!”

The Cursed Blade halted Logan’s footsteps, and it clashed with his sharp claws, creating a series of crisp sounds.

To an outside observer, this was an extraordinary and supernatural spectacle. Logan, with his wolf-like claws, was locked in intense combat with a sword from Imperial Japan that seemed to move through thin air.

“This is troublesome,” Logan grumbled slightly, looking at the Cursed blade that he had just knocked away but quickly re-engaged with him. He glanced at Raina, who stood five meters away from him.

At that moment, he began to understand the distinction Kyle made between Warrior-Types and Sorcerer-Types.

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