IMUC-Chapter 119: Summoning the Gigantic Primordial Dragon-Turtle

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Kyle and Howard both had their own ideas and were decisive in their actions. Sometimes, a simple promise could outweigh all the treasures and priceless wealth in the world.

After their candid conversation, Howard had essentially tied himself to Kyle. When Kyle went down, he couldn’t escape the same fate, and when Kyle soared, he followed suit.

The future’s immense wealth in Stark Industries, a top empire covering various industries such as military weapons, high-end technology, energy, and medicine, was now handed over to Kyle without a second thought.

However, Kyle didn’t value Stark Industries as much. What he truly cherished was having Howard as his top talent.

Nevertheless, this opportunity allowed Howard to break away from the identity of a prominent businessman and officially become a full-time scientific research expert— a prospect that excited Kyle.

“Stark Industries will be secretly under the ownership of the Carl Family. You can find reliable people to manage it on the surface. Whenever you feel tired of being a researcher, you can always return to being the boss,” Kyle looked Howard directly in the eyes, speaking sincerely. “I will provide you with a vast stage and abundant resources to let you flourish and explore the truths of science.”

“That settles it!” Howard nodded solemnly, understanding that he was crossing the threshold of opportunity, choosing a path that deviated from his original life trajectory.

“In that case, let’s celebrate our deeper cooperation with a toast!” Kyle smiled gracefully, raising his half-filled wine glass. Howard quickly grabbed the wine bottle and refilled his own glass, clinking it against Kyle’s.

“Yes, this if for the future,” Howard shrugged and raised his glass, promptly downing the red wine.

Their first preliminary cooperation was discussed in a European ballroom bar, talking about a project involving 40% of Stark Industries’ shares.

Now, their second discussion was taking place on a yacht docked somewhere in the Atlantic, about the ownership of the entire Stark Industries and Howard’s future.

“Didn’t you say there are no islands in this area according to the map?” After finishing their drinks, Kyle put down his glass and winked at Howard.

“In the future, if there are any reality-defying things, just reveal them instead of hiding them. It’s quite scary,” Howard chuckled as he spoke. “Your existence is the biggest miracle. If you could create an island out of thin air, I’d still be okay with it.”

“As you wish,” Kyle replied, walking to the edge of the yacht’s deck and gazing at the sparkling sea.

He focused his thoughts on the Card Space and extracted the Purple Lifeform Card that had been stored at the highest level of the Lifeform Area— the only Purple-Quality card in his possession.

[Gigantic Primordial Dragon-Turtle]

Current Status: Summoning conditions met. Proceed with summoning?

“Confirmed summoning!” Kyle silently affirmed.

In the next moment, both Howard and Kyle’s eyes widened in astonishment.

Suddenly, in the front sea area of the yacht, a colossal Giant Beast appeared at a low altitude. Its massive body stretched so wide and tall that its edges couldn’t be seen, casting a shadow over several miles of the surrounding ocean when summoned.

The Giant Beast resembled a crocodile-turtle hybrid, its color was entirely brown, and its most distinctive feature was its sheer size— it was enormous! Even the largest whales known to Earth barely compared to half of its hand.

Its back was completely covered with solidified rocks, coral, and vegetation, forming a forest and mountain peaks, the Giant Turtle was carrying a gigantic island on its back.

“Oh my God!” Howard exclaimed, gaping in horror at the Giant Beast Kyle had summoned. He shivered, feeling utterly insignificant compared to this lifeform. Even ants seemed larger in comparison to humans before this creature.

Kyle was equally taken aback. In fact, this was his first time summoning an Ancient Dragon-Turtle, and its physical presence was far more shocking and intimidating than the description in the card message.

Truly deserving of a purple Lifeform Card! Its physical form was awe-inspiring!

But soon, Kyle’s admiration turned to concern because as the massive body of the floating giant turtle was completely summoned, it let out a mournful roar, and its colossal form descended heavily toward the sea below…

“Kyle, tell me this isn’t real.” Howard was still in shock, but Kyle quickly grabbed his arm and activated Aerial Dash, propelling them into the sky with a burst of energy.

Immediately after, the colossal body of the ancient giant turtle plunged into the sea. Under the weight of tens of thousands of tons, the surrounding sea was violently stirred and waves several meters high surged in all directions.

The modern yacht that had been parked on the sea surface rolled and sank like a leaf in the turbulent waters, soon disappearing entirely.

With Howard’s hand in his, Kyle glided in mid-air using his wings and stopped above the water’s surface. The splashing waves drenched both of them.

When the waves subsided, only the upper half of the ancient giant turtle’s body, with its shell partially exposed, remained on the sea surface. From this angle, it truly resembled a turtle-shaped island.

Howard, soaked in his gentleman’s suit, spat out salty seawater and stammered, “This is the turtle-shaped deserted island you mentioned?”

This was undoubtedly the largest monstrous turtle creature in history! If exposed, it would undoubtedly attract the curiosity of scientists worldwide!

“More or less. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not much different from a regular island, except that it can freely move on the open sea,” Kyle replied, gliding forward and descending, leading Howard into the interior of the island.

“Are you saying you’ve tamed this giant turtle?” Howard asked, his voice filled with disbelief.

“Yes, it only obeys my commands,” Kyle nodded. The greatest advantage of the Lifeform Card was that it compelled the summoned Lifeform to obey him.

“Being in control means you can indeed treat it as a ‘movable island’,” Howard pondered aloud, starting to trek through the forest on the island.

Their purpose for venturing out to sea today was to conduct a preliminary investigation of the island and plan for the establishment of a base.

The vast expanse of the Dragon-Turtle’s back accommodated mountains, forests, lakes, and streams. If Howard hadn’t known the true nature of this island beforehand, he would have undoubtedly mistaken it for a normal island.

Kyle and Howard wandered around the island, eventually reaching the summit of its mountain range. From there, they could look down and see the entire outline of the island on the turtle’s back.

“This will serve as the foundation for the base. You can make it as large as you want,” Howard sighed with emotion but expressed some concern, “However, won’t its existence be too conspicuous? Satellites or ships might spot it in the future.”

“I’ve thought about that too. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it once the base is ready,” Kyle replied.

He was well aware that Wakanda possessed the technology to hide their futuristic city from the world.

Regarding the creation of new elements and the limitations of present-day technological advancement, the savage yet advanced location couldn’t be ignored.

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