IMUC-Chapter 116: Target, Beyond Godhood

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“Kyle, who is this child?”

Inside the main conference room, Lucy’s beautiful eyes were fixed on Raina, who was sitting calmly and coldly on the soft sofa to Kyle’s right.

Since entering the room, Raina hadn’t left Kyle’s side even for a moment, it was as if she had some kind of instinctual attachment to him… Although Lucy wasn’t the type to get jealous over a child, she couldn’t help but feel surprised.

In fact, she wasn’t the only one. Even Logan was a bit puzzled. After all, Kyle wasn’t the kind of person who would casually bring along a child with him much less take care of one.

Earlier, Logan had been covertly observing Raina, who was sitting directly across from him. His keen animal instinct told him that this cute little girl wearing a hoodie and long-sleeved sweater wasn’t as harmless as she appeared on the surface.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Kyle suddenly realized and rubbed Raina’s little head with his hand, saying, “Raina, say hello to Lucy and Logan.”

“I’m ‘Raina Carl,’ eight years old this year. Boss found me in Imperial Japan, Tokyo,” Raina spoke softly and gently as she introduced herself. She didn’t appear as aloof as before, and her words even managed to make Lucy laugh.

“Kyle, you sure are good at ‘finding’ things,” Lucy teased, sticking out her tongue playfully as she spoke. She, too, was picked up like a pet on the battlefield.

Wait a minute… Could this be a ‘Child Bride’ situation?

The thought flashed through Lucy’s mind, and as a woman, she couldn’t help but look at Raina with slightly different eyes.

One must admit, Raina was really adorable, with a petite and delicate body, a cute little face like a porcelain doll, and smooth and fair skin. Lucy even felt the urge to hug her like a plush toy…

Raina furrowed her brows slightly and scooted closer to Kyle. Sensing her discomfort, Kyle asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“She has hostile intentions toward me,” Raina said bluntly as she looked at Lucy.

The conference room fell silent.

Both Kyle and Logan looked at Lucy strangely, leaving her blushing as she covered her beautiful face. “I’ll go get some drinks,” she said hastily and quickly escaped from the conference room.

Logan’s reaction was quick. He realized something and stared intently at Raina, saying seriously, “Boss, does this girl have telepathic abilities?”

“I can’t hear your thoughts, and I can’t hear Boss’s either,” Raina huffed, this time speaking using her telepathic communication, making Logan instinctively cover his ears.

Kyle wasn’t surprised; after all, this was still one of the abilities of Mental Manipulation.

(Translator- (Mental Manipulation–The power to manipulate the minds and mental functions of oneself or others. Sub-power of Telepathy. Combination of Mindshifting and Mind Control. Not to be confused with Brain Manipulation.))

From simple control of physical movement to delving into a deeper layer of exploring the thoughts and intentions of people. This ability only worked on individuals with weaker mental willpower, as it had no effect on people like him and Logan, whose willpower was extraordinary.

Object Manipulation, Mental Communication, Telekinetic Barriers, and Telepathy – were the abilities enhanced by Mental Energy in Mental Manipulation.

“Logan, this child is the same as you; I simply call her a ‘Mutant,'” Kyle smiled.

In the current world, unlike the X-Men universe with widespread theories of Gene Mutations, there was no relevant information about Mutant, so he decided to give this definition to people like Logan and Raina.

“Boss, aren’t you also a Mutant?” Logan asked curiously, thinking that Kyle and he were the same.

“I do indeed possess abilities far beyond ordinary people, but I’m fundamentally different from both of you,” Kyle explained:

“You two have innate Genetic Mutations, similar to inherent racial talents that some species have. You were born with special superpowers that belong solely to you, and they naturally emerge during childhood due to certain stimuli. These innate genetic instincts can manifest as abilities like your claws and self-healing, or Raina’s Telekinesis and Telepathic abilities. Some people can move so fast that they can race against light and even time, some can control metal and water, and so on.”

Kyle paused for a moment before continuing, “But I am different. My body originally had no Genetic Mutations, and during my childhood, there was little difference between me and other ordinary people. Later, through the military’s research on the Super Soldier Serum and Genetic Modifications, I obtained a perfect human physique. These abilities are gained through medication, radiation, and other means after my birth, so I call myself and people like me ‘Meta-Human.'”

His “Super Soldier” Ability Card was copied and extracted from Steve, bypassing the injection of the Super Soldier Serum.

“I see,” Logan nodded thoughtfully. Having lived for half a century, it was the first time he had heard such a novel classification of abilities.

“You can see Mutants as the equivalent to the second great evolution of the human species, similar to the difference between apes and modern humans. On the other hand, Variants or Meta Humans are a stroke of luck, breaking the original genetic framework, standing on the same starting line as Mutants,” Kyle said, feeling a bit emotional. “Whether they are Mutants or Meta Humans, they are the pioneers of evolution in human history, and I collectively refer to them as ‘Evolutionaries.'”

In the Marvel World, some god-like races like the Asgardians were strong, with Bifrost spanning the universe. But weren’t they also originally weak beings, similar to primitive humans? Through continuous racial evolution, they acquired talents such as lightning or divine powers or the ability to control and manipulate energy, thus establishing their divine realms.

Gods were simply the top race standing at the forefront of the evolution of species—

Looking at it this way, it became evident why the future Hulk could grind gods into the ground.

“If we can continue to evolve and become stronger, and if we arm ourselves with advanced technology, perhaps our family could one day replace the domain of the gods,” Kyle’s words were earth-shattering, even making the usually composed Logan tremble.

“Boss, we can’t say for sure if there are gods in this world, and there might not be any other life forms beyond Earth,” Logan said wryly.

“You haven’t been to other planets, so how do you know there are no other extraterrestrial races? There might even be a Galactic Union or Divine Realms where gods reside,” Kyle smiled and didn’t reveal too much but he hinted at some things with his words.

The inhabitants of Earth were still stuck in the well of limited knowledge, whereas he, like an eagle soaring in the sky, had long left behind those limitations and looked toward the vast ocean and stars. After all, he knew what kind of universe this was.

“One day, you’ll understand the meaning behind my words,” Kyle replied with a far-reaching gaze.

Returning to the present, Kyle continued, “Let’s focus on the initial planning for the Carl Family for now. In a few days, I’ll go out with Howard to investigate and develop a special base for our family’s influence on a tortoise-shaped island in the Atlantic Ocean.”

“So, should I stay here?” Logan scratched his head and asked, wondering if he had really become a babysitter.

“You can start teaching combat classes to the children here,” Kyle pondered, his eyes glinting coldly. “When I return, you, Raina, and I will head to the Soviet Union!”

“The Soviet Union?”

“Yes, the Soviet Union.”

Kyle smiled. He hadn’t forgotten about the actions of the Red Room organization, the Soviet special agent training base, during the war.

Since there was a debt to be settled, it was time to pay them a visit! And he can gain Black Widows!

(End of this chapter)

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