IMUC-Chapter 115: The Carl Family

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On the outskirts of New York, near the border of Queens, the area was far from the bustling city, but it offered a comfortable and serene environment.

Nestled within the embrace of lush green forests, an old-fashioned Western-style mansion stood on an open space, casting a gentle shadow under the afternoon sun.

The helicopter flew directly from Washington and landed on the open ground in front of the mansion, causing a buzz as sand and leaves were blown up. The commotion naturally caught the attention of the residents inside the mansion.

As the helicopter door opened, Kyle stepped out with Raina, and in response to a surprised exclamation, a beautiful woman rushed out of the mansion and eagerly threw herself into his arms.

“Kyle, you finally came back.”

“Lucy.” Kyle smiled, revealing a rare gentle expression on his handsome face. He took in the scent of her golden hair and embraced her with his other hand.

Looking ahead, Logan, dressed in casual jeans, appeared at the entrance of the mansion, leaning against the steps of the multi-story building, also wearing a smile as he lit a cigarette.

“Howard, I’m home. Do you want to come in?” Kyle turned around and told Howard, who was still in the pilot’s seat of the helicopter.

Howard smiled and politely declined, “You just got back, take some time to rest with your family. I’ll come find you in a few days.”

“No problem.” Kyle nodded. There were countless plans he and Howard had to work on, but it wasn’t urgent at the moment.

Right now, what mattered most was to check how Logan’s Testing Mission went.

With one arm around Lucy’s slender waist, and with Raina following closely behind, Kyle approached the mansion’s main building. Logan, avoiding eye contact and feeling slightly nervous, put out his cigarette and entered the house before them.

Hmm? What’s up with Logan…

Kyle was secretly surprised, but he quickly understood what was going on.

Inside the main building of the mansion, the opulent classical chandeliers were lit, and the furnishings were lavish. There were over a dozen rooms, big and small.

Three girls around the age of fourteen, dressed in servant clothes, were cleaning. They were prepared to greet Logan with a bow when they saw him walking ahead, with Lucy holding Kyle’s arm with Raina.

“Hold on, he’s the master here.” Logan coldly stopped them, waving his hand towards Kyle and speaking with a stern voice.

The three girls hesitated for a moment, then looked timidly at Kyle and bowed, “Hello, Master.”

“Hello.” Kyle smiled and nodded before he noticed something and turned his gaze to a room where the voices of many young children could be heard.

Lucy smiled and led Kyle closer to the room. Inside, the room was transformed into a classroom, complete with a teacher’s desk, blackboard, and desks. A man wearing sunglasses was teaching a security course, and there were over thirty children around the age of eight listening attentively.

Logan walked up and said helplessly, “Boss, I’ll explain this to you.”

“Take your time. I’m very curious. Originally, when I gave you the Mission to adopt 10 children, you were avoiding it. Now you’ve actively completed the mission with an excess,” Kyle blinked as he spoke feeling somewhat surprised at the scene. How did Logan transition so quickly?

Uncle Wolf, what happened to your pride as a frontline lone combatant? You’ve become a nanny now?

On the second floor of the mansion’s main building, in the master’s conference room.

Kyle, Lucy, and Raina sat together on a large sofa, while Logan sat alone on the other side, starting to report on the mission.

In summary, Logan had initially followed the mission’s process and tried to bribe the director of an orphanage to adopt ten children. However, he discovered signs of child abuse by the orphanage staff and couldn’t help but take action. In the process, he accidentally killed the staff members and ended up demolishing half of the orphanage.

Since the orphanage was destroyed, Logan took the majority of the children back to the mansion on his own.

There were thirty-two children between eight and ten years old that he classified as children who could be taught and trained. As for the remaining eight children over the age of ten, they would take on the daily domestic duties of the mansion.

“Although they are orphans from the war, they are very well-behaved and obedient. Those children over ten years old don’t meet the age requirement of the mission, but they are good substitutes for the mansion’s daily domestic workforce,” Logan said a little awkwardly, trying to conceal the fact that he had violated the mission conditions.

“I have no objections, and your actions can’t be considered wrong either,” Kyle nodded. Forty children, not too many and not too few, would be just enough to serve as the foundation of the family.

He paused for a moment, and then directly looked at Logan, and smiled. “Besides, I’m happy about one thing: you finally let go of your excessive guard and are willing to trust and accept others.”

Lucy also smiled and chimed in, “Exactly, Uncle Logan is very popular with the children here.”

Logan awkwardly touched his nose. During this time, he had indeed experienced a different kind of life surrounded by those children.

“Back to the point,” Kyle pondered for a moment before asking directly, “Logan, tell me, why do you think I wanted you to adopt so many orphans for?”

“Carl Family, to train talent,” Logan responded concisely and emphatically.

“Exactly. The positioning I have for the future Carl Family is an extraordinary and independent private organization, responsible for handling Earth’s crises without reporting to anyone else. All actions will be taken according to my orders,” Kyle said confidently.

Why choose orphaned children? It’s because he has the ability to gift Ability Cards (Blue quality or higher) to a person, but only one card per individual. Therefore, whether they have potential or abilities doesn’t matter; loyalty is what counts!

By cultivating these children from a young age, it would be easy to brainwash them, creating a strong dependence and trust in the family, and thus ensuring their sincere loyalty to execute his orders.

Otherwise, like organizations such as SHIELD or Kamar-Taj in the future, they would be susceptible to betrayal from within, risking complete disintegration.

“But there’s one thing you got wrong. I’m not cultivating talent, I’m cultivating ‘Heroes,'” Kyle added. By “Heroes,” he meant individuals with basic Superhero abilities.

In the Marvel universe, heroes must possess abilities that go beyond ordinary people; that’s basic knowledge.

In his preparations and planning for the future, the lowest-ranking members of the Carl Family must be at least on par with the combat prowess of “Black Widow” or “Hawkeye.”

Otherwise, they don’t deserve to call themselves members of the Carl Family.

“The children downstairs will be nurtured and tested. Only those qualified will have the chance to settle in the family’s overseas territories as the lowest-level members of the Carl Family. As for you all present here, you are the core members of the Carl Family,” Kyle’s gaze fell on Lucy, Logan, and Raina.

For Lucy, her position goes without saying, as she’s his fiancée. Even if she were an ordinary person, her status would still be a step above the others.

Logan and Raina were both born with gene mutations and they already possess Rare Blue-Quality abilities. If they also draw a suitable Ability Card buff in the future, they will undoubtedly become the backbone of the family’s influence.

An all-hero lineup, that’s the Carl Family!

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