IMUC-Chapter 114: Godlike Hero

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“Kyle, you…” General Chester’s face was horrified as he looked at the lifeless body of Congressman Ivan, his lips trembling but unable to speak.

He was not the only one stunned by Kyle’s astonishing actions. Near the podium, the congressmen, officers, and the media and crowds below all had their mouths wide open in shock.

It was too bloody and violent, and the fact that he targeted a Congressman made it even more shocking!

“Your tricks don’t work on me.” Kyle’s voice was cold as he looked away from Ivan’s body and turned his gaze to the other two congressmen who were now lying on the ground.

“Save me, General, please save me.”

“He’s gone mad! Where are the soldiers and guards? Stop him!”

The two congressmen were trembling with fear, and no trace of their previous gentlemanly demeanor could be seen from them. They were crawling desperately on the ground, trying to escape from Kyle.

Kyle’s expression remained indifferent as he continued to walk slowly toward the two.

“Kyle, stop it! Those are congressmen. Your actions will disrupt the country’s order.” General Chester raised his voice to persuade him.

“Is that so?” Kyle smiled coldly and said, “If the high ranks have been infiltrated by the Hydra organization without realizing it, I don’t mind forcefully rectifying the situation and replacing the high-level structure with fresh blood!”

“The Hydra organization?” The expression on General Chester’s face changed dramatically as he stared at Kyle. He took a deep breath and asked, “Do you have evidence?”

“I am the one saying it, so why do you need evidence?” Kyle replied, then approached another Hydra spy among the congressmen. With a slight exertion of his left foot, the man was sent flying like a ball and crashed into the wall pit where Ivan was earlier.

“You’re too lawless. Even if he is a member of the Hydra organization, he should be dealt with through the legal process,” General Chester frowned deeply.

The new president also urged, “General Kyle, although you are a War Hero, everything needs to be thoroughly investigated by the relevant departments. You cannot kill people simply based on suspicion of being Hydra spies!”

“As long as I’m doing the right thing, I have a clear conscience,” Kyle replied without paying any attention to their warnings or persuasion. He walked towards the last Hydra spy among the congressmen who had collapsed on the ground.

“Kyle.” General Chester gritted his teeth and looked at the congressman who was looking at Kyle with fear and dread on his face. He quickly made a judgment and raised his arm. With a loud noise, dozens of armed soldiers around the podium aimed their weapons at Kyle.

This scene caused countless people in the square to exclaim in shock.

Kyle paused for a moment and scanned the soldiers with his eyes. Then he asked straightforwardly, “Are you going to be my enemies too?”

All the soldiers trembled, and their hands were about to lower their uncocked guns.

The expression on General Chester’s face turned ugly as he shouted, “What are you doing? You are elite soldiers upholding national law and order!”

What he feared was not just Kyle’s formidable individual strength but the fact that Kyle’s reputation and prestige could allow him to disregard rules and regulations, allowing him to do whatever he pleased.

This was also the main reason why the high-ranking officials in America had always been wary of Kyle.

The soldiers hesitated, but just as they were about to raise their weapons again, the voices of the people in the square below rang out in unison, “Lower your weapons!”

“Put down your arms! What are you doing?!”

“General Kyle must have his reasons. Those Congressmen must be spies without a doubt.”

“Are you using weapons against a War Hero who fought for peace?!”

The people in the square were not sure of the situation, but one thing was clear to them: Kyle, the hero, must be right!

Anyone who opposed Kyle and stood against him was undoubtedly a spy and villain from a terrorist organization.

Still hovering in the low sky, Howard, who was piloting the helicopter, listened to the resounding voices of the masses defending Kyle and couldn’t help but smile. “Kyle, this is what it truly means to be ‘On par with the gods’!”

Having already reached the peak of his reputation and after the battle in Imperial Japan, with the world now back to peace, Kyle’s image of prestige and righteousness had already been elevated to a level comparable to that of a ‘God’ in people’s hearts.

Amidst the enthusiastic cheers, the dozens of armed soldiers glanced at each other and ultimately lowered their guns.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Kyle simply used his foot to send the last Hydra spy Congressman into the wall pit. The wall had completely collapsed, burying the three bodies.

General Chester remained silent and slowly turned around with a tired and aged expression, bowing slightly as he made his way to leave the podium.

The new president remained silent for a moment before his face turned slightly serious. He proclaimed with authority, “General Kyle has dealt with three spy Congressmen who threatened national security! I will apply to the International Security Council to establish a department that will search for and eliminate the remaining remnants of the Hydra organization worldwide! The specifics of the operation will be supervised by General Kyle!”

This was obviously a welcome announcement, and the people in the square erupted in joyous cheers for the president’s action.

He reacted so quickly; it’s no wonder he could become president.

Kyle inwardly admired the president as he walked beside him and spoke to the crowd, “Now that the war has ended, there is no longer a need for symbols of power. Here and now, I officially resign from the position of General.”

War hero? Retiring!?

Before the crowd and the media could react, Kyle glanced meaningfully at the new president and said in a low voice, “As for what you mentioned, let Nick·Fury handle it — he is my spokesperson.”

“What?” Fury, who was still on the podium, exclaimed and was about to step forward to express his opinion. However, Kyle executed an Aerial Dash and leaped onto the edge of the helicopter’s cabin door.

The helicopter rose and, with Kyle on board, flew towards New York.

Amidst the roar of the crowd, Fury watched the helicopter as it went farther away. He sighed wryly, “Why do I have a feeling that I’ve been left to handle everything again?”

From the time Kyle was a Lieutenant, Fury led his Howling Commandos. When Kyle became a Major, Fury led a fleet of soldiers on a battleship. Now, just as he thought he could finally take a break after Kyle’s retirement, there was this unrequested department to deal with.

“Next time, I must demand extra pay from him!” Fury gritted his teeth.

On the helicopter leaving Washington City, Howard sat in the pilot’s seat, while Kyle and a black-haired girl wearing a hood sat in the back seats.

“It’s still early. How about going back to Stark Industries for a drink?” Howard suggested cheerfully.

“Just take me directly to Logan’s location. Bring Fury next time, there’s a kid here,” Kyle signaled toward Raina, who was sitting beside him.

“How did you end up with her? I asked earlier, and you didn’t say anything.” Howard asked in surprise, glancing back at the adorable and well-behaved Raina.

“You old bastard, why is it that anything that comes out of your mouth sounds like a ruffian’s words.” Kyle shrugged as he rubbed Raina’s little head, and said solemnly, “This child is like Logan, possessing special mutated abilities.”

In the depths of the last well in Imperial Japan’s Tokyo, Kyle had shielded Raina from the residual impact of the nuclear bomb, but there were still shockwaves and radiation injuries seeping down towards her.

At that moment, Raina had unknowingly unleashed a latent telepathic ability that even surprised Kyle.

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