IMUC-Chapter 113: Reign over Washington

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United States, Washington.

Unlike New York, which was the birthplace of the hero Kyle, the crowds of protesters here were not as overwhelming, although the central area was still bustling with people, especially around the White House square, where the line of media was three circles deep, already stationed in advance. Beyond the third circle, the crowd extended so far that its end couldn’t be seen.

Among the onlookers, a seven-year-old boy clutched a miniature model of Kyle’s battle suit in one hand and firmly held onto the pants leg of a man next to him. Anxiously, he asked, “Daddy, did Hero Kyle really sacrifice himself?”

“How could that be?” The man smiled and ruffled the boy’s short hair, confidently and resolutely saying, “Kyle, the Major, he won’t die!”

The people around all smiled, nodding in agreement:

“Exactly, how could a war hero die?”

“He’s a superhero, the divine figure in our hearts, quelling the chaos of war.”

“Maybe he’s just like Captain, just sleeping somewhere, and he’ll come back when he wakes up.”

As they spoke about Kyle, their faces were filled with smiles, carrying with them confidence, pride, and even a glimmer of hope.

The surrounding media continuously took photos and videos, capturing this rare scene. It was the first time that someone’s prestige had been enough to replace divinity and be revered by thousands without any blemishes.

“He’s here, he’s here!”

At the reminder from someone, all the protesters and onlookers immediately focused their gaze on the podium at the White House square.

The newly elected president, a middle-aged man with a square face, led a group of congressmen in suits and uniformed generals with medals on their chests, walking out of the office building’s entrance under the protection of armed soldiers, and then ascending the slightly wide podium.

Dozens of politicians and generals stopped in the back half of the platform, their faces solemn and serious, causing the onlookers to instinctively quiet down.

The new president wiped away the sweat on his forehead, approached the microphone, and facing the crowd of protesters and media outside the police cordon, he spoke in his usual politician’s tone, “Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!”

However, his words were quickly interrupted by the crowd below, “Mr. President, please skip the polite preamble. We’re here just for an explanation and the truth – why hasn’t Major Kyle returned?”

The new president quickly suppressed his embarrassment, steadying the microphone with his hand as he started to say, “Major Kyle, he…”

He was prepared to deliver the smoothly worded pretext that the higher-ups had discussed, but as soon as he started speaking, he choked up and stopped.

Looking down at the countless hopeful and expectant eyes below, with his exceptional oratory skills, he found himself at a loss for words.

Just as the president was in a difficult position, from not too far away in the sky, a buzzing noise suddenly came, and the people looked up in surprise to see a new type of aircraft with dragonfly-like wings slowly flying towards the White House square.

The armed soldiers and guards, thinking it was a terrorist attack, were about to rush towards the platform to protect the high-ranking officials, but when they saw the figure revealed at the helicopter’s door, they all stopped in their tracks.

Or rather, everyone below was stunned and stopped in their tracks, holding their breath and staring wide-eyed at the young man standing at the helicopter door.

“It’s Major Kyle…”

Someone shouted, and then, the previously silent Washington Square suddenly erupted!

“Our war hero has returned!”

The crowd raised their arms, cheering with teary eyes. The resounding sound quickly spread and diffused throughout the entire city of Washington.

At this moment, the most awkward ones were the high-ranking officials on the platform who were supposed to be the center of attention. They could only smile bitterly, applauding as they looked at the helicopter getting closer and closer.

The helicopter stopped at a height of twenty meters from the platform, hovering in the air.

Chapter 113: Reign over Washington

Kyle nodded and then leaped down from above, gliding slowly mid-air before landing gracefully at the center of the podium. Dressed in his black battle suit and carrying his iconic single-handed sword, he stood tall and cold, becoming the most dazzling protagonist on the scene, even the high-ranking politicians and generals had to bow to him.

The thousands of people below continued to applaud excitedly, the applause thundering like a storm.

“Major Kyle, you’ve finally returned…”

The president turned around, wanting to be friendly and exchange pleasantries, but to his surprise, Kyle didn’t even spare him a glance. He walked towards where the congressmen and generals were located.

Facing the approach of this killing god, even the experienced generals who had been through various battles couldn’t help but have their expressions change, not to mention those congressmen who had been sitting in their ivory towers, their faces turned pale.

Among them, Congressman Ivan and a few others who were standing a little further back tightly gripped their hands, suppressing the urge to collapse in fear.

“Kyle.” General Chester sighed and stepped forward.

“General Chester, as you wished, I’ve come back.” Kyle stopped in his tracks and spoke coldly.

“Kyle, whatever you’ve been through, it’s my fault. Please don’t harm anyone else…” General Chester’s words hadn’t even been finished when Kyle interrupted, “No, you’re not at fault.”

Kyle sneered, “You’re just old and confused.”

General Chester was at a loss for words, surprisingly not refuting Kyle’s claim. With his hair turning white, he looked like a weary old man.

The helicopter continued to hover at low altitude, and a rope was thrown down from the cabin as Fury slid down from it onto the podium.

Howard had informed Fury as soon as he knew Kyle was back, and they had rushed together to the White House square in Washington.

Of course, there was a purpose to their arrival.

“Fury, have you found those few?” Kyle waved to Fury behind him and scanned the congressmen in front of him. The congressmen were terrified, unsure of what the war hero intended to do upon his return.

“Oh, that one, and that one too.” Fury walked forward, his sharp eyes searching, and he pointed out three congressmen, including Ivan.

The three congressmen named quivered all over, and the other congressmen and generals were puzzled but instinctively moved away from the three, keeping a safe distance.

“Oh.” Kyle nodded coldly and stepped towards the three congressmen.

“Major Kyle, what are you trying to do? Stay away from us!” Ivan among them showed a hint of panic and questioned, “This is the White House square, in front of congressmen, generals representing the country, and the eyes of the vast public and media. Mind your behavior!”

Kyle sneered, accelerated with a footstep, and arrived in front of Ivan. The armed soldiers around hadn’t reacted yet, and his right hand had already turned into a fist, which thunderously hit Ivan’s lower abdomen.


With Ivan’s ordinary human physique, facing the impact of this one-ton punch, he was sent flying like a ball, rolling back five or six meters before crashing into the white wall of the office building.

His body was completely mangled, half of it embedded in the wall. With wide eyes, he couldn’t understand how he had met such a straightforward and brutal death.

After so much careful planning, he didn’t even get a chance to resist… and with a smack, his opponent treated him like a cockroach and simply crushed him.

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